Kim Possible: Christmas Among Friends

A/N: A mission on Christmas Eve that goes badly leads to a surprising intervention from friends of Team Possible.

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Chapter 3: Christmas

'Could this Christmas get any more level 10 weirder?', ran through the mind of the 'formerly teen' hero Kim Possible. 'I mean, here it is Christmas Eve, Ron and I are going to get married tomorrow, I'm just over a month pregnant and Dementor just HAS to steal that stupid Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer ONE MORE TIME! And on top of that, he's put the thing into another laser cannon. Can't someone just please secure the darn thing better THAN THIS? Is THAT too much TO ASK?'

'Ok, head in the game, not in the hormone, that's what got me in this condition. And', shaking her head slightly, eyes closed, 'I've got to stop ranting like that. I sound like Drakken from his take over the world days', went through the redhead's mind as she made her way through the air ducts of Dementor's latest lair in the alps of Germany.'

'I'd better calm down and get my bearings before going on. I'm glad Dementor goes first class when he builds a lair. He spends his money on pretty good quality material when building them. So it's a good thing for me that this duct is behind a heavily insulated wall, otherwise I would have given my location away several times with all the thrashing I'm doing in here. Just really can't hear too much of what is going on in that lair. I can feel some of the vibrations of the battle going on in there, but I really can't hear much '

"Rufus", she whispered, tapping the pocket the naked mole rat was curled up in. "Could you come out and work your way down the duct and find the vent I'll need to come through to get behind Dementor's laser cannon?"

"Hnk, yep. Fer sure, l'il mama", replied the little guy as he patted her on the hand and ran on ahead of her to do his recon up ahead for Kim.

"Oh no, you didn't! Not you too!", Kim hissed out as quietly as she could so close to Dementor, as her mole rat running point for her headed down the duct. "We are so going to have a talk when we get home about the way you guys are treating me since you learned about my pregnancy."

'Ok, that does it! It's bad enough that Ron has gone complete overload overprotective on me and the baby, but now Rufus? This is so ferociously way too much! He's getting to be worse than my dad was after that last Rocket Booster Day I went to back in high school. When he realized I was growing up, the first thing he did was to ban me from boys so he felt safe about his little girl in a world that had boys in it.'

'Sigh','Even after he saw me go off into space with a monkey pilot flying his experimental space ship, take down Monkey Fist, rescue Ron then fly AND land that experimental ship myself, he still thought of me as his 'little KIMMIE-CUB'!', mentally roared the now highly amped pregnant mom-to-be.

'I'm not some delicate piece of glass to be constantly protected and hidden away from the world! I might be a little pregnant, but that's no reason yet to keep me out of the action as if I'm going to break every time I bump into something!', now Kim was really on a tear, when she suddenly paused.

"Heh, listen to me. Maybe he was onto something… this time", whispered Kim very softly to herself, a small smile on her lips. "A little pregnant? Heh. Yeah, he was definitely onto something." 'Mmmmpphh, snort' came from the frustrated heroine as she shook her head slightly from side to side.

"Ok, time to dial it down. I am a bit out of sorts with the hormone swings and I still have morning sickness to deal with. So, yeah, it may be for the best that I let Ron protect me from myself, and the bad guys… for now", she relented to herself about the overall sitch with her and her nearly husband, Ron.

'It's really kind of nice that he's taking charge of my wellbeing since he learned about the baby. He's gone above and beyond taking care of me and really turned into Ron 'Stepupable' since we came back from my doctor's visit last week. He's been so sweet to me and has really started looking out for me, and us really, since that day. It's almost like the Lowardian thing all over again, just without the monkey power', here she frowns and her brow furrows a bit deeply.

'Monkey power… Yeah, its still an issue with Ron, even after going 'Full Monkey Master' 3 years ago back home. For some reason he doesn't have the ability to fully access the mystical power he possesses and unleashed then. It's as if he doesn't want it, even after using it to save my life and the world from enslavement by the Lowardians. The power still 'comes and goes' as he puts it, but I'm not convinced that's completely true. I'm pretty sure the key to all of this is that he still is afraid he'll mess something up, that he is not capable of handling the MMP, or much less that he is deserving of having something like that.'

'I've tried to help him understand that he is so worth having the power; that if anyone deserves it, it was him. He has such a good heart and soul that he would never deliberately hurt anybody with the power. Yeah mistakes can be made, but that's no reason to not accept it fully, so he could train with it, or learn how to use it in missions better. He just has a major block about it, or just won't… Well, that's not exactly true, if I'm in any danger, he just goes Full 'True Blue' Monkey and rips right through whatever he finds as a threat to me.'

'Though it is nice to have such a guardian angel watching my back, he's going to have to realize that in most cases I can take care of myself and he should focus on the mission or task at hand and only step in for me as a last resort. I've tried again and again to get him to think in that way,, but that has been almost as frustrating as his 'on-again, off-again' monkey powers. After the wedding, we'll work on it.'

