It was funny how the rain fell. It rarely fell like a bucket pouring over the Earth, but more or less the raindrops picked where they wanted to fall. The first drops always took the best spots while leaving its lessers, the late comers to take up the remaining spots before the Earth becomes sodden and soggy.

Even liked watching this. To him it was an exercise in memory. The raindrops always seemed to remember their place and purpose in society. They remembered everything: how to fall, where to fall and to universally create puddles. Were raindrops really that that complex? Probably not, but it seemed to confirm questions in Even's mind about the workings of memory.

Even was now seventeen. He was fresh out of high school and a four year survivor of a near death accident that made him question and experiment with his own memory. He was often distant and never satisfied with life. He only cared about his experiments. He despised society but yet he was fascinated by it. He wanted a place to experiment without any bias or interference so he built his world in a vacuum.

A vacuum if you could call an attic room that. Since his family had purchased the house no one would ever dare go up there. He used to tell his sister that some scary monster lived up there. It was made of dust, dirt, and dreams. Every night he'd come down and take a peek at children's memories. His sister believed it and stayed clear of the area Even believed it and ventured up there.

There was to his surprise an old-fashioned laboratory up there. Whoever lived in this place had also been a scientist interested in memory. There were notebooks, textbooks, and volumes of books on memory. There were jars on the on the shelves and other old fashioned equipment. The jars once held animal remains, split brains, and all sorts of things that Even didn't know or didn't care to know about. Even turned his gaze to an old poster in the corner, so yellow and brown that it almost blended in with the wall. This poster had a picture of all the bumps on the brain. Even was amazed and overwhelmed at the extent of this research. Who would have thought that someone interested in the same thing as him resided in this very place?

On a desk, covered in dust and cobwebs was a notebook. This person must have died abruptly. The pages seemed yellow and ancient; crumpling under his fingers. The very last page was titled "Memories are Immortal".

"Memories are Immortal? What could that mean?" Even said as he closed the book to take with him to his room. Just moving the book seemed to disturb the natural peace of the room, but Even wanted to finish this person's research. Just then a voice yelled from downstairs:

"Even come down for dinner!" The voice belonged to his seven year old sister. He looked out of the window. It was indeed time to come down for dinner.

"Even, we need to talk, his father said as he sat down at the dinner table.

"Even, every college rejects you. Why? I don't understand. Your academics are impressive and yet you are so cold at your interviews. At this rate no one will want to accept you." His father said disgusted.

Even looked at his father. He had nothing to say. Everyone thought the same things about him. He was cold, he was weird. He always talked about memories and finding his light. They could think what they wanted, he thought he was brilliant.

"We can't allow you to stay upstairs doing who knows what kind of things, his father went on, and you nearly gave your mother a heart attack when she went to clean up there!"

"I told no one to go up there. I can handle the cleaning myself!" Even shot back.

"Well I have the right to know. This is my house!"

Even got up. "Then maybe I should leave your house."

As Even said this he got up from the dinner table and went to the laboratory first before going to his room. He could hear his mother tell his father that maybe he had gone too far this time. Even didn't care. He knew what he meant; he would have to practice his experiments elsewhere. One thing was for sure he could not come back to this house. He packed what little belongings he had and he did not neglect to take "Immortal Memories" with him. He got into the car that he had gotten at his seventeenth birthday and drove off. He really had no place to go. He just wanted to drive around to clear his mind; he really did need a place to live.

Even did not have many but he did remember his friend Schera who had been the purple-haired girl that led him to his revelation four years before. To him she was the light and the darkness. He went to her apartment and knocked on her door. She answered:

"Even, what are you –"

"Schera, listen I just need a place to stay for the night. Even replied.

Schera smiled and let him in. She hasn't been able to get him out of the house ever since. She gave him the necessary room to grow and he continued his research for another two years.

"Hey Even, Schera said one day can you take me to my friend's house tonight?

"I don't know, I've been working the late shift at my new job and I'm pretty tired." Even replied.

"Come on! You'll have the house to yourself today." Schera added.

Even couldn't resist the idea of having the house to himself for the night, no matter how tired he was he grabbed the keys and left to take Schera to her friend's house.

Schera's friend lived about an hour away. She lived just off the major highway. Even didn't think it would be too bad. Schera's chatting could keep him up. She did chat… a lot. She talked about little things the weather, the day; the fact that she wanted to buy a cat but she knew even wouldn't let her have it unless he could experiment on it. Even learned to like Schera's mindless chatter; it seemed to relax him and take him to another place out of this world and out of this mind and body. He felt totally relaxed.

"Hey! Hey! Even! Watch out! "

Even woke up, just as he heard Schera shouting his name. The car jerked beneath him, but he could not stop the car in time. They were going to collide with the car in front.

Even braced himself for the impact as the car slid into the car in front when it was all over he looked over at Schera. She had banged her head against the dashboard pretty hard. This was yet another picture of her embedded in his memory. Why was she always the subject of his memories? This was all her fault; he didn't want to do this, no he couldn't blame her that was unfair.

He drifted off again to sleep. All around him was dark. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't be sleeping, and he couldn't feel a thing. He slipped deeply into darkness forgetting who he was. It was just like before. Again there was a blinding light and he opened his eyes. He was somewhere else.

"Where am I? Even asked.

"You've been in a bad accident." A familiar voice that he identified as his mother said.

"I know that. Where's Schera?" Even asked but there was no answer. He tried to remember her face, he happy expression, any of that but he could remember nothing, just her bruised and swollen face. He wanted to see her, he needed to know. Was she dead? What happened?

He wondered this as the doctors finished dressing his wounds and he was released. Later that week he went to see Schera. She smiled happily; looking around. She seemed to want his company, but yet dismiss it all at once.

"Look Schera I'm sorry about what happened. I really should have assessed the situation more. I should have taken all the factors into consideration." He said watching her confused expression.

She looked up at him with wondering eyes and asked "Who are you?"

It was then that Even realized that he was about to have his own memory experiment on his hands.