Chapter One: The Death of My Only Hero

A/N: This is going to be a sad one and that is what I intended from the beginning. Quick summary of what happened before. House and Wilson had been living together in a small apartment by the hospital. They were lovers. They loved and enjoyed each other for about five years until the day of the accident. That is what this chapter is about. Wilson tells the story so when it says "I" its Wilson. Thanks for reading this before you delve into a sad tale. Please leave a comment too!

I remember that day. I was at work getting ready to wrap up a hard day's work when he burst in. With that smirk and those baby blues he could make any person fall for him…at least that's what he did to me. He came in unexpectedly just as he had been doing since we became "more than friends" and sat down in the patient's chair. I looked up from the mountain of paperwork on my desk and smiled, "Hello Greg. How are you?"

He just looked down from the ceiling to look into my eyes and he said in his normal gruff tone, "I am so bored. I have to get out of here right now!" He emphasized this by jumping up and down slightly in his chair like some adolescent getting ready for the final bell to ring. I gave him a patient smile and said in a calm voice, "Its okay. Wait just a bit longer. Besides. You should be careful out there. The ice storm is getting worse," I looked out my office window to see the icy rain falling harder than before.

House, of course didn't listen, he just leaned forward to give me a quick kiss on the lips and then winked before saying, "I just want to go home. I will see you there in twenty minutes. I have a surprise for you!" his voice sang out at the end. I felt my face warm and he smirked to confirm my face blushing. Without a final word he limped out my door for last time…but of course I could not have known that at the time.


I was at the nurse's station an hour and a half later. I didn't think work would take this long. Poor Greg. Home all alone and all eager for me. I kept silently praying and hoping he heard me. Hang in there! I am almost done! I will be home soon! Of course it was foolish of me to think he could hear me. Or if he could hear anything.

I turned once more to the nurse behind the station and said in a jittery voice that didn't belong to me, "Is it okay if I just take off? I mean I have been here since 7 A.M. and it's..." I glanced at my wristwatch but my eye caught something else. The paramedics were bringing in a patient on a stretcher. Normally when I see the poor souls I wince and feel my heart strings being pulled in pity. But today's unlucky patient was one I would never forget.

I felt my heartstrings be removed and being plucked roughly. The man on the stretcher was my Gregory. His face was horribly mangled and the whole left side of his body was bloody and the clothes were torn. His eyes were closed and I saw the pain etched on his features. As if in slow motion I saw him being rushed into the emergency and I followed in super-speed.

They were doing all they could. I saw the determination burning in their eyes as if it were real flames. They gave him every thing they could. But those baby blues I had just seen light up and sparkle not too long ago…never opened. They didn't give up yet, but I didn't see it, my eyes were too glazed over with tears. I saw Cuddy enter in the blur of my vision and I let the tears fall onto the shiny hospital floor. And then one of them glanced at his watch before saying in a monotone voice, "Time of death…9:47 P.M." Cuddy and I just looked at each other and allowed each other to hug onto the comfort. I was numb…and he was gone.