"Wedding", she whispers, a wistful smile on her glowing face as she settles in her seat for a moment. "Wow, I'm marrying my best friend. A lot sure has happened in four years, most of it so ferociously good, some weird, some not so good. But when it's all said and done, I wouldn't trade all those years for anything; and besides, I love weird! Yeah, I'm marrying my best friend for life, how many women can say that about the man they love?", sighing she lets a slow breath out.

'Our wedding is going to be so beautiful , and I'm sure its going to be just perfect. The only glitch to this sitch is me coming down the aisle with a baby on the way. Daddy was pretty upset when he learned we were living together. Glad Mom helped out there for that, I owe her so much for smoothing things over then. But when he learned I was pregnant last week, I thought, wedding or no, Ron was on a one way trip to a wormhole.' Kim shrunk down at this remembrance.

'I'm so glad Mom was there as well as Ron's parents to keep the potential for bloodshed low, but I was worried for Ron every time Daddy went into the garage and called for my BFBF to come and 'talk' with him. I think I heard an acetylene torch lighting each time Daddy went in there. Thank God, Mom put a stop to that after the third time he called Ron over to the door' , Kim shuddered here at the memory of that day.

"Well, being pregnant with Ron's child is something I don't regret, especially since it came as a result of comforting the man I so dearly love while he was working through his doubts about fully accepting the Mystical Monkey Power", Kim said gently with some conviction. "We did get soooo much closer as a couple after all that", she said while giggling lightly and blushing heavily.

At this point Rufus made his way back to Kim with his report.

"Follow me", said the mole rat to Kim. "Found vent. Behind cannon."

"Ok, lets go little guy, stay just ahead of me so you can show me. But when we get there, hop back into my pocket. I want to make sure I know where you are when this starts up. Ok?"

"Hnk, ok. L'il mama" tittered the smallest member of the team.

"Hey! Watch it buster, or I'm cutting your cheese rations when we get back home!", shot back the tweaked mood-swinging leader of Team Possible.

"Ok, sorry."

"Yeah? Well ok. Now lets go, lead the way."

Crawling slowly along the ducts Kim is able to look through some of the vents, out into the lair, and is amazed at what she can see. The lair is huge, lots of open space from one side to the other, and she can see glimpses of Dementor's layout on the side closest to her hidden passage through the walls of the lair.

As she pauses to look out at each vent, she sees the desk, and Christmas tree, she hears music in the air, mixed in with the short villain's ranting and her Ron's banter. Finally she sees and hears that laser cannon as it fires at the support beams her fiancé is hiding behind on the other side of the lair.

'Wow, if ever there was a mission that I could have used my supersuit, this was it. But Dementor just had to get remote access control of the darn thing back in high school. Gee thanks Ron!', Kim harshed mentally as her mood swung again.

'Thanks to the risk of him being able to control my suit remotely, it caused us to leave it at home in case helmet-head had a signal running in his lair to snag control of the thing again. After getting here, Wade's scans found Dementor did have a signal running that would have at least interfered with my full control of the suit, at most it would have allowed him to take the suit away from me like he did at Bueno Nacho, so we dodged a major bullet here.'

After a bit more crawling down the duct, Kim and Rufus came to the vent she would break through behind the laser cannon.

"Ok Rufus, time to mount up, get in my pocket. Stay loose in there, you never know what'll happen with these things", Kim said, shifting gears, now in full mission mode.

"Hnk, ok", replied the smallest of the team as he scurried into a cargo pocket.

"Alright, I see Ron over by that support column. He looks a little tired from here, but it's show time and he'll make this distraction a good one so I can get behind Dementor and his 'waaayy overcompensating for something' laser cannon", snarked the tweaked heroine after she flashed her hair in the vent to signal Ron to start his last distraction of the night.

"There goes Ron. He's running completely away from this end of the lair to draw Dementor's fire so I can get in behind him. Time to go!", Kim said as she broke through the vent and leapt to the floor below.

After being in the quiet of the highly insulated HVAC duct, the sudden rush of noise smells and commotion in the lair assaults Kim's senses. After getting her bearings she ran at the back of the laser cannon, the plan being to surprise its operator and take him down as quickly and completely as possible. What no one in Team Possible figured on was Dementor having a trick up his short-long sleeved shirt: a force field barrier surrounding the laser cannon. Suddenly appearing in front of the heroine, she felt a shock and bounced off the screen to the side of the cannon and into the villain's view.

Stunned somewhat, Kim could not make out the music she learned was playing overhead, but could clearly hear the increasing-in-volume rant of the shortest supervillain in the Team Possible stable.

"Zo zhere you are, HERO-THIEF! I vondered where you vere. When I at first did not zee you mit your buffoon of a SUPPOSED BOYFRIEND in ze FRONT, I zhought it vould not be long FOR YOU TO APPEAR FROM BEHIND ME! Looks like I vas CORRECT, hence zhe shield TO PROTECT ME FROM AN AMBUSH BY YOU!", ranted the outdoor-voiced, height-challenged villain.

