A/n: Well I'm sorry to say that this will be the last chapter, -tears-. But don't worry; I will post the sequel soon! Yes there will be a sequel, don't fret!

Epilogue: Settling Down


Life had returned to normal, or as normal as life can get for a vampire dating the most irresistible human in the world while being hunted by an evil red headed vampire. Well I guess none of that is really normal, but it's close enough.

We've all kept a watchful eye out for Victoria, also Edward hasn't been out of our sight since theā€¦incident.

Ever since my emotions were released I've had to be extra careful, especially during school. I was now forced to spend at least 4 hrs. a day practicing how to use my newly discovered power.

I usually skipped these in order to spend time with Edward though. Some nights when Edward had finished seep talking I would sneak out to come to training.

The threat of Victoria was a constant threat, always looming there, on the edge of my mind.

My time with Edward has dramatically increased, as of late. We are inseparable, Charlie has been thinking about a restraining order, but he would never do that.

I think that my family and will be okay now, the threat of Victoria is really minimal, or at least I think it is.

She was always more of a follower, and even if she joined a large and powerful group, they would never pay much attention to her; no one ever does. She always seemed to be the social outcast that was never very important.

Edward was, well, Edward. He still couldn't fathom how he could deserve me, but in truth it was the other way around. We learned to accept that even though we both thought we didn't deserve each other, we were somehow and crazily enough, in love.

His blood still called to me so much, but the mere thought alone of hurting even an inch of his god-like beauty, tore me up inside.

The girls at school still drooled over him which made me insanely over protective (which Edward seemed to find cute). Boys still seemed to ogle me too, but not as much when all they would get in reply was a death glare.

Edward wanted to talk to me about something though, every time he worked up the nerve to tell me, he would just change the subject. I pretended that I didn't notice the change in subject but I always did.

I asked Alice about it, she just shook her head, "He'll tell you when he's ready" to which I replied by a deep growl.

I even tried to get it out of him by dazzling him with my eyes, a trick that most males would fall for immediately, spilling their deepest secrets to me. Edward however just blinked a few times, and he resisted! I was shocked to say the least, but so many things about him startle me.

I hope Edward will tell me what's on his mind soon, but for now I'm okay. As they say Ignorance is Bliss.