Summary: Sakuno, desperate to find the perfect Christmas present for her prince, goes out despite bad weather timing. She then finds herself in a chaotic situation being stuck in an elevator… with a certain tennis tensai.

From the author: Hey guys! It's me OrangeAce. Ahihi This story is dedicated to the Christmas season, which is the season of LOVE. Haha. Anyway. Read on! Hope you enjoy.

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My Christmas Love

Chapter 1: The Hunt for the Perfect Christmas Present

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'Baka Sakuno Baka' The pigtailed girl hit her head repeatedly. Ryuzaki Sakuno was preparing for the Christmas party tomorrow night; wrapping her Christmas presents when she couldn't find the precious gift she got for her tennis prince. "Ah! Where is Ryoma-kun's gift…" The girl whined as she continued to rummage through the pile of gifts meant for the people close to her. She searched around, but the gift for the boy was nowhere to be found.

"Did I forget to buy his present?" Sakuno talked to herself. "No… I don't think so…" She continued to look around her room, checking under her bed, in her drawers, trashcan, closet, everywhere! "Stupid me…!" She started hitting her head again. "Ah! Maybe it fell into one of Tomo-chan's shopping bags!" Sakuno said hopefully as she dialed her friend's number on her phone.

Ring Ring

"Moshi moshi…" Came a familiar and loud voice which obviously came from her best friend Tomoka.

"Tomo-chan!" Sakuno cried. "Is Ryoma-kun's present with you?" She asked, sounding really desperate and going straight to the point.

"Eh? What are you talking about? I thought you bought him a gift already!" The loud-mouthed said from the other line. "I'm done wrapping all my presents. And nope, your gift for Ryoma-sama is not with me…"

"Oh no…" Muttered Sakuno sadly.

"Kya Sa-chan… Don't tell me you lost it!" Tomoka hysterically said.

"Ah…" Sakuno's face turned even more sad. "I think I did lose it…" She mumbled. "But how could I lose it? I couldn't just lose something important… right?" Sakuno asked for assurance from Tomoka.

"Eh… I do not know Sa-chan…" Tomoka said truthfully. "Did you look everywhere? Under you bed? In your drawers? In the trashcan??" Tomoka asked.

"I looked everywhere in my room…" Sakuno replied. "And it's not possible that it would be in other parts of the house because I know that I placed the gift in here…" Sakuno added.

"What would you do then? The Christmas party is tomorrow…" Tomoka asked concerned.

Sakuno was really panicked at the moment. 'My gift… my gift…' There was silence as Sakuno thought for a moment. 'Think… think…' "Ah! I don't know…" Sakuno said after moments of thinking for a solution.

"Well… Why not just look for something else in your house?" Tomoka suggested, trying to help.

"Tomo-chan, I want Ryoma-kun's present to be very special…" Sakuno started. "I have to give him the perfect Christmas present…" Sakuno stated with a smile. "You know that he's important to me…" The girl said meekly with a blush.

Tomoka sighed. "Then how 'bout just buy another one?"

Sakuno considered what Tomoka said. Then Sumire Ryuzaki came across her mind. "I can't. Obaa-chan would surely not allow me; one: because it's late. Two: because the weather channel said that it would snow heavily later tonight…" Sakuno pointed out the reasons to her best friend who was listening intently.

"Why not ask your obaa-chan to accompany you then…" Tomoka continued to suggest.

But Sakuno didn't agree to it. "Obaa-chan is already busy preparing for the Christmas party tomorrow. I do not want to bother her more…" Sakuno said firmly.

"Well then… it seems like the 'buying-a-new-present' option won't work…" Tomoka remarked as she started thinking of another way to help her friend.

Then an idea popped in Sakuno's head. "Maybe I can go and buy Ryoma-kun a Christmas present…" Sakuno started.

"Eh? How would you do it? When you said so yourself that you're not allowed to go!" Tomoka said confused.

"I can go… but without my obaa-chan's permission…" Sakuno muttered which caused Tomoka to gasp with her friend's decision.

"What are you thinking! You can't do that! You're bad in directions! It's late! And the weather is not good! You said so yourself! It's not safe…" Tomoka said exasperated, and emphasized the last words. "Don't sneak out Sa-chan!"