Clearly tweaked, Kim wasn't going to let this stand with anyone about her fiancé, nor was she going to let his accusation of her from that old talent show mission in high school remain unchallenged, either.

"He's not a buffoon Dementor! And he's going to be more than my boyfriend in a few hours. And as for the 'Hero-Thief' thing: You know this was taken care of when I was in high school and we proved, without a doubt that Drakken was responsible for tricking me into 'reacquiring' that Transportulator from you. Now if you please, just give up and hand over that Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer, we've got a wedding to attend! OURS! And IT'S CHRISTMAS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!", hormones now in full tweak overdrive, she rose and planted her clenched fists on her hips. By now she can hear the music of Elvis' rendition of "Blue Christmas" being played in the lair.

"But I'll have a blue, blue blue blue Christmas"

"Sctealing, reacquiring, tomato, tomahto. Makes no DIFFERENCE TO ME! And as for the Inducer, not a chance MY LITTLE LIEBCHEN! Zince I cannot hit that verdamnt BUFFOON OV YOURZ, I guess I'll HAVE TO ZETTLE FOR YOU INZTEAD!", yelled the helmeted villain as he swung his cannon over to point at the red-headed hero who froze at the realization that there was more than her own life at stake right now.

'Oh no! This is what we were afraid of happening!

"You haf seen what zis cannon can do to all zhat I HAF HIT IT WIT, zo you can only IMAGINE vat vill HAPPEN ven IT HITS YOU!", he continued as he began to fire at Kim, standing right in front of the laser cannon, not 20 feet away from its muzzle.

"You'll be doin' all right, with your Christmas of white,"

'Oh my gosh! That's a big cannon. What's the matter with me? Why can't I move from here? I've never felt like this before. What's wrong WITH ME?'

From off to the side, Kim heard her partner attempt to distract Dementor from firing the cannon at the target so close to its muzzle.

"Yo, hey Dementor! Which dwarf was your favorite in 'Snow White'? I bet it was Grumpy since you both have the same personality! Was he like your great-great grandfather or something?"

With no change in Dementor's aim, Kim heard Ron try one more time to get him to point the cannon away from her.

"Hey Demenz! How is it that this lair is so huge and I can hear you from way over here just like we are standing a few feet away from each other?"

"Ze ACOUSTICS!", was all Kim heard as she saw Dementor reach for the trigger, intending to end her life in the next second. Kim then got a glimpse of a blue glow from across the lair floor.

"But I'll have a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas"

In the next instant, Kim saw Ron standing directly in front of her, glowing blue and standing tall, facing the cannon, his arms out wide, shielding her from the laser blast struck his MMP-charged body. At this point Kim's eyes scrunched shut, the light in the lair was brighter than any light she ever remembered seeing up to that point. She later learned from Wade that the laser blast and the grandfather clock struck Midnight simultaneously. The noise of the explosion was tremendous and she had to clamp her hands over her ears as tightly as she could, but it was too little against so much.

Blinking her eyes to recover from the flash she was exposed to, as the ringing in her ears diminished, Kim started to hear the grandfather clock's chimes and tones in the background. She began searching for her fiancé but he was not to be seen. Desperation started to fill her being as she frantically started calling out for him, hoping he'd return her call.

"Ron? Ron, where are you?", she called out as she began to search for him. Rufus, hearing Kim's pleas, came out of the cargo pocket he was curled up in to help with the search, to no avail.

After a short while it became apparent that Ron was nowhere to be found. The clock finally coming to the end of it's song marking the hour, it slowly began to chime the countdown to Twelve O'clock. "Blue Christmas" finishing as the music paused a bit before going to the next tune. At this point, Kim could not hear anything else as her focus was on the loss of her life-long love. She was oblivious to the music playing overhead and the tones the clock was sounding out in its slow march to Twelve O'clock.

Her panic rising as her tears began sliding down her cheeks, her search for Ron got quite frantic as she called out for him. Quite evident the lack of her BFBF, Kim fell to her knees, calling out for him.

"Please Ron, where are you? Don't do this to me! I need you. We.. need you. Please…. come…back to… me….to.. us. I.. we… love…you" , she cried out in soulful pain and deep despair as her sobs turned to wails of sorrow as she hugged herself, holding her hands over where their baby was starting to grow within her. Tears streaming down her cheeks.

Dementor, his plan to rid himself of the young thorns in his side in culmination, sent one last taunt to the devastated young woman.

"YES! I've finally rid the VORLD of zhat PESKY BUFFOON ZIDEKICK! Once and for all, HE'Z GONE! Now to finish OFF ZHE HERO-THIEF AS VELL! I vill let my cannon fully recharge ZO I can be zure MY HANDIWORK IZ COMPLETE! Please give my regards to HIM VHEN YOU ZEE HIM AGAIN Oh, and by zhe vay, MERRY CHRISTMAS FRAULEIN POSSIBLE!"

