Kyouya leaned negligently against the porch railing, letting the soft lake breeze tease his dark hair slightly. In companionable silence he watched the duo down walking toward the lake shore while holding hands.

Tamaki cocked his head to one side. "I do good work."

A small sardonic smile briefly graced Kyouya's lips, but the bespectacled young man refrained from pointing out that the Host Club president had been maneuvered into match making. He only nodded and said, "Yes, you do."

They both watched until Mori and Haruhi moved out of their sight and toward the calm waters of the beautiful lake.

"We leave tomorrow." Tamaki said quietly. "Back to Ouran."

Kyouya gave a soft snort.

"The Black Magic club members left yesterday." Tamaki commented.

Smiling, Kyouya nodded. "Which means you finally got a good night's rest."

Tamaki chuckled. "They seemed put out that they couldn't find any ghosts at the abandoned lodge."

"It's quiet." Kyouya stood up and looked around with a falsely casual air.

"I know." Tamaki grinned, stretching as his eyes sparkled. "Isn't it grand?"

Kyouya shook his head. "I mean it's too quiet." He turned to look at his friend. "Where are the twins?"


Haruhi was still a bit uneasy. It was lovely walking with Mori and he ….he was nothing if not nearly perfect. She stole a sideways glance at him, only to find his warm gaze on her. His lips tilted up gently.

She looked away, toward the lake, sure that she was going to blush.

"Have you finished reading the book for your report?"

See now. Haruhi smiled and shook her head. "Only two more chapters to go though." This was why Mori wasn't actually a PERFECT boyfriend! If she hadn't been thinking about him she would have finished the book and half the report by now! "You distract me." She said, almost accusingly in a soft voice, sneaking a shy glance over at him again.

He smiled and squeezed her hand. "I don't mean to." He told her.

And that was just it! Mori probably didn't mean to distract her, but he did! She turned to him, facing him squarely, but still unsure what to say. All of this, all of these feelings …were so new to her!

"It's only for one more semester." He said, in a roughly sensual rumble that made her toes curl slightly.

Then his words registered. One more semester? Her eyes went wide. "Oh!" Her blood stopped flowing. "Graduation."

Mori nodded silently.

Haruhi shook her head in denial, though she'd known for a while that both Mori and Hunny would be graduating at the end of the year. Only ….now it meant separation. She opened her mouth to tell him congratulations, but what came out was, "I don't want you to go."

The soft confession melted Mori completely. He stepped closer to her, taking her other hand so that he held both. Haruhi, drawn in spite of any misgivings, stepped in closer to him, looking up at the tall young man as his head moved down toward hers.

His dark gaze held hers as he bent toward her. Feeling fuzzy and a bit shivery, Haruhi's lips tingled in anticipation. Her eyes fluttered. Their first kiss! Really? Time stood still as her mind imprinted the moment on her memory forever.

The heat of the day, the sound of the trees in the breeze and the smell of Mori, clean and masculine as he moved in closer. The sound of the water and the motor ….


The thought hadn't even truly registered when the wave of cool water washed over them both and the sound of laughter rang in their ears.

Haruhi sputtered and coughed, shaking her head as water dripped down her nose. She looked at an equally surprised Mori as he flicked his hands to shake off excess water as well. His dark hair hung limp and wet in his face and Haruhi was sure she didn't look any better.

Both of them turned to stare at the departing back of one of the twins on water skiis. The other twin was driving the boat with Hunny on the bow, waving madly at them.

Mori's eyes narrowed.

Haruhi frowned slightly. "I thought Hunny was napping."

Mori nodded silently, then tugged her hand so she was standing next to him. He nodded toward the main house. Obviously offering to take her back to clean up and get dry clothing.

Suddenly Haruhi felt better, aborted kiss and all. Leaving the serious behind her she pulled away toward the edge of the lake. She didn't want to think about Mori and his pending graduation from Ouran, not now.

"No." Haruhi shook her head and grinned suddenly. "Last day? And we're already wet." She kicked off her sandals and waved jovially.

Mori smiled as he watched her jump off the boat dock into the water. He pulled off his sodden t-shirt and kicked off his own shoes before running to join her.


Tamaki smiled, looking around the sitting room. Mori's parents were sitting with Ranka and sipping wine. Kyouya was watching the Hitachiin twins play backgammon. Mori and Hunny were sitting at a small table with him chatting about Pudgy the squirrel's return to the woods at the instance of the wildlife experts.

