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"What is she doing?" Pete turned his back to what he saw. I was flirting with the cop guy he had met a few days ago.

"Is she..?" Cooper was still watching

"She is," Sam confirmed.

"Are you sure I can't still punch this guy out?"

Pete turned around in time to see me throw back my head and laugh. An infectious laugh that made him smile, or so he says. God, he hated that.

"Go talk to her." Cooper said, nudgine Pete a little.

"I can't just go talk to her, I stood her up," Pete groaned, again regretting his decision to chicken out.

"Why did you do that again?" Cooper asked.

He had been asked that repeatedly over the past few days, but he couldn't answer without sounding completely stupid. (And this he told me later). He was really really looking forward to having sex with me, but he was scared. Simply that. He was scared. He liked me too much to ruin it.

And that he would never admit.

Instead of answering, he walked out.

"Addison," he said, feigning surprise.

"Pete," I answered warily. I questioned him silently with my eyes. He stared back. The 'cop guy' as they called him, watched us suspiciously.

"Do you want to get lunch later?" he asked me. I noticed something I had never noticed before. His voice was shaking. He was afraid! So I did what any self-repecting girl would do. I took advantage of it.

"Sure, Pete." I answered, brushing his arm lightly. His face reddened a little, and I grinned.

"Twelve thirty," he answered, taking control again.

"I'll be there," I replied, batting my eyelashes.

He walked away, and I turned back to Kevin, who was frowning slightly.


"Do you two even notice what you do when you talk?" he asked. I shook my head, confused. Who was this guy, a shrink? That's what Violet's for.

"It's this weird chemistry that's almost palpable. You two don't even notice it. Because you two fight it. I just wait for you two to…kiss."

His face was red now, just like Pete's was a few minutes ago. He had subtly moved closer.

"Why don't you prove yourself wrong?" I whispered. I kissed his neck softly, and brushed his arm, just like I had done a few minutes ago with Pete.

"So, I'll talk to you tomorrow?" I said quietly in his ear. He sighed and nodded into my hair.

I turned around and saw Pete watching with the rest of the boys. I grinned inwardly. After standing me up, Pete deserved to squirm a little.

Oh, I intended to make him squirm.

Yeah, this was short, but I thought this intro was kind of a prologue. :D

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