Kim Possible: Christmas Among Friends

A/N: A Christmas Eve mission that goes badly leads to a surprising intervention from friends of Team Possible.

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Chapter 1: Not Today! Please not today!

ZZzzzztttttttt! Blammm!

"Oh the weather outside if frightful / "But the fire is so delightful"

"Aw c'mon Dementor! It's Christmas Eve for Pete's sake! Just take the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer out of that laser cannon, put it on the ground, walk away and we'll call it a Christmas gift to you from us. Today only, not available in any stores!", called out Ron Stoppable from behind the massive pillar being hammered with the laser used by the diminutive tyrant as he fired another blast at the blonde partner of Team Possible.

"NEIN! I vill never gif you back ZHAT DEVICE! I need it to remove Team Possible zo I can continue MIT MY PLANS TO RULE ZE VORLD! Oh, and by ze way, vhere iz zhat LITTLE GIRLFRIEND OV YOURZ?", crescendo'd the overly compensating villain, before firing again at the rapidly fracturing stone structure.

"And since we've no place to go, Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

ZZzzzztttttttt! Boooommm!

"She's around… Hey, what the heck happened to that truce you villains agreed to, giving Kim and I a break until six months after the wedding?", shot back the professional distraction, hoping to distract Dementor from asking too many questions about the unseen leader of Team Possible.

"I vas never in agreement mit ZHAT ARRANGEMENT! I only went along vit it zo I could catch ze both of you vit YOUR GUARD DOWN, SURPRISING YOU VEN YOU LEAST EXPECTED IT UND TAKING YOU OUT! GUT PLAN JA?", as another laser blast reached out to the crumbling support beam on the far end of the lair.

"It doesn't show signs of pausing, And I've bought some corn for popping,"

ZZzzzztttttttt! KBoooommm!

"Oh yeah, real good plan! Really original you berserk little dwarf from a twisted 'Snow White' fairy tale!", countered Ron as he realized his position was being reduced to rubble around him and quickly ran to another column.

"Ja, you should appreciate it if you vould haf studied any of your WORLD WAR II OR VIETNAM WAR HISTORIES! Especially how a truce allowed enemies of your country to stage MAJOR ATTACKS AGAINST YOUR MILITARIES! Does 'Zhe Battle OF ZHE BULGE' OR 'ZHE TET OFFENSIVE' MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU, MEIN HERR?"

"Yeah, I think I remember something of that from Barkin's history classes in high school. But I thought you were more original than that."

"Hey if vorked against your countrymen more than ONCE, VHY NOT ONE MORE TIME? AH, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!"

"The lights are turned way down low, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"

ZZzzzztttttttt! KBlammmm!

"So, where are all your henchmen? I didn't see any of them when I came into the building. Did you give them time off for the holidays?", hoping to distract Dementor's gloating.

"Ja, as a matter of FACT, I DID! It IZ the Christmas HOLIDAY'S AFTER ALL!", gleefully jabbing Ron with his own brand of irony as he fired again.

"When we finally kiss goodnight, How I'll hate going out in the storm!"

ZZzzzztttttttt! Blammmm!

"Yeah, that must explain the music and the really festive decorations you've got put up here. After what you've pulled today, you weren't expecting a visit from Santa Claus were you?", bantered back the random-minded member of Team Possible.

A huge lair, even by Dementor's standards, the place was a wide open area, supported by massive columns widely spaced out and decorated for the rapidly approaching holidays. Dementor had his PDVI powered laser cannon situated on a platform located at one end of the lair that was decked out as if it was a study. Complete with several bookcases along the wall there, was a dark oak, ornate desk and chair set on one end, and a leather couch on the other end of the platform. There even was a flocked, ornamented, tinseled, and star-topped Christmas tree beside the stone hearth, Yule-log burning fireplace and chimney. Christmas music playing throughout the lair's sound system. He even had a grandfather clock, showing that midnight was close at hand, amongst the furnishings and decorations. The only thing out of place in that setting was the massive laser cannon bolted down onto the platform, otherwise it was a scene out of a college professor's home at Christmas-time.

"But if you'll really hold me tight, All the way home I'll be warm"

"Again, Ja! I only had one wish FOR CHRISTMAS AND TAKING TEAM POSSIBLE OUT WAZ IT! AH, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!", raged Dementor as he fired at Ron again.

ZZzzzztttttttt! Bloooomm!

"But as long as you love me so, Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!"

