1: What Dean says gos. No if and or buts. You can try to resist but you always give in.

It's those damn dimples.

2:Dean drives. Period. Unless he's being charitable and you're in a really bad place in life.

Just makes the world a little easier to live in to let him have his toy.

3: When Dean's hunting, he's hunting. He doesn't play around.

That ones Sam's idea of a joke, he always thinks of all the times he convinced his brother to stay in bed just a little bit longer.

4:When Dean says run, you run. When Dean says come, you come.

Coming was never a problem for Sam. It was always his favorite part.

5: If Dean's made up his mind about something. It mine as well be written in stone. It's fact.

But that's something Sam likes-loves-about his brother. Because once Dean decided to love him, there's no changing it.