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Late one afternoon, the door to unused Music Room number three high in Ouran Academy, opened slowly. Dark brown eyes framed by lush lashes peeked into the room hesitantly, then gasped in delight. Two young women stood framed in the door as a swirl of rose petals framed the sight in front of them.

Seven men smiled invitingly at her and her friend, who'd promised her an experience she'd never forget.

"Welcome, jewel of femininity!" The man in the middle purred at her, throwing one arm out in a gentle gesture that reeked of sincerity. "Welcome to the Host Club! Please enter and choose your djinn, we are here to make your wishes at happiness a reality!"

The young women squealed, their hands clasped and hearts beaming out of their eyes. All the young men were dressed as if from Arabian Nights, they all looked incredibly sensual and inviting. "Oh, oh, oh!" The two young women chanted together. "I don't know who to choose!"

"Then allow my guidance?" The same speaker as before chimed in, his voice like velvet against their skin. "Do you prefer the Wild Type? Or perhaps you would prefer the Lolita-Shota?"

At this Mori just continued in his stance unmoved, but Hunny waved sweetly, the very image of cuteness personified.

The handsome young man continued unabated as he swept up to the two young women. "Or do you prefer your type Cool?" He gestured toward a dark haired young man with glasses. "Then there is always the Little Devil type, dripping with Brotherly Love." The twins posed as the wide eyes of the females fell in their direction.

"Oooooh!" The women both squealed as the twins held hands and gazed longingly into each other's eyes. "It's sooooo beautiful!" Both young ladies turned red in the face with delight.

"Of course there is also the Natural type." At this, both sets of eyes slid over to a young man with perfect skin and the most gorgeous eyes. Hearts beat faster as the girls leaned toward all the young men. Finally the speaker turned away, peeking at them over one shoulder as he posed for them. "Then there is the Princely type, if I might so humbly suggest ..."

"Humble?" The Natural type murmured, drawing a light snort from Hunny and the Twins.

The girls fell into the waiting hands of Tamaki, who chose him. The Host Club King led them over to a small seating arrangement of expensive Arabian carpets in keeping with their theme. The girls looked a bit faint after the grand introduction as Tamaki laid down on plush cushions, posing for them as he charmed them silly.

"Seventy percent request rate for the Princely type." Kyouya hummed happily, making a notation in his ever-present notebook.

Haruhi stopped suddenly. "What are the rates for the other types? You've never said?"

Kyouya shrugged negligently. "The others all share the rest, thirty percent. We're all quite popular, and the profit favorability margin is quite decent." Everyone ignored his little slip, they were quite used to him by now.

Haruhi though wasn't listening as she ran through what she knew of their clients. "Everyone has clients who designate them regularly. And Hunny has cornered the market in cute, while the Twins have their own following. And Mori's fans are actually quite sweet and shy for the most part."

It was here that Haruhi stopped, tilting her head to one side as something occurred to her that she'd not thought of before. "Our types. I get all of our types, except one."

The Twins sighed. "We made you the Natural type because you charm our clients without even meaning to do so, you're the 'natural'." They explained as if to a three year old, in their usual condescending manner. Not that they meant to be condescending precisely, they actually were trying to be helpful, but they just couldn't help their natural inclinations. It's just how they were.

"No." Haruhi shook her head slightly, comfortable with the Twins. "All the other 'types' I understand." She turned to watch as Mori and Hunny sat down at a small table as the smaller boy cut into a small, delicious looking cake. Hunny was currently explaining why he deserved the whole strawberry on the top to a silent Mori, even though the larger young man wasn't arguing.

"Then to what type are you referring, Haruhi?" Kyouya asked, pushing his glasses up slightly on the bridge of his nose.

"The 'wild' type." She said, surprising them all.

Kyouya and the Twins turned to look at Mori as one client shyly approached him. They all watched as he made her welcome with the least amount of words, even though his manner appeared warm enough. Nothing unusual there. Mori was always like that.

"Mori's the Wild type." The Twins shrugged in unison. "You can't compete with him on that one, he's got it locked up. There's nothing wrong with being the Natural type."

Haruhi sighed in frustration. "No, you don't get it. Since I've come to know the lot of you, it has finally occurred to me that I have NO idea why Mori is typed as 'wild'. I mean, he's the most self-contained and almost taciturn out of all of us. He's a national champion in Kendo, for heaven's sake! That's hardly a wild martial arts form, it's all about precision and perfection, not wildness. The only time I've seen him even come close to being clumsy is when Hunny is in trouble, like at the tropical entertainment park of Kyouya's."

The megane character smiled enigmatically. "My family's, not mine."

The Twins looked at each other, then at Haruhi as if she was from another planet. "Well, isn't it obvious? You've been here long enough, you should realize why Mori is the 'wild' type without ever having to ask."

Haruhi's gaze narrowed on the Twins in disgust. "No. I don't get it. Mori is more of a gentle giant than a wild man. His designation makes no sense, I only can't believe I didn't spot this discrepancy sooner." She paused thoughtfully, turning once more to look at Mori and Hunny. "It's because the rest of you are so attention grabbing in comparison, that I overlooked the obvious. Mori is mis-typed."

Kyouya chuckled and shook his head. "Hardly. But since you don't know, we'll explain."


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