'We really did not need this to come up, today of all days', ran through Ron's mind while standing behind another support column he had run behind as he brushed the rubble and dust off of his shirt and pants. 'It's almost Christmas, tomorrow's our wedding, and to top it all off, we just discovered a week ago that Kim's a little over a month pregnant with our first child!'


Now twenty-one years old, Kim and Ron were well on their way to graduating from the University of Middleton in the upcoming spring. Ron majored in Culinary Arts with a minor in Business Administration while Kim double majored in International Criminal Law and Law Enforcement. At first rooming together in secret in an apartment just off campus, Kim's dad didn't learn of this arrangement until late in the fall semester during a surprise visit he made with the missus just as finals was gearing up for the two of them. The distraction of their first experience with those exams kept the both of them from camouflaging Ron's presence as her roommate, something they had done so successfully earlier in the semester.

Though not originally happy with his Kimmie-cub's choice of roommate, James Possible relented from sending his first born's boyfriend to the nearest black hole when Ron popped the question at the next Christmas celebration in the Possible family's home. Ron surprised Kim, and everybody else there, while at the annual Christmas-palooza and light show that they were known for by every nation which had a space agency and/or astronauts or cosmonauts in space during that holiday.

Shortly after the proposal Kim and Ron decided that no matter what year they decided to get married, Christmas was to be the day of their blissful union. They had so many very happy memories of that holiday, and it was decided very quickly that this was one more that they should add to the vast emotional scrapbook that was in their hearts. For Kim it was a time when she had so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to. For Ron, it was everything wonderful and loving he had come to know from being in Kim's presence all those years. The fact that the both of them acted like little kids for the day didn't hurt either. It was a no-brainer for the two of them.

Neither of them let the memories of Ron's solo mission with Drakken during their Junior year in high school darken their feelings for that holiday. The joy Kim felt when she found Ron at the North Pole after the tearful, soul-wrenching dread she experienced was the happiest moment she remembered of that day. Fearing he was dead in DrakForce-One when it blew up in space, and then the hope shattering world-wide search through six painfully empty escape pods was almost too much for her. This feeling of loss and emptiness she felt for her BFF stayed with her until "X-treme X-mas" lead her, by way of Shego, to that garbage pod on top of the world where she found her future fiancé safe and sound, singing 'Snowman Hank' songs while having a Christmas Party at the North Pole with her arch-enemy.

As for Ron, at the time he was worried about surviving with Drakken and the little food they had at hand until that polar bear showed and almost made a meal out of him. Afterwards each learned of the other's membership in the 'Nation of Snowman Hank' and a truce was struck, shelving any and all 'take over the world schemes' until after the New Year's holiday had passed. In the following years, Drakken insisted a Christmas Truce between the super-villains and Team Possible be made and kept, which Ron gleefully accepted with Kim's eye-rolling, though brightly smiling, acquiescence taking place shortly afterward.

Though Drakken was no longer a supervillain he still had some sway in the villain community and used it to call for Christmas Truces every year since the failed DrakForce-One attempt of his to take over the world. After having saved the world with Team Possible and his flower power from the Lowardians, he felt even more grateful to be celebrating the holiday. This particular truce brokered by Drakken, at Shego's mock displeasure, called a halt to all supervillains' plans for world conquest or eliminating Team Possible until six months after the wedding (Of course they were invited to the wedding! Shego even consented to be a bridesmaid as well.). With the recent discovery of Kim's impending motherhood, Ron was first to suggest that they see if it could be extended until a couple of months after the happy event. So far though, no one but Team Possible, their immediate families and their doctors knew about Kim's pregnancy.

Since GJ had yet to be informed of this development with Kim, there was no reason for Dr. Director to hesitate when she, via Wade, called out the world's premiere PDVI retrieval team after Dementor, once again, had stolen that troublesome little coffee can of extreme energy and dimension warping capability. On top of that seal of approval from GJ, Dr. Director sheepishly mentioned that her resources were stretched pretty thin just now. With so many out on holiday or vacation, she had nearly all remaining agents occupied with rescue missions, dealing with terrorists or tracking down clues to some hidden plot taking place during the truce. Team Possible was pretty much all she had available to deal with this sitch.

