He actually carried her over the threshold of the cabin. It was one of the five they had vacationed in before. It was where they'd spend the next week pretending there weren't four of Jeb's men out there.

Of course, carrying her over the threshold in this case meant DG was flung over her husband's shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Wyatt Cain should have known she was up to something when she wanted to ride with him for the day long journey. When she rode behind him the arms she wrapped around him tended to end in wandering hands. Little teases that made him groan and her chuckle. Nothing overtly embarrassing, as they did have those damn four guards with them. But erotic and frustrating all the same.

After a lunch break he decided to solve her teasing by making her ride in front of him. Admittedly not one of his smarter moves. She started shifting in the saddle, complaining about being saddle sore and ending up walking bowlegged. All her shifting was aimed backwards, deliberately rubbing against him. She'd even looked over her shoulder and winked at him.

Thus it was the moment they arrived at the cabins Wyatt dismounted and flung his new bride over his shoulder. When she protested and squiggled he'd smacked her on the bottom and marched her through the cabin doors. That was how DG Gale-Cain ended up being carried over the threshold on her honeymoon.

She was dropped unceremoniously in the middle of the bed.

"You are a devilish little tease. You've been tormenting me all blasted day, Darlin', and now it's my turn."

"There better be no plans for handcuffs. Cop or not…. This girl has had enough bondage to last several lifetimes." DG glared, but there was a real fear in her eyes.

"I don't know where you get your ideas." He shook his head. "But there is gonna be payback."

By the time they were both rid of their clothing DG was more than ready. She was not expecting to have Wyatt press her hands against the headboard.

"They move, I stop." There was a wicked glint in his eye that made her shiver.

"You're kidding me." She objected.

"Do I look like I'm kidding?"

DG groaned and threw her head back against the pillow, fanning her hair out , a dark stain on the sheets.

Wyatt started at her feet, kissing each arch, nibbling along her ankle, nuzzling along her calf. She felt her hips rising as he worked his slow, torturous way up her thigh. It was all she could do to keep her hands where they were. Her arms shook with the effort. At her hip he nibbled a bit then stopped. DG's eyes widened. She didn't move her damn hands!

But then he started on the other leg, working his way slowly upward.

This was not fair! God, she wanted him. Right now. She was pretty sure she might even go over the edge from this slow agony.

He gently pushed her legs apart, and she was more than willing to accommodate. But then his mouth and fingers went to work, and she almost bucked him right off the bed. Her knuckles were white and she was certain she was going to leave permanent finger marks in the wood.

She looked down her body to see him looking up at her as he worked his fingers in her, and he was sucking there and…. He stopped.

DG heard a pitiful whimper. Oh, that was her.

"You are evil." She ground out through gritted teeth.

"You've been toying with me all day. We have about ten hours of dark left."

She whimpered again.

He explored every part of her body, more than once if she made the right noises.

DG considered her left hip a stupid place for an erogenous zone, and the base of her sternum, and hell yeah, just under her right underarm.

She was a quivering mess by the time he finally kissed her. Hard and deep. She liked those two words. They could easily become her favorite words.

She nipped his bottom lip. "Can I let go yet?"

Wyatt's smirk should be illegal. It was a lethal weapon. "You can stop holding the headboard. But you can't let go yet."

"Bastard." She dragged her fingers through his short hair digging the fingertips into the back of his neck. She'd show him hold on.

He shut her up with another kiss and… thankGodalmightyit'saboutfuckingtime!

His hips surged to meet hers, filling her with heat and hardness and this was too damned good to be real.

She slid her hands down his back, feeling the slick of sweat there as she wrapped her legs around him.

Yes, just… like… that. Right there. She was unaware she was letting the words stream out of her mouth as she thought them. Wyatt's foreplay had broke her brain.

And then she was off, shooting through the stars, feeling waves of bliss move through her as she cried out from the beauty of it.

She was aware of her Tin Man following after, trembling from holding back, himself.

He rolled them both, tucking her against him. He always seemed to think he'd crush her. Well, maybe he would after a little while, but a minute or two wouldn't kill her.

"Now this is an adventure I could definitely get used to having." She nipped her husband's shoulder.

"Are you going to behave now?" He asked as his breath started to slow.

"Hell no! I like the payback too much." She laughed.

"I love you, husband." She liked that word too. Husband was nice.

"I love you, wife." He answered back, knowing her fascination with the words.

They fell asleep, content in one another's arms. For now all was peaceful, they were bathed in happiness, and the world was theirs.

Tomorrow could take care of itself.


A/N: Sneak Peek at "Learning to Live", the second story in this series. It will be coming soon:

He felt… conflicted. Of two minds about everything. In the most literal sense. It had been a month since the best experts in alchemy; healing and magic had reintroduced both halves of his brain to one another. They were connected, and seemed to work most of the time. But he had these moments. And times when he wanted to be proper and reflect the nobility of the crown, a strong voice tended to remind him to 'loosen up, blockhead'.