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It had been a month now. It felt like forever though. Was it all just a strange dream never to be dreamt again? No, things began to change . . . but she was just too far to notice.

Alexis dwelt on her fading memories of them . . . the transformers. Just last year she was once a part of the team. She remembered each name and each personality . . . but their faces . . . were fading from her mind.

She couldn't believe she was forgetting the most unforgettable friends one could ever make. She said she wouldn't, how could she be forgetting them? You should think no one could forget all she's been through . . . something she never wanted to do.

At times she'd have to ask Rad, Carlos, Billy, or Fred who was who, but even sometimes they forget. It hurt her it did, to forget if Hot Shot was Sideswipe or Jetfire Sideswipe. After all those times she had spent with them she had taken no picture or video for it was to protect them. She regretted it now . . . if she would have known she was going to forget their smiling faces in time she would have taken all the pictures in the world.

She ate, drank, slept, went to school, did her homework just like any other normal teen. Her life was back to normal like it was before they came. At times she found herself wondering why she even met them and went to cybertron . . . heh, at least she still remembered that names, but why did she bother going when she returned to this . . . her normal life? nothing special, nothing different. It seemed like a waste of time . . . was it? If not why then?

She spent her 16th birthday like this . . . asking why. Rad, Carlos, Billy, and Fred could see this and didn't like her being in such a downward mood. They tried cheering her up, but she just didn't listen. She was in another world asking herself over and over . . . why?

She didn't really get her purpose in the world or in the transformers'. Sure she knew her way around the computer, but so did Red Alert . . . or was it Scavenger? She didn't want to forget she didn't . . . but she couldn't stop it. When she tried remembering the transformers she only hurt herself digging for such forgotten and carelessly thrown away things.

Oh why did she throw these memories away like she did? Why didn't she care? She cared now, but feared it was too late.

"Alexis what's wrong?" asked Rad touching her hand as she sat emotionless before her birthday cake.

Alexis only moved her eyes as she felt someone touch her. She starred with no emotion though at the hand on top of hers. Rad saw this and so tried to get his face near enough to her gaze so perhaps she would look at him. She did.

"Alexis?" he said catching her gaze.

Her eyes moved to his and once he spoke again she came back.

"What has been bothering you?" he asked.

"I keep . . . I keep forgetting Rad," she said casting her eyes down in sorrow and placing her fingers on her lips.

"Forgetting what or who?" asked Rad.

"Them!" she cried out on sudden emotion.

"Oh . . . them," understood Rad.

Alexis just shook her head and closed her eyes trying to explain her questions. She tried as hard as she could to say it, but this is all she got-

"I can't see them anymore. I remember their names and personality, but . . . I can't remember their faces and sometimes I get their names and personalities mixed up or so I think so and I can't even remember the battles we've been in and all the minicons we've saved . . . or . . . the autobots . . . I never really did anything."

"That is NOT true Alexis," disagreed Rad. "You've helped people a lot. Remember you found those two minicons one on the moon and one in the base?"

"Yea, you're just saying that," she said turning away from him. "Anyone could have done that . . . besides you were the important one . . . not me . . . you were the one who told the minicons to come to earth . . . at least . . . I think you did."

She then got up and readied to leave, but Rad tried to stop her.


"Please," she said raising her hand signaling him to stop. "I just need to be alone."

She then went inside and to her room where she stood before her dresser mirror and just gazed at herself. She saw how upset she looked and just so . . . empty. As she gazed at herself for a couple of minutes she straightened and placed a front lock of hair behind her right ear. She then smiled . . . or at least tried to, but it was too fake for even her to bare.

It was her party and so she should be the life of it, but she only brought everything down and, it felt like, everyone. She didn't know what was wrong with her. She felt, ever since they returned to earth and left the transformers, that a piece of her was missing. What was it? Why was it missing?

Again with all the whys. She was tired of the whys. In fact they began to drive her insane. She wanted to get a hold of herself but why couldn't she?

She wanted to go back to the way she was. She wanted to smile so much her cheeks hurt. She wanted to laugh so hard her stomach ached. She wanted to get angry at the stupid things Rad and Carlos did and then forgive them.

She wanted to be like she was before she met the transformers. Her life took a big U-turn ever since she met them . . . she just wished she knew how to turn back around. She just sighed closing her eyes trying to remember. She saw bits and pieces and so stopped.

