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TITLE: Can I Keep You?

Summary: A letter Naruto intended to keep to himself managed to reach Sasuke all thanks to some unsolicited friendly help. All confessions had to break lose. Intended AU.

Rating: T


Warning: Yaoi.

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It was getting foggy outside when Naruto came home after finishing a week-long trip to some mountain for their photography class. Sure, he was a nature buff and all but it seems like all the stress from the midterms has taken its toll on him.

Good thing two of his roommates were out on a date, he could at least savor the silence as much as he can. Seems like Shikamaru and Choji weren't going to return until later, so he figured that tonight would be the best time to lock himself up in the bath. A good, warm bath.

The problem, however, in having good baths is the fact where his mind, instead of trying to relax, tends to drift away to thoughts he wholeheartedly wish didn't exist. That thought... was his high school crush and whatnot, Uchiha Sasuke. He sighed. Just the thought of the name made his body tremble and heart flinch.

Until now, he still didn't manage to understand why thinking of him had to hurt that much. It wasn't until after he finished showering that he had come to a resolution that he needed to stop whatever's happening to him for the last time before things get out of hand.

He had to at least get things off his mind. Right, he thought. He had to finish this once and for all.

After settling down, he grabbed a pen and started scribbling away. After about two trash bins filled with crumpled papers later, he finally had the letter done. He folded it in three and slipped it in his planner. He ought to revise that tomorrow.

Sleep has dawned upon him and as he was about to turn his lamp off, he looked at his letter for the last time and whispered, "Goodnight, Sasuke."

It was a good afternoon, that day. He had just finished his chemistry and physics report and was on his way to freshen up before his presentation later that night when the flag on his mailbox caught his attention. It wasn't the end of the month yet but he's already receiving letters. Odd as it may seem, curiosity got the best of him and he took the envelope as he headed towards his rented apartment.

Blag. The door came crashing down, full force from Sasuke's hands.

He didn't expect to receive a letter… not from him. After all this time, that man still had the nerve to make his presence known to him. He was getting along with everything fine in his new environment and then the letter happened. But what was written there made him change his mind—change his heart.


It's almost 2 a.m. and I'm still wide-awake. I guess it has become a habit because this isn't unusual for me anymore. It has always been like this since you left. I am restless at night and come the wee hours of morning, I am struck by moments of blinding clarity. It is only now that I gather the courage to stop trying to forget about us and what we could've had. All the could've beens and what ifs resound through my head and suddenly I am heavy with guilt and can't stop blaming myself. I can't help but think that I've lost my only chance for real happiness in this life. I'd like to think that we would've been so happy together. And when I look back on what kept me from being honest to you and to me, all I see are useless fears and binding doubts. I've wasted so much time.

You were the one constant thing in my life, the one person I always look forward to being with. And somehow, I knew you felt the same way. I almost missed it, the way your eyes seemed to see through me, how your touch was always heartbreakingly uncertain, and how you always fought to make me feel less disregarded. Those who knew about my feelings used to ask me, "Why don't you tell him? You know you're in love with him and he's in love with you. Why are you holding back?" But I never listened, not to them, not to myself, not even to you. I was so convinced that life couldn't be that perfect, that there should be something tragic in every person's life.

I should've told you. I should've told you this before when what we could have been was still within my grasp. I should've opened my mouth before I finally pushed you away to go pursue your own goals and dreams. Are you still willing to give us a chance?

Can I keep you?


He knew it was from him. There weren't any names yet he knew it was from him.

In no more than a second, Sasuke was out the door. Nevermind that he had an exam the next day. Forget that he'd said yes to a date later that night. He knew he had to talk to Naruto. Even if it meant flying four hundred miles away from his school.

"Where the fuck is that paper?!" Shikamaru and Choji were jolted out from their reverie by the shrilling shout of the blonde boy. They were still suffering from the hangover and yet here he was, getting the lights out of them by shouting something incoherent.

"The hell's your problem, Naruto?" Choji stood up heading towards the kitchen. Now he was hungry. "The paper that was in my planner! Where the hell is it?" Shikamaru really couldn't tell whether Naruto was dancing or prancing. He was getting dizzy just by looking at the blonde, but managed to answer him nonetheless. "I have no idea what you're talking abou-- Oh that." Naruto stopped dead on his tracks. "What that?!" If only hearts could literally jump out of chests, Naruto's would've already taken a leap. "I sent it to the address written there. I figured, maybe I could repay your taking over my shift last week at the vid store by doing that errand for-- What the hell?!" Naruto was looming over Shika in a flash, wearing a smile not as friendly as Shika would like to think. "That wasn't an errand." Just before world war three strikes, Choji's voice could be heard somewhere in their apartment. "Oi, Naruto! Go get the door."

Deciding that it was for the best that Naruto distance himself from his roommate, he headed towards the door. He had to worry about that letter later. He has some other things to do anyway.

And he actually thought things couldn't get worse as he peeked through the door and saw the person on the other side.


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