Amidst the evil joyous laughter of the little helmeted villain and the swinging of the laser cannon into realignment for another point-blank shot on the red-headed super hero, came one last cry from her as the cannon was recharging:

"No! Not today! Please, not today! Dear God please, not today!", came shuddering from Kim as she tearfully looked upward to the heavens. Her green eyes shimmering in the lights as she quietly whispered. "We love you Ron."

The cannon flashed once more, the room lit up as brightly as ever as the clock struck it's twelfth tone. It was at this point, Kim relaxed and awaited her fate as her senses tuned into her surroundings. Her hearing came back into play as she heard what she thought would be the last sounds she would hear in this life as she closed her eyes for what she feared would be for the last time on Earth. Just before she would see Ron again, but in the afterlife/

ZZzzzztttttttt! BOOOMMMM!!!/----Bong!---

"Sleep in Heavenly Peace"

After a few seconds of nothing…. then, confusion, Kim realized she felt no pain, that she didn't feel much differently than she did before.. the cannon fired. She did feel some of the static electricity about her that came from the discharge of the laser cannon (her hair was going to be such a mess from the static) and she sensed she was still on her knees on a very hard surface.

Her hearing gradually returned and she could once again hear herself breathing, the hum of the laser cannon, the white-noise static of the sound system as the blast, so close to it, had knocked it offline. She also could hear the crackling of an energy she couldn't quite place, the utterance of "Vas izt los?", the sucking in of a huge breath of air and the familiar cry of a precious someone she had feared was lost to her just moments ago"


Eyes still closed, Kim slowly opened them and before her was someone she thought she'd not see again in this life: Ronald Dean Stoppable, standing so very tall and strong, just a few feet away, between her and Dementor's laser cannon.

Surrounded by a brightly glowing blue sphere of immense power, with a very large shield held in front of him with both hands. He turned slightly to Kim and asked:

"Kim, are you ok? Did he hurt you or the babies? I'd like for you to sit this one out, if that's ok with you. Ok?"

Stunned at this sudden reappearance of someone she thought vaporized just minutes earlier, she just nodded in the affirmative, then shook her head in the negative and then the affirmative once again. Her eyes wide, her mouth open in shock, surprise and awe of what she saw before her, she completely missed the specifics of his questions.

As is the case with Ron, in the heat of the moment he took her answers to his questions out of order. Turning to the littlest villain in Team Possible's inventory, his face took on a very hard look, the shield suddenly turning into a katana, his sphere's aura glowing brighter, sparks flying, as he called out one more time.

"Rufus, could you come over here, please?"

Scrambling from an area behind Kim, the mole rat scurried over to Ron and climbed up to his shoulder. Once there, Ron extended a hand in front of him and his naked buddy hopped onto the palm. A glow surrounded Ron's palm and Rufus before he spoke to his little buddy again.

"Help Kim get somewhere safe away from this cannon. Then when you can, call Wade and between the two of you, find a way to disable Dementor's force field. You know how you can get in there, right?", he asked while giving the little mole rat a knowing look and a wink. "Just find the right tool. Remember the cacti, ok? Then get out of there after you signal me, ok?"

"Hnk, oh yeah! Pop! Fsssss, vwooom… vwoooom!", mimicked the little SFX mole rat as he ran down Ron's body and hopped over to his big buddy's lady.

"Kim-Kim. Come please", he said as he lead the still stunned team leader over to a spot behind a column out of the line of fire of the cannon.

"Now Dementor, forget about me for the moment, I'd like to talk to you about your trying to kill my family", started the soon to be husband and father as he placed the tip of his sword to the floor and leaned on it as one would a cane. "What do you have to say about yourself?"

"Vhere zhe heck DID YOU COME FROM? I zaw you vaporized vith mein OWN EYES just TWO MINUTES AGO! And vhat's vit zhat BLUE GLOW OF YOURZ?", ranted the incredulous little man.

"Yeah, about that. Let's just say courtesy of your little toy and some new friends of mine, I was given the opportunity to complete a task I was afraid to take care of three years ago", came the calm steady voice of a self-assured Ron Stoppable. Behind him he heard a very audible gasp from his bride-to-be.

"Vhat are you TALKING ABOUT? VHAT friends, VHERE? Vhat TALK?"

"Next time you see Fiske, ask him about his obsession, and watch what happens when you tell him what you've seen today if you don't surrender or if you continue to fire that thing at Kim or anyone else I care about."

While keeping Dementor distracted, Ron could see Rufus slide out of an air duct behind the cannon. The mole rat disappeared behind the cannon as Ron continued.

"As for my friends, lets just say they are in high places and one of them sends you a message."

"Ach, as if I care about FRIENDS OF YOURZ, and I don't care ABOUT ANY ZTINKIN' MEZZAGE! Eat laser YOU BUFFOON!", ranted Dementor as he took another shot at Ron.

