A/n: Am I crazy to start another story? Maybe but who cares, I got inspired! Ok so in case you didn't read the summary this story is about Edward Swan and Bella Cullen. (Basically if she's a vampire and he's a human!) Read on

Chapter 1. First Sight (A/n: I know it's the same name as the first chapter in Twilight but I couldn't think of a better name!)


I woke up to the dreary rains of Forks I don't know how but even after one day they had already got me depressed. I was going to have to get used to them though. Ever since my mom married Phil I knew it was inevitable that I'd have to leave. Mainly because Phil's job didn't allow me to go to school.

Now I was living with my dad Charlie. Forks! Ack! I already miss the beautiful sun that would glint off my bronze hair. This town was so… GREEN!


Another endless day. I thought dismally to myself as I changed into my school clothes using vampire speed to go super fast. School started in 5 minutes, but we would get there in plenty of time, we always do.

"Common Bella!" shouted Emmet from somewhere in the house. His loud booming voice hurt all of our ears.

"I'm coming." I replied in a low voice, but I knew they would hear. I contemplated how to face another boring day of life. The downside of living in a town this small was that nothing ever happened, although all of the others seemed to be having the best time of their lives here.

I drove to school without really realizing what was happening. That's when I remembered Esme's thoughts from the other night.

She seems so…disconnected! I wish she would just smile.

I did feel sort of disconnected this morning, before I heard Alice scream.

"What, what is it?" Jasper asked concerned.

"There's a new guy coming today!" The others seemed slightly interested but I could care less. Oh joy the life of a small town, I mean seriously how they could be excited about some new human; that boggled my mind! To me he would just be another one of those admirers at this stupid school.

Hmmm. I wonder how he'll react to me. I smirked as I pictured a plain boy whose jaw would just drop when he saw me. I thought he would be just like everyone else but I was wrong in every aspect…

EPOV: I finally arrived at school in my prehistoric truck, relieved that everyone seemed to have the same type of car here, old and beat up.

Except for one, directly ahead of me was a silver Volvo, which seemed strangely out of place here.

I parked in the spot next to it, looked at my tousled hair in the rear view mirror, a bit self conscious. That little self consciousness was greatly intensified by the family that walked out of the car.

I just stood their gawking at them, each and everyone was beautiful in every way. Their were 2 couples and one that was alone. Even though all of them were gorgeous the one that was alone had to be a goddess from above. They paid no attention to me as the wind seemed to blow me backwards from their beauty.

I shook my head, trying to dispel the image of the gorgeous family, but they remained in the back of my mind the whole day.

As I walked into my first class all the girls stares seemed to land on me, and you could see in their eyes that they were all going into flirt mode.

What was that about, I mean I know in my old school I was considered average, but here they seemed to worship me here like the girl I saw earlier.

After class I was ambushed by a girl whose name I couldn't quite recall. J- Jennifer no J- Jessica! Oh yes that was it Jessica Stanley she came up to me and started talking non-stop.

Near the end of her rating she just stared at me I leaned in to her and whispered in her ear, "You're drooling." That seemed to wake her up and she walked away looking embarrassed.

Ok I had made it through one class without tripping and falling, hopefully the rest would go just as well.

I only tripped once but no one seemed to notice, especially the girls, they were all to busy staring at my face.

At lunch I sat with a boy named Mike Newton and his friends (Which unfortunately included that Jessica girl) I swear I have never seen more saliva come out of a mouth before, it was sickening.


It was lunch, again. Oh joy! I thought to my self. I had seen the new guy's face inside the minds of every student today. He seemed to be quite popular among the girls because all of them seemed to be going head over heels for him. All the guys were jealous.

I looked over at his table and found that Jessica Stanley thinking about him. Dang! She was even drooling. Ewww!

I looked at Mike next he was thinking, "This guy better not steal Jessica away from me!" Hah! I had a feeling the new guy thought he could have her.

"Oh great, even Bella Cullen is staring at him!" thought Mike.

"Who are those people?" asked oh what was his name. I searched the brains of people around me until I found it. Edward. Hmmm I snorted to myself, what a dorky name.

"Oh them, those are the Cullens and the Hales." replied Mike. "They were all adopted by Doctor Cullen and his wife. See the big guy and the slim guy?"

How original the big guy and the slim guy, I thought. I listened as Mike talked about our family.

"Oh and of course there's Bella, but she doesn't date." Mike said sounding sad. He was remembering the time he asked me. As if he had a chance!

I looked at the new guy to see what he thought of me. I listened, but I heard nothing, it was as if no one was sitting there, though I could plainly see him there! I looked straight into those brown eyes of his… nothing!

"Uhh!" I gasped. My family finally noticed who I was staring at.

"What's wrong?" asked Jasper.

"Hmmm, it's that new boy, I can't read his thoughts!" "Jasper Alice?" I asked them to see if they could use their talents on him.

"Yep!" Alice replied, the she immediately began blocking her thoughts from me, not wanting me to see her vision.

"Yes, he is feeling slightly confused."

I would need to talk to Carlisle about this. I slowly got up and threw away my trash. I felt Edward's eyes on me. Ha he should stare, but still something about him interested me.

I walked solemnly to Biology. Well I wanted something interesting to happen, and this was interesting, but I still felt disconnected from the world.

I sat down in my seat and a little while later in came Edward. As he came in the wind blew in from behind him, and I smelled him.

It was the most amazing smell in the world, nothing was better than this smell.

The demon inside of me immediately began thinking of the words I would say to lure him away. As he sat down next to me the smell was unbearable I knew what I would do.

I would kill the whole class; leave him for last, taste his sweet, sweet blood. And then it would be over, and he would be still. Something about the thought of him being cold, white, hard dead. It seemed to hit me hard.

For the rest of the class I stopped breathing and began thinking of Carlisle and Esme and what I would say to them about this problem. One thing was for sure… I certainly didn't feel disconnected anymore…


The only seat left in the whole class had to be next to her. As I sat down she gave me a purely evil stare that was still somehow beautiful. How could she hate me so much so soon.

She scooted her chair as far away from me as possible. She smelled so good! What was I saying? "If looks could kill!" I thought. But now there definitely was something interesting about little old Forks…