This close to their wedding and Christmas itself, Kim reluctantly said that she and Ron would talk about taking the mission. This coming, after Ron nearly went 'whack-ape' during Dr. Director's insistence that they take this mission. Kim and Ron ended the call from Dr. Director so they and Wade could discuss this request before giving her an answer. When Kim called back to accept the mission it was only because of Ron's, unknown to GJ, implicit orders that she stay safe and keep her exposure to the weapon using the PDVI to a bare minimum. Only when it was absolutely safest for her to pop out and take the device, was Kim to appear and remove it from the latest weapon-du jour. Ron was to be in full out distraction mode to make sure she would not have that cannon pointed at her, ever. When the mission was over, Ron and Kim would inform Dr. Director personally of Kim's pregnancy and have her put Team Possible on inactive reserves with GJ for the duration.

Knowing how easy it was for hackers of the caliber of Wade Load to gather nearly any information from GJ computers, Kim and Ron had decided to inform Dr. Director at the wedding and to make it only something that she would personally be aware of, not officially. With items like the PDVI always being stolen, or secret information being constantly gleaned by hackers from GJ computers, it was determined that it was best this was kept out of their computers altogether. They also figured after a few months further into the pregnancy it would be public knowledge anyway, but this way they would have a head start on keeping prying eyes from intruding too soon on the new family.

So, after a short flight via a GJ hovercraft to Colorado Springs, they caught a very fast ride in a highly secret Air Force jet to an airbase in southern Germany. From there they hopped a stealthed and cloaked GJ hovercraft to Dementor's lair where they landed a short distance from it in order to hike the last several hundred yards uphill. Ron was taking no chances parachuting in with Kim being pregnant, much to her annoyance and his glee at not parachuting at all. Besides he felt it was 'his honor' to walk the rest of the way to the lair. Kim was tweaked a bit at this little reminder of 'days of Yori past', but didn't hold it against him as she made it to the entry point ahead of him after a brief snowball fight before starting to the lair. He lost so badly…


ZZzzzztttttttt! Blaaaaaaaamm!

As if the moment wasn't surreal enough, the Elvis version of "Blue Christmas" began playing over the lairs sound system.

"I'll have a blue Christmas without you"

'With Dementor's hacking of Kim's supersuit back in high school, we had to leave it behind, so Kim's got no shielding to protect her if something goes wrong. Good thing I left Rufus with Kim to help her if something comes up that I can't help her with. We figured that the Bavarian Napoleonic Complex here had a wireless signal from his controller running just in case she did wear the suit here. Wade's initial scanning found it so we dodged a major bullet here. We also figured he would start firing at the first thing he saw, so with me distracting him like this Kim would be free to sneak up on him from another direction. Looks like it worked Hope distracting him gets Kim to where she can take this whack munchkin down so we can go home in time for our wedding. I'm glad that Rufus is with Kim to help protect her right now, there's no way I could do that from here', mused the moving target, tiring from dodging the blasts from Dementor's cannon, moving in time to the latest tune coming from the whacked gnome's speakers overhead.

"I'll be so blue just thinking about you"

'For a small guy, he sure has some very large lairs, especially this one in the German alps. 'Must be compensating for something', I'm sure Kim would say. She should be near that air duct just to the side of that platform any time now, so I'd better get ready for one last broken field run away from that side of the room. My mad running away skills combined with what I've learned from playing running back in high school, should come in handy for this last burst of distraction here. I just wish there was more to hide behind on the floor of this lair. It is wide open between that cannon and where I am hiding.'

"Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree"

' Man, it's nearly midnight here and I just want to go home, get married to Kim and enjoy Christmas again with the fam', wandered the mind of the Christmas groom-to-be.

"Won't be the same dear, if you're not here with me"

'Head in the game, Ron!', came a familiar voice in his head as Ron imagined his Kim getting him focused again. 'Yeah, I'd better get my head out of the clouds and ready for this last run. I think I can see Kim's hair in the vent so it's almost show time! Hope my mystical monkey power doesn't go on the fritz today. It's been much more consistent the last couple of years since the 'Graduation Mission', but sometimes it picks and chooses when it wants to come out and play. Today had better not be one of those days when it decides to take a vacation on me and Kim .'

"And when those blue snowflakes start falling"


Though Ron had assumed the Mantle of the Ultimate Monkey Master when he personally took down Warmonga and Warhok at his and Kim's high school graduation, going 'Full Monkey' on the aliens, his track record with the Mystical Monkey Power was not as consistent within him since that day. As the master of the power he should have been able to draw on the power as naturally as breathing, according to Sensei, but since that mission there were times when he had to really concentrate to call the power out.