Seeing the laser charge up, Ron's aura brightened as he slid under the muzzle to his left, changing the Lotus Blade into a shield once again. Swinging the cannon over towards Ron's latest position Dementor fired but the blast was deflected upward into the lair ceiling. Ron kept this up for about a minute. He'd bounce or flash to one side of the lair, draw Dementor's fire and deflect the shot with the Lotus Blade, either as a sword or as a shield to an area free of family members and then move to another part of the lair to do it all over again. All the while, Demenz was cursing and screaming for the Monkey Master to hold still so he could zap him.

During all of this, Kim was watching from behind her column and was amazed at what she saw.

'Wow! Looks like Ron has finally accepted all of the mystical power! Just look at him zipping all over the lair and deflecting those laser shots with his sword. Yeah, that's the Lotus Blade he described to me after high school graduation. Even though he was nearly a Full Monkey Master, he was somehow unable to call it to him. It must have been because of the block he was having all this time. He has really stepped up here, and I'm just so proud of him', mused the relieved and amazed KP sighing from her ringside seat to her fiancé's display of his MMP prowess.

After watching Ron flash in no time flat, from the far end of the lair to a spot about 50 feet in front of the cannon, with her essentially behind the device, she wondered about the kind of distraction he was up to and if he could continue it for much longer.

Meanwhile, Ron was wondering how things were going with Rufus and his disabling the force field around Dementor and the laser cannon. A few times he checked to see if it was down every now and then by deflecting a laser blast directly at the villain and his weapon. So far, no joy as each blast bounced off the shield. Finally he saw the signal he was waiting for, so after sending a deflected blast into Dementor's water closet, he placed himself 50 feet away from the cannon and held up a hand, then he pointed towards where the last blast ended up. At this, Dementor stopped firing and saw that Ron had essentially blown up his bathroom. To say the least, he was a little put out about that.

"HEY, zhat vas MEIN PRIVY!. You're going to PAY FOR ZHAT!'

"Yada yada, yada. Yeah, yeah, I'll pay for that. Put it on my tab, ok?"

"Ja, ja, ja. OK, zo vhat do YOU VANT NOW, you little…?"

"Now, now, be nice, there's a lady, with child present", admonished the keeper of the G-rating of this latest attempt on his and Kim's lives.

"Oh? Vell OK!"

Blushing, Kim just gently shook her head from side to side. 'He's in rare form tonight. Can't wait to see where this goes'

"Ya know, Dementor, I was just thinking..."

"Ja, I know how dangerous it GETS VHEN YOU DO ZHAT!", came the shot.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah, heard it all, own the t-shirt, bought the rant from an 'only sold on TV' infomercial. You know the deal."


"Anyway, I was thinking about one of my favorite movie arcs, 'Stellar Battles' and how the good guy, when he finally accepted his legacy, mostly fought the bad guys with a light saber, like so", rambled Ron as he suddenly changed his sword into a light saber. "And he ended up having to fight an ultimate bad guy who just happened to wear a helmet… like you, for instance..."

"Not bad", commented Dementor on the transformation of the sword. "But does zhat make ME YOUR FAZHER?", came the next shot at the musing science-fiction fan.

"Not by a long shot, you poor excuse for a psychotic Deutscher Leprechaun! Now stop interrupting me as I continue with a little rant of my own", roared the ticked off monkey master.

"Zorry", came back the chagrinned villain.

"Ok, now where was I?"

"You vere talking about A HELMET?"

"Oh yeah dude, thanks."


"Anyway, the hero would do some fantastic things with that light saber. He could fight other light saber wielding bad guys, or cut through practically anything with it, even deflect laser or blaster shots fired at him. I bet it could even deflect a shot from a cannon like yours even from this close with no problems." Kim's gasp could be heard throughout the lair at Ron's latest topic of discussion.

"Zo you think you can deflect a blast from my PDVI POWERED LASER CANNON, do you ZIDEKICK?"

"Yeah, in fact, I know I can. Just call me Ron Stopwalkabler." At this point the monkey master's pants went groundward. "Ah man, so much for the dramatic effect." From over to the side, Ron heard Kim guffawing and snorting as he pulled his pants up and secured them a bit better with his halfiversary belt..

"Anyway, lets just overlook that little bit of comedy and get back to the dramatic moment at hand, shall we?"

"Do ve HAF TO?"

"Yeah, just humor me, ok?"

"Ja, ok. SpoilSPORT!'

"Anyway, continuing on now. What do you want to bet?"

"Vell, if you can do zuch a thing, I'll think about ZURRENDERING TO YOU! How about ZHAT?"

"Works for me. If not, then we walk away free and clear. What say you?"

"You must be a JOLLY JOKER, if you think you ARE GOING TO WALK AWAY FROM ZIS! But, Ja, what zhe heck, I'M GAME!"