"Ah Tomo-chan, don't worry about me" Sakuno said with a smile as her determination to buy Ryoma a Christmas present intensified. "I can reach home before the weather turns really bad…" Sakuno assured her panicking best friend from the other line.


"I better get going! Or else the mall would be closing soon…"


"Bye…" Sakuno flipped her phone close as she prepared to head to the mall. She grabbed her pink snow coat, fuchsia earmuffs, bubblegum pink gloves, magenta warm boots, and her purse, after which she took her flight dowstairs, intending to sneak out and hunt for the perfect Christmas present.

- : - : - : - : -

Sakuno dragged her feet as she made her way through the streets, heading for the town square. The snow was still mild at the moment. It was a relief to the girl when she didn't get lost on the way to the place. "It seems like my craving to get Ryoma-kun the perfect Christmas present is worse than I thought…" She told herself almost cheerfully, for she managed not to get lost.

Sakuno scanned the area as soon as she reached the town square. There were still several groups in the mall, doing their last minute Christmas shopping. Sakuno immediately took action with her own last minute shopping. She headed towards the sportshop, planning to once again buy tennis shoes, which she considered the perfect Christmas present for the prince. 'Ah… why did I have to lose his present?' Sakuno sighed and entered the shop.

"Good evening" The pleasant storekeeper greeted with a smile.

"Good evening…" Sakuno replied sweetly. She searched around the shop, trying to find the exact pair of tennis shoes she just bought previously.

"Is there something you're looking for dear?" The kind aged man attending to the shop, came over to Sakuno and planned to help her.

"Ano… do you still have the tennis shoes that has a big red stripe on it, and has a star embedded on the top of the shoe?" Sakuno described the shoes to the old man who listened attentively. 'The red stripe symbolizing Ryoma-kun's passion over tennis, and the star for Ryoma's stardom…'

But the response of the man was a mere shake of the head. "Gomen… But we ran out."

Sakuno's face fell. "N-Nani? That can't be… That was the perfect Christmas present for Ryoma-kun… The moment I saw it, I knew it was for him…" Sakuno said sadly while preventing tears to burst forth from her eyes.

The old man apologized once more, feeling sorry for the petite girl. "Why not try another pair of shoes? We still have a lot more…" The man tried comforting the girl.

But Sakuno just shook her head. "It won't be the same…"

The old man patted the girl by the shoulder and said. "We just sold the last pair to that young man over there…" The old man pointed to a boy with light brown hair who just exited the shop.

"Eh!" Sakuno responded, her determination building up once more. Desperate and very determined to buy Ryoma the shoes, she ran after the boy, leaving the old man in the shop. But before going, she said, "Thank you!" then chased after the boy.

- : - : - : - : -

Syusuke Fuji walked his way through the crowd, contented for in his hands, was the Christmas present for his beloved younger sibling Yuuta. He skidded his way in the town square, just exiting the sports shop when a sweet, familiar voice reached his eardrums crying, "Excuse me!!!"

Bothered by the familiarity of the voice, Fuji turned around and found himself looking at a panting Sakuno. Their eye gazes locked. "Why, Ryuzaki-san…" Fuji greeted with a smile.

Sakuno stood up straight then smiled widely. "Fuji-senpai!!!" She said happily. Too happily.

'I wonder why…' "What is it?" The tennis tensai asked his kohai kindly. Sakuno pointed to the paper bag in his hands. Fuji shifted his gaze to where Sakuno was pointing at. "Ah… this is my gift for Yuuta…"

"R-Really?" Sakuno's excited face started to fade away. Fuji had a curious face on for Sakuno's sudden mood swing.

"What about it?" Fuji asked Sakuno curiously… but still with a warm smile.

"C-Can I buy it from you…" Sakuno shyly asked as she played with her two pointer fingers, making both touch the other.

Fuji smiled… Then shook his head. "Gomen Ryuzaki… This is my present for Yuuta" Fuji said kindly. Sakuno's face fell, hope leaving her eyes. "I'm sorry…" Fuji said once again.

Sakuno flailed her hands. "Ah… it's okay…" She assured, but her tone was sad.

Concerned over the girl, Fuji asked. "Who was the present for anyway?"

