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Chapter 7- I Don't Need Memories of the Past

I boarded the ship and looked around. I felt nothing the whole time. I went under emergency drills and processing over and over again. My mind drew a blank as I was asked the same questions about myself. I mindlessly asked where my room was.

"Johan Anderson right? You're on the 3rd deck, room 215 the suite, first class."


I traveled down the elevator then walked hundreds of feet around the ship. By now I was beyond tired, ready to just take a shower and go to bed. I jammed the card into the door. When the light turned green I turned the handle and threw my bags in. It was a nice room, big, really big. It had some tables with flowers and lamps on them, A plasma screen mounted on the wall, and even a desk with a computer on it with Internet. To the right I saw a large fridge. I opened it and found it stocked with Coke, pepsi, Sunkist, and los of other sodas. I grabbed a coke and popped the top. I dropped back onto a a chair and started drinking it.

'This room is big… A little too big… I wish I had someone to share it with. It's lonely in here.'

I sighed as I got up. "Well, I guess I should take a shower and go to bed."

I unzipped a bag, pulled out a towel, and headed for the showers.

I turned the water on. As I walked in the water, all I thought of were images of Judai. When he had crumbs on his mouth from lunch, when he pleaded with me with puppy dog eyes, when he was naked in the bath (yes Johan is perverted when it comes to Judai), when he was sleeping against my chest, afraid of the storm, when he was in that cat costume during truth or dare, and finally, his care-free smiling face, that warmed every part of my body every time I saw it.

"I'm going to miss you… Judai…" I whispered softly.

I slowly turned off the water and dried myself off. I quickly blow dried my hair and brushed my teeth. Dressing up in my PJ's I turned off the bathroom light and walked over to my bed. I slipped in and before settling in, turned off the lantern on the night stand. The bed was surprisingly warm, like someone was sleeping here before. It was a huge king sized one.

"Good night Johan" Said Judai lazily as he turned in bed.

I yawned and stretched my arms before settling down. "Good night, Judai-chan."

"Hey Johan"


"Scoot over a bit I don't have much room."

"Ok Judai."

I scooted over a bit and Judai moved closer.

'So that's why the bed was so warm. Judai was in it. Wait… Judai, in bed with me?'

I stayed silent in thought for a moment.


"Ah! Johan… Don't be so noisy, I'm trying to sleep." Replied Judai as he rubs his eyes.


"Huh? Oh, I didn't want you to leave me, so I got on."

(still shocked) "WHAT?! HOW?!"

"Oh.. I went into your room last night and hid in one of your luggage bags. You see, after we had our little talk outside the dorm after truth or dare. I saw a cartoon! The little mouse wasn't allowed on the ship, so he went into someone's bag and he got on! I wouldn't recommend doing that much though, my back is still sore. Oh yea that reminds me."

Judai lifted his arm in the air and slapped me across the face.

"Ow!!! What's that for!"

"For dropping me 2 times while I was still in the bag!"

"I didn't know you were inside!"

"And who's fault is that?!"

"What?! It's obviously your fault!"

Judai groaned and raised his hand to his forehead like he was having a headache. "Johan, can't we talk about this in the morning?"

"You're the one who hit me!"

My face turned from shocked to serious again. I began in a stern tone. "Judai, have you learned nothing from our talk last night?!"

Judai cocked his head to the side. "What? Johan-kun isn't happy to see me?"

"It's not about that! I told you to stay at Duel Academy! You have family in Japan!"

"Yea I thought about that. But then I realized… I have no family! So it's really a win-lose situation. So I came onboard with you. You're the closest thing to family I have."

'What?! Someone like Judai doesn't have family?!'

"Then, you have no idea who was your mother?"

"Nope, no dad either. I have foster parents in America. They were nice and sent me off to dueling school in Japan." (my story, my plot, my rules. So meh XP)

"Wow Judai, I... never knew that"

"Meh, it's ok"

"What about the rest of the gang?"

"They'll understand."

Judai's head lowered a bit to hide his face. "Anyway Johan, why aren't you asking me what happened last night?"

"What?" I replied acting dumb. I wasn't stupid. I saw everything that happened. I thought it would be best for Judai if we didn't talk about it, though I was dying to know.

Judai's voice became serious now. "Johan, stop acting stupid. I saw you run away after you saw what Edo did."

"Well, it's none of my business; I don't want to pry into your personal love life." I said simply. 'Judai… why did you kiss him?'


"I am not lying!"

"You say it's none of your business but you are dying to know why Edo did that to me and why it seemed like I enjoyed it."

"Seemed? You did enjoy it! You were moaning with pleasure!"

"I thought you didn't want to pry" said Judai coldly.

"I don't it's none of my business."

"But you just argued with me!"

"That doesn't matter! Why do you care about how I feel anyway?!" I yelled as I turned around.

"Because… I love you… Johan Anderson" Judai mumbled meekly. "I didn't kiss him anyway, he forced himself on me."

My eyes widened in disbelief, I already went deaf after hearing the first part. I quickly turned to look at Judai. "What? Y—you really love me?"

Judai turned away before he began again slowly. "Of course Johan, I loved you ever since the first time I met you. When I shook your hand, I felt a warm feeling wash over me, a feeling I've never felt before ever. I was confused and scared. One day Asuka found me in a corner trying to understand my feelings. She told me it was love. I couldn't believe it, you were a guy as well as my best friend. I waited to see if it really was love."