She opened her eyes and only starred at the ground and legs of the dresser. She then slowly made her up to her mirror, but when she gazed into the mirror she gasped inwardly and her eyes widened greatly. The unexpected suddenness made her head burn like a fire erupted in her brain and behind her eyes.She gazed into the mirror seeing Starscream behind her putting on her necklace she made from the rock her gave her.

Alexis touched the necklace where the necklace was supposedly placed. She touched it, but it wasn't there . . . but in that moment of time . . . it was. Starscream smiled at her for a split second, but it seemed like forever to Alexis. Starscream then placed his hand gently on her neck and then tilted his head into the right side of her neck.

His lips pressed gently against it. Alexis raised her head a bit and closed her eyes taking in the feeling of him on her. She let out a soft sigh and opened her eyes.When she had Starscream stopped.

His hand then traveled down to her chest where her necklace lay upon her heart. It was as if he was trying to tell her something as he gazed at her again and she him. Alexis swallowed and tried to say his name with dry lips . . . but . . . she was afraid of getting his name wrong. When her mouth opened he was gone and Alexis found herself back to her senses.

She looked at herself in the mirror and found she was just the same. She wore no pendant and . . . there was no transformer behind her. Only her heart beating faster. Was that just her imagination or was it . . . something more?

Alexis then franticly searched for her necklace. She found it. Her hands shook as she held it once again after so long. The memories came back of him . . . Starscream.

She remembered his name. She remembered his personality. She remembered the time she spent with him. She . . . remembered his sacrifice . . . for the autobots . . . for the decepticons . . . for cybertron . . . for the humans . . . for her.

She fell back against the side of her bed. This was the one thing she ever had from the transformers . . . and it was from him. Why was it just him she could remember correctly? Why was he on her mind the most?

Alexis smiled a weary smile and just threw her eyes everywhere in her room.

Again with the whys, she thought.

Alexis then remembered what she saw. Him place the necklace upon her. She ran her fingers over the green gem of the pendant. Him smile.

Alexis smiled remembering seeing hims do such a thing. Him, Alexis' hand trailed to her neck and just remembered what he saw . . . what she felt, kiss her neck. Her heart fluttered remembering the feeling. She was just a kid when she first felt the flutter of hearts.

She just thought it was a usual feeling that kids got. She liked Starscream. It was a crush. She had one on Rd when they were in the 2nd grade once, but that was it.

Then Starscream came along and that strange feeling came back, but this time it lasted longer. Was it even a crush she had on him those months ago? It must have been . . . she was too young to even know how to love or recognize its feeling . . . but then again . . . what was she to say now? This feeling that she felt when she saw him . . . when he touched her . . . it was similar, yet not.

She ached to see him once again. To see him smile and happy. For him to touch her again and she know that he is alive. She then remembered that day when he sacrificed himself she was asking . . . why?

Ever she was tired of the whys. She remembered gazing at the broken, cracked, pendant that day and thinking that if, by some chance, she could bring him back she could do anything. If it took so much heart, life, or love she could give it all for him, but apparently . . . it wasn't good enough. She sighed and bowed her head . . . he was never coming back.

Her door then opened and in came Rad.

"Alexis?" he said approaching her as she sat on the floor and leaned against the side of her bed. "Look I know you said you needed some time alone, but I'm your friend and friends help each other with whatever they are going through."

Alexis just smiled and said-

"Thanks Rad."

Rad then noticed the old pendant of hers from the Unicron battles in her hand and so was more concerned about her.

"You haven't touched that pendant since last year . . . when we came back to earth," said Rad.

Alexis gazed at the pendant and remembered holding it that day. It surprised her how much she remembered just by holding it again. She was then deep in though and memory. Rad wondered, but was afraid of asking for he did not know if it was true, but he had to ask-

"This isn't about Starscream again is it?"

Alexis turned to him as he continued-

"Alexis I know how much you cared for him . . ."

Do you? wondered Alexis.

"And I know how had you took i when he died, but I though . . . I though you were over him . . . are you Alexis?"

Alexis looked back at the pendant and knew he was right. She had to get over him. She could let this feeling control her life. She had to let go of it ALL.