"But what if he starts to miss us?" Hunny was NOT happy with the squirrel leaving the house.

Mori shook his head, but looked sad as well. It was obvious that it wasn't only Hunny that would miss the orphaned squirrel.

"You heard the wildlife expert. Actually, you listened to all five of them. They all agreed this was for the best. And Pudgy is going to a wildlife center first, it's not like they're just tossing him out there."

Tamaki looked around for Haruhi, she would agree with him. He frowned. Where was she?

Mori read his look and grunted. "Finishing her book report."

"Ah." Tamaki nodded, then frowned slightly. "You could help her."

Mori blushed, making Tamaki's eyes widen as Hunny laughed. "She won't let him help, says he's too distracting."

Tamaki nodded, but inside he felt a bit odd. Haruhi never told HIM he was too distracting! Then he took a deep breath and let it go slowly. He was the one to put Mori and Haruhi together and that was that! Conveniently forgetting he'd been the one most opposed to the couple at first.

"It's going to storm." Mori's mother said from across the room.

Tamaki looked over at the adults as they peered out the window at the lake. Even he could see the flashes of lightning from over here. Something tickled at the back of his mind, something he should remember.

"I've got you now!" Kaoru announced, shaking the cup with the dice as he grinned over at his frowning twin. He threw, and then groaned dramatically as Hikaru broke out in a wide smile of his own.

"Who has who, brother?" Chortled Hikaru as he picked up the dice for his own turn. A far away roll of thunder punctuated his words. "I'll win yet!"

Tamaki wondered what was bugging him all of a sudden. He looked around and then nodded, he'd figured it out. "Where are Chika and Satoshi?"

"They went to see a movie." Hunny announced. "I think Pudgy would have liked to see a movie too." He frowned, thinking the orphaned squirrel was losing out somehow.

Mori shook his head.

Kyouya looked over at them. "Bad night for the boys to be out. Or do you have a private theater?"

Hunny nodded. "It's on the east side of the lake house. Small, since this isn't the main Morinozuka household."

Tamaki nodded, though he wondered how a commoner like Haruhi would view having a private theater. Even a small one. Haruhi. Tamaki paused, what was it he was forgetting?

"We added it to the house because Mori did so love historical samurai movies." His mother gave her eldest a pat on the shoulder as she passed them. "We're heading up, you boys don't stay up too late. And the storm is moving this way, so don't be alarmed if the power goes out. We do have an emergency generator which will automatically kick in."

Tamaki and the others all nodded, yet the Host Club president frowned. Storm? Oh that was no problem ….all of a sudden his eyes went wide. "Haruhi!"

Ranka paused at the door to the sitting room. "What about my daughter?" He turned to look at Tamaki, who even he had to admit was behaving better these last few days.

"Uhm." Tamaki shrugged. "I don't think she likes storms." Which was an understatement, as he knew his female club member to be terrified of storms.

Ranka shook his head. "I'm sure she's fine, I've never known her to be afraid of anything."

Tamaki watched Haruhi's father leave and wondered how the man couldn't know just how scared of storms she could be. He decided it was because Haruhi wasn't frightened when her father was around.

Which meant ….Haruhi was all alone in the library, and a storm was approaching. Did she know? Or was she too wrapped up in her homework? Tamaki straightened his shoulders and in his inner mind began a daydream wherein he was the Hero and she the Damsel in distress. She would cling to him ….and …..

Kyouya coughed.

Tamaki turned and his eyes fell on his friend and the twins, who were paying him no attention at all. As they were unaware of Haruhi's weakness. Only he knew. Only he could ride to the rescue!

"I wonder if there is any cake left in the kitchen?" Hunny asked plaintively.

Mori shook his head and shrugged.

Dilemma! Tamaki's mind ground to a halt.

Did he go to rescue his little Haruhi or did he send Mori on the task? The taller youth was well capable of playing the hero. But …that was HIS role? Wasn't it?


The Host Club president turned toward Hunny, who was standing next to Mori at the door. "Are you coming to the kitchen with us?"

It would be so easy. Let them go to the kitchen and then he'd excuse himself to the library. But ….that wasn't the "heroic" thing to do. It didn't suit the image he had of himself.

"Yes." Tamaki said, before he could change his mind. "Only Mori? You might want to check on Haruhi."

