A/N -Some days I just get sick of reading OTC Jack/Ianto - so I went at it from the other direction.

Jack knows that his team wonders, wonders why of all of them he's involved with Ianto.

It's simple really. Ianto is the only one he can even consider being involved with.

Owen would complicate the team. Owen of all of them would expect Jack to give him privilege in the workplace and resent that Jack won't ever let sex come before the job.

Tosh, well, she'd only be with him to pry for information. Which she'd lord over the rest. Even with all his years of keeping his mask firmly in place sometimes in bed it slips and he can't risk giving too much away.

Gwen would fall in love. She's more than halfway there now. Much as Jack feels that need to lose himself in a brilliant flare of love for a while, he'd break her heart. Maybe break her beyond repair. He loves her, loves her too much to destroy her that way.

Ianto is cold. Cold enough to have his own reasons to be here, in this bed, at this moment. Distant enough to keep it pleasant without getting too emotional. Strong enough to accept that Jack wants him but won't ever be a lover. Practical enough to enjoy himself without asking too much.

Enough. It's enough. But its not what they think