Sakuno blushed at the question. It was several moments before she answered Fuji. "R-Ryoma-kun…"

Fuji smirked at this. "Oh really… well, why not just look for another present for him" The boy suggested, trying to help the girl.

"I can't" Sakuno exclaimed as she started panicking and being sorrowful once more. "I-It's too late! I can't find Ryoma-kun the perfect Christmas present in a matter of a few hours!" She cried.

"Calm down…" Fuji said soothingly to the fidgety Sakuno at the moment.

"I really can't… the Christmas party is tomorrow and I need to find the gift tonight…" Sakuno said. "Also, I need to find it as quick as possible for obaa-chan might finally realize that I'm missing…"

Now this made Fuji open his eyes in surprise. "You snuck out?" He asked curiously, slightly amused and interested. Sakuno blushed then nodded. "That's how important finding Echizen's present is to you eh?" He stated which caused Sakuno to blush more. Fuji then decided. "I'll help you…"

Sakuno's sad face brightened up. "R-Really?" She asked surprised and hopefully. Fuji nodded. "Arigatou, Fuji-senpai!"

Fuji looked outside. The snow was not yet that intense. Then he checked his watch. It was thirty minutes passed six. "Two and a half hour before the mall closes…" He told the younger teen. "Let's start looking"


- : - : - : - : -

"Okay… This is the last shop that could possibly contain the perfect Christmas present for Echizen…" Fuji told Sakuno who was busy shuffling through the shop's merchandise. The two were inside a 'personalizer shop' wherein you can personalize products however you want it. You just have to get the right materials in able to do so.

"Would Ryoma-kun want a mug with his name?" Sakuno asked herself. "No" Then she picked another item. "Or how 'bout a towel with his name?" Sakuno monologued. "No" She continued to look for the item most fit for the samurai junior.

While Sakuno was busy looking for a present, Fuji excused himself so that he could buy themselves some food before heading home. They were both starving for they had been looking for hours even if Sakuno continues to ignore her grumbling stomach, really desperate to find Ryoma his present.

"The Town square will close in twenty minutes… I repeat, the town square will close in twenty minutes… thank you"

"Miss, we're almost closing…." The shopkeeper reminded the girl who snapped to reality.

"Nani?" Sakuno looked at her watch and panicked. "Oh no!" She then started shuffling over the items at a faster rate as Fuji went off somewhere to buy them some food.

- : - : - : - : -

"Where is Fuji-senpai?" Sakuno said frantic as she lingered outside the 'personalizer shop' waiting for Fuji to return with their dinner. Sakuno checked her watch. It was ten minutes before nine. "It's late! I'm sure obaa-chan's already realized I'm not at home…" Sakuno said nervously.

Just then, Fuji appeared, running towards her. "Sorry I took long…" He said and handed Sakuno her hamburger. He noticed Sakuno holding several paper bags. "So you bought already eh…" He stated and Sakuno nodded as she took a bite from her hamburger hungrily. "We better go then…"

Sakuno nodded once more then noticed the window of the town square. The snow had filled the streets and it was heavily falling from the gray skies. She gasped softly then pulled Fuji's hand, heading towards the stairs. "I better go home now and start working on Ryoma-kun's present…"

Fuji slightly blushed from Sakuno's sudden contact, but he let himself be dragged towards the stairs. "Seems like it's too crowded…" Fuji stated. It was indeed true. The last minute shoppers had crowded in the stairs, heading to the exit. "Let's use the elevator then…" Fuji suggested and this time, led Sakuno.

The auburn-haired girl's face turned a crimson red. As they reached the elevator area which was surprisingly deserted, Fuji immediately pressed on the button several times. It took a few minutes before the doors opened. And so the two entered quickly, eager to get home for the weather had gotten worse.

Sakuno sighed as they finally were heading home. She turned to her senpai who she caught was staring at her. He looked away as soon as Sakuno saw him. She blushed. "Ano… Fuji-senpai, thank you for helping me buy a present for Ryoma-kun…" Sakuno said shyly.

Fuji responded with a warm smile. "It's okay…"

Suddenly the lights of the elevator flickered. "N-Nani!" Sakuno muttered nervously as she looked at the flickering lights… Then the machine halted and Sakuno let out a gasp.

- : - : - : - : -

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