The taller young man's eyebrows shot up, questioning.

Tamaki shrugged and motioned to Hunny. "We'll go cake hunting. But Haruhi really doesn't care for storms."

Mori nodded, then looked at Hunny before nodding again.

Kyouya watched silently from over by the twins. Outside the thunderclap was louder, as the storm moved closer.


Mori frowned. Haruhi wasn't in the library. He looked around, but didn't see her at all. He walked over to the desk and found her book still open and her nearly finished report still there.

Mori picked up her work, out of curiosity and smiled as he read. She really had a well organized mind. She was going to make a terrific lawyer, just like she'd always wanted.

Light flashed outside the window and Mori waited, counting before the thunder rolled over the room. The storm was definitely moving toward them.

He was half out the door when a soft sound stopped him. Mori stopped and looked around. Bending, his eyebrows shot up in surprise.

Kneeling down next to the desk he looked into Haruhi's blank face. She was beyond frightened. "Haruhi?"

Another soft sound, clearly in distress.

Mori reached out gently and took her hand, frowning that her hand was so cold. "Haruhi?"

Her head turned toward him, but he wasn't sure she was actually seeing him. "It's alright." His voice rumbled comfortingly.

Haruhi was lost inside her own fears.

Gently, resolutely, Mori took her hand and pulled her slowly from underneath the desk until she was standing right in front of him. "It's alright." He repeated gently.

Another crack of thunder and suddenly she was in his arms, clinging.

Mori stilled, then wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly. "Shhh …."

Slowly he pulled her over to the couch and sat, pulling her down beside him where she immediately buried her face in his shoulder. Quietly he held her as the storm rolled over them.

Despite not speaking much in general, Mori spent the next hour gently talking to her about nothing and everything. He told her about how he'd always liked samurai history and how her snow globe gift had meant so much to him. He told her about his little brother Satoshi and how he was pleased with the boy's Kendo moves. And he told her about his university plans and how proud of her he was, how much she'd impressed him since arriving at Ouran.

Through it all, she sat quietly, only squeezing his arm tighter about her when the thunder rolled over them. Until finally the storm started to move away. In the end, she was wrapped in his warmth, with her head on his shoulder as she became aware that he was talking to her.

She turned her face up to look at him and he stopped talking, looking down into her face. The fear was leaving, and in it's place was something incredibly intimate between the two of them.

They stared into each other's gaze for an untold amount of time, then her chin lifted and his head bent down nearly at the same time. Their lips nearly touched, their breath mingling together before they finally closed the distance and they shared their very fist kiss.

Warmth flowed though her, chasing away any chill from the storm. Fear was forgotten as his lips moved softly over hers. Mori rumbled deep in his throat as he tasted her sweetness, her fingers tightened on his shirt then let go to move up and cup his cheek.

Still under each other's spell, they separated then leaned in again for a second kiss just as sweet as the first. A third and a fourth followed before they really took the time to sit back and look at each other.

Haruhi's thumb moved to trace the line of his bottom lip. "I don't want you to graduate."

Mori nodded, his eyes telling her clearly that he didn't care for the separation either.

"But you're going to go to university." She said.

Mori nodded. "So are you. Then law school."

"Actually, I'd been thinking about studying abroad for a year." Haruhi said, then held her breath.

Mori stopped, stared, then nodded. "I can do that."

Haruhi sat back, shaking her head wildly. "You don't have to go where I go. In fact, you're going to school first."

Mori smiled.

Haruhi's eyes narrowed. "You can't just plan your life around what I do. That's not normal."

"You forget." Mori's voice rumbled, tugging at something deep inside her heart.

"What?" She asked, suspiciously.

"I'm a rich bastard." He looked smug as her eyes went wide. He knew she said that? "And I love you."

Haruhi's heart melted all over the place as she could not argue with the simple truth shining in his dark gaze.

"But …."

Mori leaned in toward her and she shut up. "Yes?"

"I never expected to fall in love with you." She confessed starkly. "You weren't supposed to happen."

Mori looked at her and kept quiet as she thought it through. She finally shook her head. "Now I can't image life without you."

Kiss number five differed from the first four. It was still sweet and still gentle, but this time his mouth opened on hers and she followed his lead. It was long minutes before she could think again, much less speak.

"Wow." Was the first thing she said. He smiled, and then leaned in to make her say it again.


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