The years had been good to them. For once it seemed everything seemed to go right. They still remembered their first years starting out. It seemed all the world wished to tear them apart from one another and prevent them from being with each other.

Now—it didn't seem like that was possible. Through the years, the good and the bad, they've been together. It seemed nothing could separate them.

They were bound together like hard glue it seemed. What bound them together wasn't something to physical as such as glue, but it was none other than love. Something that can be so easily overlooked by the least of beings. Love was special to everything and everyone and they showed it.

Not only because of their beauty son but just through their actions and graces towards the other. They showed they you be a mute and still be just in love with your spouse then ever before. Sometimes these things came natural but sometimes it came with time. For them it was both—it was hard to explain but if you ever met them you'd understand.

They were a lovely couple though and were known greatly throughout the universe for the husband traveled many a day. The wife of course went with him. She always did as if an unseen force to him bound her—but, oh, she didn't mind at all which is what made it so lovely to all couples that saw this infamous one.

And their son—oh he looked just like his father. He was very well behaved and adored everything like his mother. He was very witty just like her as well, but had his father's charm and temper when it came to some things. Very handsome was the young lad and with a bright and promising future.

He seemed very loved by his parents and he was. With each year that passed he seemed to grow in stature and strength like his father. Though he was slow at growing at first he soon came to be a fine young mech. His parents were very proud of him.

But, like all things, there is an end to everything. For this family it was an end of traveling. They have seen much in the years, however long or short they be. It had been good and now the family knew in all their hearts was home urging them to return.

On one of the moons there landed gently beings that haven't been seen for a long while—in some terms. They starred at the metallic planet before them and just sighed. They haven't seen this planet in a long while and now—their eyes squint at the sheer memory of it.

Starscream held onto the legs wrapped around his shoulders. The arms on his head not too much pressed on him seeing how the child on his shoulders knew his father wouldn't let him fall so easily and so was relaxed on him. Little Starscream trusted his father so much he knew that wherever he said was home he'd like it and this planet seemed to appease the young one.

Starscream inhaled and just sighed looking once again on the place which he was brought online. Alexis was by his side just smiling very well remembering the last time she saw this place. It seemed so long ago, but in truth it was only about 20 years. Oh how the time had flown.

When you're immortal and don't age like proper humans you'd think the same. Alexis couldn't believe it's been that long, but it's been a good 20 years. It seemed the transformers had taken good care of Cybertron in rebuilding it. Alexis smiled for she couldn't wait to see her old friends again and tell them of their adventures.

Yes, this would be a good place to raise their child . . . well . . . children. Alexis looked down as she placed a hand on her swollen stomach. She inhaled and just smiled. She would be coming soon and live in a steady home just as Alexis wished.

Alexis slowly blinked as she looked back at Cybertron. She then noticed Starscream starring at it. She could tell he was glad to be back home too and raise their family somewhere as just and good as Cybertron. Alexis' eyes soon went back to the planet as she let her thoughts drift into the future and her other hand trail up to her pendant.

What a life she had lived. What a love she had loved. What a son she had birthed. What a adventure she had trailed on.

Her life was fulfilled. Starscream started in the filling when he came to Earth to ask her to come with him. Oh she was glad she said yes. What other girl would get a chance to travel the Universe with a transforming robot that was both handsome and loving. Oh she counted herself among the luckiest.

Starscream felt the same. Have a human for a sparkmate was different yes and no other transformer would probably follow in his footsteps. Neither would his son. He'd make sure of that for loving a being such as Alexis was a long and difficult process. That road of love was full of sparkache that he'd never want his son to go through and so prayed Primus give him an ordinary femme.

But then again who was Starscream to say what the future holds? Who was he to say?—that he was Primus Himself? Nay, he'd never and he was glad. He always felt like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders and he didn't want it—he was just glad that weight of the world was something that got lighter with love.

Starscream smiled and looked up at his son on his shoulders. This was the best kind of weight a father could ever have. The weight of your own metal and circuitry—flesh and blood as the humans say. Your offspring and heir—your children.

Soon though he'd have another weight to carry and he was glad that Alexis was there by his side helping to hold them up for he knew he'd need all the help he could get with these little sparklings. Well now that the time for staying silent and hidden was over he knew now that it was time to go into action and reveal themselves once again.

He took a step forward but stopped as he turned to Alexis and said—

"Alexis—when we have our daughter I want to name her after you like you named our son after me."

"Is that what's been on your mind lately?" asked Alexis with a smile as she swayed her hips.

"Yes," said Starscream with a smile. "You know we'll have some explaining to do to everyone."

"I know," said Alexis with a giggle as Starscream pointed up at their son on his shoulders. "But I think they can put two-in-two together."

At that she cupped his face and gave him a tender kiss. Alexis couldn't help but smile as they heard little Starscream from above say—


"Hhh, we'll have to get used to that too," said Starscream with a sigh.

"He's a smart one," said Alexis cocking her head to the side a bit.

"Just like his delicious mother!" said Starscream with a playful growl as he took one arm that wrapped around her waist to slam her against him and nuzzle her neck.

Alexis giggled and laughed as he did this. She was just so sensitive now that whoever or whatever touched her made her laugh. She then felt Starscream let go and she wondered why he hadn't taken off yet. She looked at him with confused eyes as she saw his optics deep in thought.

"What is it?" asked Alexis concern in her voice.

"You know," said Starscream slowly coming out of his thoughts. "Cybertron . . . is the only planet we haven't explored—"

Alexis was about to protest seeing how they've both been on it before, but shut her lips as Starscream finished and she realized it was true.

"Together," he finished looking at her with deep optics.

Alexis couldn't help but smile. She blushed as well once he held out his hand to her. It was just like the first time he asked her to explore with him all over again.

"Will you—Alexis—explore this planet with a humble transformer like me?"

"Yes," she said so softly it was almost like a whisper.

She took his hand and once he tightened his grip on her hand gently took off and let her fly by him as they came to enter the planet and find their old friends. They kept their eyes on each other just so happy. How much happiness could they get—well they deserved it wouldn't you say?

Who knew they'd be together in 20 years here? Who knew they'd be so in love and so blessed? Who knew they'd be here starring at Cybertron hand-in-hand . . . as a family?

Well . . . it was certainly neither of them.

The End

But the beginning of a bright new future.

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