"Now are you ready?", asked Ron as he looked to Dementor, then shifted his eyes a bit to his little buddy stationed by a switch on a table next to the cannon. Rufus was flashing a thumbs up to his friend, while twirling Kim's laser lipstick in the other paw.

"Ja, as your generation putz it, I am ZO READY!", came the reply as Rufus nodded his head and Dementor reached for his firing mechanism.

Sometime later, Wade would have to 'go to tape' from all the surveillance cameras in the lair to get a complete picture of what happened next.

Rufus flipped a switch on the table then disappeared behind the laser cannon. Dementor fired a large laser blast at Ron. A brightly glowing blue, aura'd Ron held his 'light saber' like a baseball bat and swung at the laser ball coming at him. Connecting with the laser bolt, Ron drove a line drive straight into the laser cannon which blew up, sending Dementor to the ground and to the side near Kim's position. After shaking his head, Dementor staggered to a standing position. He noticed her and held up a laser pistol which he pointed at Kim, moving to her as he looked over to Ron.

"Zo ZIDEKICK. You may haf blown up my PRIVY undt mein LASER CANNON, but I ztill haf zhe upper HAND, NO?"

"Undt ze little mole rat had better ztay vhere HE IZ, ALZO!", he said as Rufus stopped advancing from behind Dementor.

"You do anything to hurt her or any of my family, it will be the last thing you'll ever regret, Dementor", Ron replied, his voice low and steady.

"I don't zhink you are in a POZITION TO THREATEN ME! Zo you'd better just surrender now and MAKE IT EAZIER ON YOURZELVEZ!"

After looking over to Kim, Ron settled his gaze on Dementor.

"Before any of us agree to anything, there's a message I received from my friends that you really should hear before you do anything you will really regret later. No distractions, just something you need to listen to and consider before doing anything rash, ok?"

"Maybe. But vhat mezzage are YOU TALKING ABOUT? From WHO?"

"That you may very well figure out on your own, but here it is: 'Hermann and his friends are waiting for him in their very warm bunker if he continues his life as it is right now' An old friend of the family, I was told."

"VHAT? Hermann…. Hermann. Oh Ja, zhat Hermann", trailed off the little jaundiced villain, as his complexion lightened up some. "How do you know about him? You could have looked zis up on your internet. Even if zis is zo, how do I believe zat zis is true? Vhat reassurances do I have zat you are not pulling my leg? Zat you are not lying?" His voice still low and suspicious.

"Well, if you will let me come to you and, no this is not a trick", Ron said as he started toward Dementor.

"Ok, now vhat?", as Ron approached.

"Just let me get beside you. Now close your eyes and relax. I'm not going to do anything to you while you are holding that laser pistol on KP, I promise. Ok?"

"Ja, but no tricks."

"No tricks. Now just stand there, close your eyes and clear your mind, then wait. You'll see what I was told you needed to know." Ron's eyes looked over to Kim and glanced to a spot of safety for Kim to move to for the moment.

While this was going on, Kim quietly ducked down and silently moved behind another support beam where she waited, completely out of the line of fire from Dementor's pistol. Rufus crept noiselessly to a position behind the villain if needed.

By now Dementor was getting impatient as usual and started to complain, then he paled, shook and started to scream when his mind focused on what he received from beyond.

"Nein, nein, no, pleaze no!', he began to rant over and over again. Dementor started shaking uncontrollably at what came into view in his mind. After a few more seconds his demeanor went from panic and fear to pure rage.

"Zis iz zome TRICK! I vill not believe something like zis haz happened! You are going to pay for zis and the first to receive payment iz your little GIRLFRIEND!", he shouted as he took a shot at where he last saw Kim standing.

As the laser blast went through the spot Kim had been standing, Ron grabbed the villain's free hand and began to squeeze until bones started to pop, causing Dementor to cry out in pain as he fell to his knees before Ron. The sword in his other hand swung in an arc, slicing the laser pistol in half in Dementor's other hand.

"ACH, MY HAND! Hey watch out vith ZAT ZWORD! VHAT ARE YOU DOING? I though you zaid no TRICKS?"

"Yeah, I did, and I meant it. You on the other hand didn't live up to your end of the bargain, just like you didn't when you failed to surrender after I broke your cannon."

"Hey, I vas vorking vit vhat I had at ze time. You can't fault A GUY can YOU?"

"When it comes to KP or my family, I can. You stepped way over a line today. I plan to see that you receive punishment for that transgression, and the only option here is to send a message, which, by the way, is you." Shaking in a rage of his own Ron pulled Dementor to his feet and drew back the Lotus Blade. His aura starting up again, the room lighting up as his glow intensified.

With the tip of the sword at chest level on the villain, "Any last words before you join your buddies in their eternal bar-b-que?"

"Nein, NO! Please don't! You are one of zhe good guyz, you just don't do zhees zhings!", Dementor started as he began to beg.