Judai turns around and faces me with a small smile, "And it was. Every time in my time of need, I see you there beside me supporting me. Every time I brush up against you or make contact with you, I blush a deep red. And it's been like that ever since, I've always wanted to be by your side no matter what, I don't know how I lived without you before you came to Duel Academy. Johan, you complete me." Judai ended there, his beautiful honey-brown eyes staring deeply into mine.

Tears started swelling in my eyes, as I smiled and embraced Judai. I dug my face into his brown hair and replied. "Judai, I love you too…"

"Yeah Johan I know…"

That ruined the moment. I opened my eyes in confusion. I broke the embrace and saw a confused Judai.

"Wait, you know? How do you know how I feel?

My eyes widened in embarrassment, as I saw in his hands a familiar black book.

"Wh—Where did you get that?" I whispered transfixed upon the book.

"I found it, in your trash."

"Did you.. read any of it?" I asked softly.

"Yes." Judai replied with a mischievous grin on his face.

"Lemme read a quote from the diary. Oh… the part where we took a bath. That was my favorite." Judai said while giggling.

"J-Judai! Don't read it aloud! Give it back!" I reached for it but Judai jumped out of bed and laughed."

Judai flipped the pages and began reading out loud. "He was a God come down from heaven to bless me with his presence. His small slender arms, though with some build, swayed gracefully by his sides."

I started blushing madly as I got out of bed and started chasing Judai around the room. "Judai! Give it back and stop reading it!!!"

Judai started running around while continuing, "His chest, tanned and broad. He had a nice slender waist with toned abs."

"J-Judai!!!! Stop it!!!"

Judai, still running, giggled as he read the next part. "But even though I explained my thoughts, I don't know about my physical reaction. Luckily the steamy, bubbling water hid my arousal… Ewwwww Johan's a pervert!"

Johan's face turned into a deeper shade of beet red. "Judai! Stop reading my diary and give it back!"

Judai stopped running and started to turn around.

'Yes here's my chance to get it back!!!'

Suddenly Judai looked at Johan with puppy-dog eyes. "Please Johan, please let me read your diary."

Johan stopped in his tracks, his eye twitching from the way Judai was looking up at him. Johan sighed before continuing. "Alright Judai-chan, I can't refuse anything when I look into your beautiful brown eyes." (seem familiar? xD)

"Oh, Johan. You're… you're teasing me…" Judai stammered as he looks away.

Johan grasps Judai's hands between his They gaze into each other's eyes. Lost in each other. Gazing into the depths of each other's soul.

"Judai, I would never tease you about how beautiful you look, I think about you everyday. I can't stop thinking about you, even if I wanted to."

"Oh.. Johan… No this can't be real. Is, is this a dream?"

Johan laughs lightly before continuing. "If this was a dream, I'd never want to wake up. I love you Judai-chan, I always have."

"Johan, I love you too, kiss me…"


Johan pushed Judai back onto the king sized bed as he pounces on him.

Johan stared at the anticipating figure below him. He closed his eyes and started to lean in. Judai closed his eyes and waited for the kiss to come. Eventually Johan closed the gap as he placed his lips upon Judai's soft ones. He poked his tongue at Judai's lips, asking for entrance. Judai gladly granted permission as they explored each other's mouth, savoring the taste of each other. Judai wrapped his arms around Johan's neck, pulling him down to deepen the kiss. They started a tongue war, battling for dominance of the other's mouth. Johan won, so he continued exploring his new lover's mouth. Reluctantly, they broke away, panting heavily as they stared into each other's eyes.

"That was great…" panted Judai heavily.

"Yea it was" Johan said.

Judai giggled before saying a little too loudly, "Yay! My dream came true!"

Johan sighed and smiled, "Judai, you're too cute for words."

Judai pouted then smiled at Johan, "Well you're too hot for words."

Johan smiled again as he pulled Judai in for another hot, steamy, kiss.

He got another chance, and this time, he took it.

The next morning, Judai woke up, his vision was blurry and he waited until it focused. When it did, he found himself alone in bed.

"Johan? Where are you Johan?" he said worriedly.

"I'm in the bathroom Judai-chan" Johan replied.

Johan then walked out, went up to Judai, and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek. "Come on Judai, get dressed, we're going to be late for breakfast."

"Hai, Johan-kun." Replied Judai lazily as he started to get dressed.

They walked out together onto the deck and were ready to enter the restaurant when Johan spoke. "Wait Judai, lemme do something really fast."

Johan starts walking over to the edge of the ship and Judai follows. Johan took a black book out of his pocket.

Judai cocked his head in confusion. "Johan, What are you doing with your diary?"

"This" he said simply while smiling. Johan raise his arm and tossed the book overboard.

"What?! Johan!!! Why'd you do that!" Judai said shocked as he was leaning over the edge of the ship, hoping by some miracle he could grab it.

"It's ok Judai." Johan started surprisingly calm. "I started writing that diary because I thought we were going to be separated so I wanted to record some of my memories. But I don't need memories of the past anymore. With you by my side, I can create new ones."

"But I didn't finish reading it…" Judai whined.

Johan laughed, "Judai, just shutup and kiss me."

Judai pouted and pondered for a moment. "Okay" he said cheerfully with a smile.

They leaned in as their lips locked together. Their tongues searching each other's mouth. Johan had his arms around Judai's waist and Judai had his arms in Johan's hair.

They kissed like that as the black leather book, embroidered with gold, sank into the depths of the never-ending sea.


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