She then leaned her head back on the side of her bed and just starred into space. She shook her head and replied-

"He is never coming back Rad . . . Never."

One of a kind he was. All transformers were in their own kind of way, but he . . . he truly was one of a kind. His spark was immortal. Something her or anyone else knew not.

Now a normal immortal spark would not rest till it found a holder or a body, but there were none. Only the outer reaches of space. The vastness of forever. The spark would find a holder, but it would take it for ever if so.

But there was a force more powerful than even the allspark who creates and gives rest to transformers . . . in fact it was the very thing the allspark was made of and cause the creation of the first transformers . . . love. There was enough of that force there for him and to him to create around him a body just like the allspark did so long ago. This would have been thought impossible to any transformer who saw this but what none understood, only Primus, with love . . . nothing is EVER impossible.

This body was familiar to him. This body was in the memory of the love that formed him back. The love first fell upon him with this body and so it recreated its first affectioner. He was alive again.

Starscream came online and looked at his motionless body. He then concentrated and moved his hand to where he could move it on command. He waited till his whole body could do so. He then looked around to where he was.

His orange optics illuminating what they could through the darkness. He was out in the middle of nowhere. The stars his neighbors. He wondered how this was possible . . . him to be back . . . alive. His memory then jolted and he remembered his death and why he died.

I must know, he thought to himself wanting to know if his people survived the threat of Unicron.

And so he flew. He flew so far and away he was exhausted. When he rested he found himself engulfed in a shadow.

He looked and recognized it was one of cybertron's moons. If that was still there then cybertron must still be there. He looked and sighed a sigh of relief. His home planet was still there.

They must have taken his advice and joined forces to defeat Unicron for he was not there. Cybertron did look in bad shape just a bit. It looked like the transformers were rebuilding and everything looked well, but he'd never know for sure till he had a looks-see and see how things were going. He was in cyber city the glorious city of the autobots.

It needed rebuilding and he smiled seeing Hot Shot oversee the construction both autobot and decepticon worked on. They were together still and this greatly please Starscream. He then saw Optimus Prime come and speak to Hot Shot about the building progress. Again Starscream smiled happy to see their leader still alive and not dead by Galvatron's hand.

He wondered what became of his old leader. He knew if he was still alive he would not continue the autobot decepticon alliance and so he must be dead. Sadly . . . it was no surprise. Yes he wondered how he died, but decided not to stir up old grudges by asking questions about the old dictator.

He then decided to leave cybertron. It was better for no one to know he was alive again just in case they decided to make him the new leader. It was a position he's always wanted . . . but that was then . . . and this is now. He's changed.

He cared no more for power. His spark longed for something else. When he gazed out into the wideness of space he only wondered what else lay out there. His spark was now restless now that he was FREE.

He liked the idea of being free, but there was one feeling he did not life . . . the emptiness of loneliness. He longed to explore yes, but more than that someone to come with him to keep him company and be surprised at what they find just as much as he. He used to not be like this. He used to like being alone, but ever since that day he met her.She placed that small spark of a feeling that was once an enemy.

He liked having a companion. A someone. Ever since the time he was in Unicron, when he was with her, he enjoyed her company. She always had the right words to say or when she said nothing she always smiled. He enjoyed seeing her smile.

The humans always had a strange effect on him. They were so defenseless and soft. No wonder why the autobots loved them so. He understood now.

He wondered how long he had been gone and if the humans had . . . changed. He wanted to do something before he set out, no, he COULDN'T set out on his journey unless he did this. He knew what he had to do and so he took off.

Alexis seemed to be returning to normal once again. She was smiling like she used to. Laughing like as hard as she wanted to. She even began to get angry at the stupid things Rad and Carlos did or said.

Now she was a normal 16-year-old. All she cared about was her friends and school. She focused her mind on graduating and her mother and her were looking at collages. She was so excited.

Her 17th birthday was only in two months and she wanted to have the bet party unlike her 'sweet 16th' This one she was going to enjoy. Just friends, family, and happiness. One night when she was taking out the trash like every good daughter and when she finished she turned to go back inside, but found herself gasping and stopping dead in her tracks.

"Jetfire?" wondered Alexis with a gasp seeing the dark figure just a couple of yards from her.

"No . . ." his raspy voice replied. "Starscream."

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