The best thing that could be figured out by he and Sensei, was that Kim had been the key. Should his beloved be in a sitch that called for his MMP to come out, it flowed like water over a fall, otherwise Ron had to concentrate somewhat to call it into play. It was kind of like when he had to flicker through the Lotus Blade to change the sword into a form that could help he and Yori escape Fist and his monkey ninjas during his first visit to Yamanouchi. Otherwise, it was sometimes hit or miss when he needed the MMP. Sensei said that he would search the scrolls of the Prophecy further and meditate as well on the topic. Anything he would find would be shared with Ron. But Ron got the feeling that Sensei knew something more about this sitch than he was letting on to the young man, but didn't say anything to the elder Master. He figured he would, as always, get to the bottom of the sitch on his own after Sensei was cryptic about something.

As for Kim, when she learned all about Ron's powers, training, Yamanouchi and the Prophecy, she was at first completely blown away and a bit concerned and afraid of what she saw her Ron do to those aliens. But after seeing Ron in action with the Lowardians, she realized how he was so much different with her in comparison to what she had seen him do with them. Especially when she learned what her fate would have been had he not stepped up 'Monkey Style' in that moment. She then relaxed, searched her heart, and felt deep within her that this man would never just hurt anyone for no good reason, let alone, his KP.

Still this didn't help Ron over whatever was holding him back from calling the power within him at will. He felt the frustration, as did Kim, but neither pressed the other about this, letting him work on it on his own. She supported him no matter what, and said whatever help he needed from her, she'd be glad to offer. However, she stressed, she loved him no matter what the sitch was with his MMP. She had loved him before she knew of the power and has no reason to stop loving him just because he isn't fully in control of this either. It would work itself out and besides 'the MMP was just icing on 'a very big cake' with him as far as she was concerned. She did all she could to comfort him when he was at wits end, and from all of that comforting they grew so much closer in the process, hence her upcoming motherhood.


"That's when those blue memories start calling"

Now back to the present, Ron sat waiting for the signal that his soon-to-be-bride had made it to her position so he could start his last distraction as a bachelor.

At seeing the flash of Kim's hair in the vent, Ron starts his run to the other side of the lair away from her entry point to the platform. With the cannon, once again firing at the newest burst of distracting moves by the All Conference ex-running back from MHS, class of 2007, Kim broke through the vent to the side of Dementor and ran at the cannon on platform. As she ran up behind the cannon, a barrier of some sorts appeared in front of her and Kim bounced off and to the side of Dementor, just in his view.

"You'll be doin' all right, with your Christmas of white

"Zo zhere you are, HERO-THIEF! I vondered where you vere. When I at first did not zee you mit your buffoon of a SUPPOSED BOYFRIEND in ze FRONT, I zhought it vould not be long FOR YOU TO APPEAR FROM BEHIND ME! Looks like I vas CORRECT, hence zhe shield TO PROTECT ME FROM AN AMBUSH BY YOU!", ranted the outdoor-voiced, height-challenged villain.

"He's not a buffoon Dementor! And he's going to be more than my boyfriend in a few hours. And as for the 'Hero-Thief' thing: You know this was taken care of when I was in high school and we proved, without a doubt that Drakken was responsible for tricking me into 'reacquiring' that Transportulator from you. Now if you please, just give up and hand over that Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer, we've got a wedding to attend! OURS! And IT'S CHRISTMAS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!", countered a very tweaked, emotionally-addled, hands on hips Kim Possible after she rose up from the floor.

"But I'll have a blue, blue blue blue Christmas"

"Sctealing, reacquiring, tomato, tomahto. Makes no DIFFERENCE TO ME! And as for the Inducer, not a chance MY LITTLE LIEBCHEN! Zince I cannot hit that verdamnt BUFFOON OV YOURZ, I guess I'll HAVE TO ZETTLE FOR YOU INZTEAD!", yelled the helmeted villain as he swung his cannon over to point at the red-headed hero who froze at the realization that there was more than her own life at stake right now.

"You haf seen what zis cannon can do to all zhat I HAF HIT IT WIT, zo you can only IMAGINE vat vill HAPPEN ven IT HITS YOU!", he continued as he began to fire at Kim, standing right in front of the laser cannon, not 20 feet away from its muzzle.

"You'll be doin' all right, with your Christmas of white,"

Upon hearing this exchange Ron stopped, ice cold fear filling his being, as he saw the cannon now pointing at his fiancé'.