Ron just looked at the pitiful wretch of a man as he paused the tip of the Blade over the villain's heart. He looked deep into the eyes of a man who was just seconds away from ceasing to be as the thoughts of the day's mission ran through his head.

The multiple attempts taken on his life, the up close and personal attempts made on Kim and his children by this power mad gnome. As each second passed, Dementor shrunk as he saw the rage building in the eyes of the so-called buffoon, the supposed boyfriend of the redheaded thorn in his villainous side.

Just as Dementor's 'angel of death' was about to drive his blade home, a hand slowly appeared over Ron's s sword arm and gently rested on his shoulder.

"Ron?", said Kim, her voice low and calm. "Please don't do this. This..." extending her free hand to the cowering villain, "isn't you, you don't do things like this. You aren't like this."

"Kim, even if he goes to prison, one way or another, he'll still get out and try this again. Maybe he'll get lucky next time, or sometime down the road. He could kill you or one of our children, even me. With all that I love, I just don't want to risk that any more. I just can't, there's too much to lose any more", replied the sword master, totally focused on the eyes of the ever shrinking supervillain. Ron's glow shimmering, the blade now vibrating as it hovered over Dementor's heart. The villain now quaking in fear, closed his eyes and just waited for the end.

"This way, he won't ever be able to do this. He can't come back from where he'll be sent; that much I've learned about him in the path he has chosen for his life. I just can risk having him or others like him take you or our babies away from us… or me", reasoned the young man.

"I understand your fears on this. I've had them for years about you on these missions. Before I realized that I loved you, I was so afraid of you being taken away from me. My best friend in the whole world. Just gone because of an accident or something a villain or henchman did that took you from me. I didn't think I could accept this and it almost drove me crazy", cautioned the lady of his life.

"Then when I fell in love with you, it got so much more intense, that it almost consumed me. I thought I was going to explode wondering about the 'what if' nightmares dealing with the possibilities of you being lost in what we do."

"One day, I realized that I can't get stuck on what could happen, what I could lose. Instead I started to cherish who and what I had with me. I finally came to a peaceful agreement within my soul that I would somehow accept what came and I would love and take care of all that I had and never again take anything or anyone for granted. Never!"

"After that day, I never felt alone or afraid of what would or could happen with what we do. That's not to say that I won't be any less fierce in protecting you or our family. I'm asking you to at least think about it, and not do what you are about to do. Can you do this? For us? For me? For our children?"

"It's something that I'll have to wrap my mind around, in time. But can you give me at least one good reason why I should not remove this cold-blooded slime from his existence to make sure he doesn't do to our family what I fear? Or why I shouldn't send a message to all the others who want to do the same?", asked the fearful, forward-looking husband and father-to-be.

"I can give you one reason, for sure, Ron."

"Yeah? What's that?"

"Christmas", Kim softly replied as Ron flinched.

"That's it? Isn't there any other reason to not do this?", now trying to regain ground lost in the discussion.

"Isn't that enough? You know that by itself should be enough. Think about what today is all about and what you are about to do", here Ron's head tilts down slightly, exhaling a small breath.

"As for other reasons, I can think of several. But for argument's sake I can offer one more: this isn't you. Deep down you know this isn't right. You know that if you just came back from where I believe you had been earlier tonight, then you absolutely know this isn't right. It'll be a wrong that you won't be able to take back on a very holy day and even though you may save us today, in the end you won't save yourself."

"Please, put down the sword. Let's tie Dementor up and leave him for GJ to pickup when we're done here. Ok?", Ron nods and lowers his sword, but keeps it ready just in case; his glow diminished quite a bit by now. Dementor releases a breath that allows him to deflate to the ground, but makes no movements to bring the steel back into play with him.

Kim moves to his side and continues. "I want to go home with you, open presents with you, walk down the aisle to you, walk up the aisle with you, lay beside you, spend the rest of my life with you, give birth to and raise our children with you, and finally, grow old with you before spending all eternity with you. I just don't believe that will happen if you end his, or any other villain's life this way." As she is saying this she moves herself and him to where they are now facing each other, eyes locked by the time she is done.

"But most importantly, remember: Christmas. If not the day itself, then what it means in spirit to so many on this planet. Just think about it ok? Then please, if not for me, do it for yourself."

"Ok Kim…. Rufus, get some wire. Kim and I are going to truss up Dementor for GJ to take with them to prison. We'll need Wade to scan for gadgets or more before then."

"Ok, be right back", as the mole rat went to search for the necessary material.

Kim and Ron stood guard over a visibly relieved Dementor until Rufus returned with the cable needed to secure him. Wade's scans helped them remove any and all gadgets from the villain which could be used to escape Team Possible or GJ.

With their quarry secured, and Rufus standing guard with Kim's laser lipstick, Kim and Ron walked, hand in hand, a short distance away to retrieve the PDVI and talk about the night's events.

