Wolfish Intentions

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.

Summary: At Voldemort's rebirthing ceremony, Fenrir discovers the scent of a Lycan bearer, a human with the ability to bear pure blooded werewolves if changed into one themselves. Fenrir rescues his potential mate only to discover it is none other than Harry Potter. Warning: This story involves descriptions of a relationship between two males, one of which is a minor, if this bothers I suggest you don't go any further. Read at your own discretion.


Chapter 1:

Fenrir closely watched the scene before him. He was hidden behind a cluster of trees not far from the group of deatheaters. The wolf's nostrils flared with from the scent of the burning wood that rested beneath the large cauldron in the center of men. They were waiting for something Fenrir could tell. He didn't really know why he bothered to show. In all truth he wasn't supposed to anywhere near this place. Voldemort had only informed his 'minions' of this particular meeting. It was only by chance that Fenrir even knew about it.

Did Voldemort care that Fenrir and his pack had been more than helpful in the past months? Did he care that Fenrir was being an excellent ally and deserved to be involved in all aspects of his reign. No, apparently not. So Fenrir decided to come to the meeting, more for spite than anything else. He would not be kept from these proceedings. Fenrir was a powerful ally and deserved to be treated as such. Fenrir was only waiting to make his presence known, or perhaps watch a little while to see if there was any other information that was being kept from him.

Fenrir continued to watch as wormtail dragged a heap of something into the circle of men. As wormtail pushed his load up towards a tombstone, Fenrir could clearly see the outline of an adolescent boy. Now, more curious than anything else, Fenrir crept closer. After a moment, Fenrir realized that this must be the rebirthing ceremony that Voldemort had been planning recently. He felt a wave of anger at being kept from such an important event. The boy's cries a moment later distracted Fenrir enough to focus on the scene before him once more.

Fenrir's breath caught in his throat as he watched a dark mass raise itself from the cauldron. Voldemort had been reborn. The wind picked up and it seemed as if nature itself was protesting the rise of the wizard. Fenrir watched intently for a moment more before the wind reached his location as well. The wolf instinctively breathed deeply. He could smell the decaying flesh of Voldemort and even the fearful and excited sweat of the many deatheaters.

But there was a scent that rose above all of that filth. The wolf closed his eyes momentarily to better savor the irresistible smell. With a jolt, Fenrir realized that it was the scent of a lycan bearer. He almost couldn't believe it. Lycan bearers were very rare. Few humans had pure werewolf somewhere in their ancestry, and even if they did, it often didn't manifest during their lifetimes.

Gaining possession of a lycan bearer would be very profitable indeed. The only way to have pure blooded werewolf offspring would be to change a lycan bearer into a werewolf and then mate with them. Of course, since there were so few lycan bearers most werewolves were forced to pick out human children to change and raise since they couldn't have cubs on their own. Unfortunately this resulted in weaker werewolves and hatred from most wizards, but it was their only option most of the time. But Fenrir wouldn't have to worry about that now. He had found a lycan bearer and would claim him for himself.

A moment later Fenrir's planning was interrupted by a shrill scream. His eyes snapped open to see Voldemort cursing the boy before him. The boy that he had just discovered was the lycan bearer.

Fenrir's legs automatically started forward.

"Voldemort!" Fenrir shouted as he revealed himself from his place behind the bushes, effectively drawing everyone's attention to him. The deatheaters whipped their heads around, so unused were they to hearing the dark lord addressed so informally.

Voldemort turned rapidly as well, a moment away from cursing whoever had dared to interrupt him. However, when he saw that it was Fenrir, the curse died on his lips as his eyes narrowed further.

"What are you doing here, Fenrir? You are not welcome to this meeting," Voldemort hissed.

Fenrir stepped closer, his stance menacing even in his human form.

"You should know better than to keep one of your most valuable allies from such important events. However, I will let your indiscretion slide, for a price."

"Price?" Voldemort spat, outraged. "There will be No Price. You listen and obey My orders, Fenrir!" Voldemort argued before he followed with a nasty curse. Fenrir dodged the beam of light even though he knew his skin would have easily deflected the curse should it have made contact. Fenrir stepped forward once again, pushing several deatheaters away that stood between him and Voldemort.

"I think your years away from your human form have muddled your brain a bit, Voldemort. Or have you forgotten why werewolves have always been and will always be only your allies and never your subjects? We are not so easily defeated, even the weakest among us are more than a match for your minions. And you think that a mere curse will break me? Leader of the Alderen clan and one of the last pureblood werewolves of the world?" Fenrir asked, outraged that Voldemort would dare to curse him.

However, it was obvious that Voldemort was not taking well to Fenrir's impudence, his eyes seemed to be glowing an even brighter red.

"I know of your abilities, Fenrir...and the benefits of having you as an ally. That is the only reason you are still standing! Now tell me, what are you doing here?" Voldemort demanded once again.

"Ah, now we finally get to the heart of the matter. It's quite simple really, I want the boy," Fenrir answered calmly.

Voldemort looked shocked, but his reaction paled in comparison to that of the boy's. Harry jerked in his bonds, his pale face draining further which only made his green eyes look even larger.

After a moment Voldemort composed his snake like expression.

"No, you can not have him. It is not an option, Fenrir. Even if I was pleased with you, which I am not, I would not let you have him. There is no reason for me to give him to you," Voldemort reasoned.

"Oh, but there is," Fenrir replied, stepping closer to Voldemort so that no one else could hear him any longer. "The boy is a lycan bearer," Fenrir whispered. At that Voldemort looked even more shocked.

"Are you sure?" Voldemort asked.

"Of course I am. And as a werewolf, I have a greater right to him. He is my kind, or as close as any human could be," Fenrir stated.

Voldemort thought for a moment and then shook his head.

"No Fenrir. I can not let you take him. I must Kill this boy!"

Fenrir stepped back angrily.

"The only reason me and my kind have sided with you is because the other does not allow us to follow our own natural ways and traditions. If you are going to impede us as well by not allowing me to take what is mine, there will be no reason for us to side with you either," Fenrir declared loudly for all to hear.

The surrounding deatheaters collectively gasped at that statement. But before Voldemort could reply or perhaps try to curse Fenrir again, a loud cry caught everyone's attention. Harry must have broken the magical bindings that had been holding the him to the tombstone since he was quickly making his escape while wormtail shouted for him to stop. Of course, his escape was only made easier by everyone's previous distraction.

"Capture him!" Voldemort ordered angrily, rousing everyone into action. Several curses were flung through the air and Harry only just managed to block them with his newly reacquired wand before continuing to run away from the clearing. However, the deatheaters were fast upon him and Fenrir knew the boy wouldn't be able to evade them for long. Almost without thought, Fenrir started running towards the boy. He quickly caught up. His movements almost a blur due to his increased speed as a pureblood werewolf.

Luckily, Fenrir made it to the boy's side just as one of the deatheater's curses hit, sending the boy sprawling forward in an unconscious haze. Fenrir reached out and grasped the falling form firmly. With barely a thought as to how his actions would change the course of the future, Fenrir apparated away from the clearing with the newly found lycan bearer ensconced safely within his arms.