'NO! This is what I feared could happen and, darn it, we just didn't figure on him having a force field of some kind in place to keep him protected like this. Got to get his attention and keep that cannon from firing on KP and the baby!'

"Yo, hey Dementor! Which dwarf was your favorite in 'Snow White'? I bet it was Grumpy since you both have the same personality! Was he like your great-great grandfather or something?" Upon seeing no change in the pointed direction of the cannon, Ron tried again to get the angry little villain's attention.

"Hey Demenz! How is it that this lair is so huge and I can hear you from way over here just like we are standing a few feet away from each other?"

"Ze ACOUSTICS!", was all Ron heard as Dementor reached for the trigger, intending to end his love's life in the laser blast. At this, the young MMP-laden man went into action.

"But I'll have a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas"

Ron's body suddenly glowed bright blue, clear across the massive domed-football-stadium-sized-lair one moment, appearing between Kim and the laser cannon the next. Standing tall, facing the cannon, his arms out wide, shielding the mother of his unborn child from the beam reaching out to her, there came a blinding flash, followed by the explosion of the laser impacting Ron's MMP-charged body. At this moment, the grandfather clock Dementor adorned the platform with struck the first tone of the Westminster-chimes song, announcing midnight in the lair. In the days after this mission, Wade was able to reconstruct video and audio footage captured in Kim's wrist Kimmunicator and noted that the first notes of the clock and the laser impact with Ron were simultaneous.

When the dust settled and Kim's eyes adjusted from the blinding light that resulted from that laser flash and Ron's MMP, her ears making out the slow tones and chimes of the grandfather clock in the background, she looked around for her fiancé, but could find no trace of him. Anywhere.

"Ron? Ron, where are you?", she called out as she began to look in the area around her where she last saw her BFBF. Rufus, hearing Kim's pleas, came out of the cargo pocket he was curled up in to help with the search. After a short while it became apparent that Ron was nowhere to be found. The clock finally coming to the end of it's song marking the hour, it slowly began to chime the countdown to Twelve O'clock. "Blue Christmas" finishing as the music paused a bit before going to the next tune.

---- Bong!---



Panic starting to rise in her, tears trickling down her cheeks, Kim started to frantically search for her love, desperately calling out for him. Within moments Kim fell to her knees on the floor, tears flowing, beginning to sob in the realization that her life-long best friend, her mission partner, her boyfriend, her lover, her fiancé and the father of her child was no longer among the living. The clock's chime striking it's fourth tone in the count as it continued to it's destination.


"Silent night, holy night"



"All is calm, all is bright"


"Please Ron, where are you? Don't do this to me! I need you. We.. need you. Please…. come…back to… me….to.. us. I.. we… love…you" , she cried out in soulful pain and deep despair as her sobs turned to wails of sorrow as she hugged herself, holding her hands over where their baby was starting to grow within her. Tears streaming down her cheeks. The tones now sounding out it's eighth.

"Round young virgin Mother and child"


Dementor, in his delight, just could not resist taking further verbal shots at the super hero in her moments of torment, horrendous loss, and his ultimate victory.

"Holy Infant so tender and mild"


"YES! I've finally rid the VORLD of zhat PESKY BUFFOON ZIDEKICK! Once and for all, HE'Z GONE! Now to finish OFF ZHE HERO-THIEF AS VELL! I vill let my cannon fully recharge ZO I can be zure MY HANDIWORK IZ COMPLETE! Please give my regards to HIM VHEN YOU ZEE HIM AGAIN Oh, and by zhe vay, MERRY CHRISTMAS FRAULEIN POSSIBLE!"


Amidst the evil joyous laughter of the little helmeted villain and the swinging of the laser cannon into realignment for a point-blank shot on the red-headed super hero, came one last cry from her as the cannon was recharging:

"Sleep in Heavenly Peace"


"No! Not today! Please, not today! Dear God please, not today!", came shuddering from Kim as she tearfully looked upward to the heavens. Her green eyes shimmering in the lights as she quietly whispered. "We love you Ron."

The cannon flashed once more, the room lit up as brightly as ever as the clock struck it's twelfth tone.

ZZzzzztttttttt! BOOOMMMM!!!/----Bong!---

"Sleep in Heavenly Peace"


"Let it Snow" created by Sammy Cahn and Jules Styne.

"Jingle Bells" composed by James Pierpoint.

"Blue Christmas" Words and Music by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson, 'sung here' by Elvis Presley

"Silent Night" written by Joseph Mohr.