"Ron, I'm so proud of you. You finally accepted your mystical power and used it so ferociously well in dealing with Dementor. The way you used it and the Lotus Blade, was just so amazing. It was unbelievable the way you went all over the lair, dodging and deflecting those laser blasts", she continued, squeezing his hand in hers affectionately.

"But I am so very proud of how you kept yourself from taking Dementor's life in the end. I can believe that was so hard for you to do after what he did tonight. I'm glad that you didn't follow through on that impulse. I was just afraid that it would have affected you so badly if you had done that", Kim finished here by reaching up and cupping Ron's cheek.

"Thank you Kim. I don't know what to say about much of this, but I hope I can find the way to get you to understand. I was told by those I met that when it was time to explain this to you that I'd know the way and you'd know all about what happened with me earlier tonight", at this the glow of the Lotus Blade in Ron's free hand surges.

"Oh! Kim, I think I now know how to tell you about tonight, when I was away from here and some other stuff you need to know. Now stand and face me. Give me your hand and I'll give you one of mine. Now place my hand to your heart and cover it with your other hand while I do the same", Ron instructs her as he places the sword in the scabbard on his back.

Kim and Ron place their hands accordingly. "Now what?", she asks.

"Now, while holding our hands this way, we close our eyes and wait for what we will see in our minds and hearts. Ok"

"Ok Ron."

At first nothing happens, but then a light blue glow surrounds their hands held over each one's heart. From there the glow spreads until it encompasses them completely. The glow stays a soft blue and holds at a moderate brilliance, flickering every so often.

In the glow, Kim's face takes on a series of expressions as she learns of where Ron was earlier tonight, what he saw, experienced and learned from the 'people' present in his ethereal journey.

From the jaw-dropping surprise, shock and awe of her learning who he met and where he met them, Kim's expression changed to quick realization and warm, maternal bliss. Tears lightly tracking down her cheeks as her blush increased, slightly biting on her lower lip from the news of her new additions. She almost squealed at the knowledge of the fact that she would be carrying more than one child into the world later next year.

Abruptly, Kim's face took on a sheepish expression at the admonishment she felt of her and Ron acting a bit sooner than their wedding night on starting a family, but this was followed up by a look of relief and reprieve by the two who were shortly going to make up this family.

Astonishment came to Kim's features when she learned that she was going to receive a portion of Ron's powers, as would their children. Then extreme joy as she learned, not only would they be each other's counsel and soulmates in the whole of this, but would do so for all eternity. At this, more tears trickled from her closed eyes to join those already soaking her shirt.

Then finally, Kim's face took on a look of relief, warmth and love she had in her heart for her partner, their children, all of their friends, family and those she and Ron have helped all these years.

At this point, the blue glow surrounding them had been dissipating and was now fading completely, leaving the two of them standing there, holding a hand over their hearts, with a warm smile on each face.

After a bit, Kim opened her eyes, looked at Ron and said: "Wow Ron! That was so … I mean.. just… Oh I can't.. What are we going to tell our folks when we get home? I don't know where to begin."

"Well, Kim, I'm not sure of the details, but I'm sure we can get the idea across if we try as one to explain it to our folks. Together, we really can do anything!"

Now a GJ hoverjet was arriving to take Team Possible to the airbase so they could take the hypersonic return flight back home. Dementor was to be sent to a holding facility until extradition, while the PDVI was kept in Team Possible's hands until they returned it to Dr. Director in Colorado.

As they walked hand-in-hand to their pickup, Kim turned to Ron and asked: "Ron, by any chance, did any of the people you met up therehaaappennn to mention what sex the babies were?"

Shaking his head in the negative, he replied: "No Kim, they didn't. About the only thing I learned from them about the babies was that there were to be twins and I'd learn what your parents went through with trying to get repeat business with babysitters."

Here he stopped and shouted, "Aw man! I can remember what you were like at 4 years old and if you were considered 'mellow' then, it must have been something to see you before that time. Oh no! I just realized, they'll have my monkey powers too! Oh be afraid, be very afraid!", he exclaimed.

Shaking his head as they walked out of the lair, Kim reached up to cup a cheek and pulled Ron's face to hers as she warmly kissed him on the lips. "Don't worry about that Ron. After all, you're marrying the girl who can do anything. We'll get a handle on them, no matter how rambunctious they will be or how much power they will have."

"You think so?", begged the soon to be harried father.

"I know so. You're going to get lots of practice dealing with a monkey powered pregnant wife who is really just starting her mood swings and cravings, so the kids will be a snap", assured the hero who knew of what she spoke.

As this dawned on Ron, Kim kissed him once more on the lips, slapped him on his backside and called out: "Race you to the hovercraft!"

Staggering a bit before continuing on, Ron called out. "Wait a minute KP! What do you mean just starting?"

Hearing nothing, Ron tried again. "KP, come on! Tell me you were just kidding!"

The only sounds he heard filtering back to him was Kim's laughter.


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