Hidden Strength


Chapter 1: Going Back to School

Early in the morning, Uzumaki Nanoha was training deep within the Forest of Death. Though she wasn't training at her full strength since she didn't want to destroy the only training ground where she wouldn't be disturbed by nosy villagers and ninjas.

The Forest of Death was also the only place, except for the Hokage Monument, where Nanoha wouldn't see the hateful gazes of the villagers.

So focused on her kenjutsu practices, the 12 year old blond beauty didn't notice a figure making their way towards her.

"Nanoha," they called.

Startled, Nanoha turned and threw a perfectly aimed kunai at her intruder. But the intruder dodged before the kunai implanted itself onto their head.

"That was a close one," the intruder whistled out the stepped out f the shadows.

"Oh, it's you Genma-sensei," Nanoha said once she saw who it was, "What can I do for you?"

"Hokage-sama wants to speak with you," the Konoha jounin replied simply.

"Hai. I'll come by later."

"Hai." With that said the senbon chewing ninja disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"I wonder what Sarutobi-jiji wants." Nanoha wondered before she shielted her twin blades. Making sure that that area was clean, Nanoha too disappeared in a swirl of leaves, leaving the forest without a trace of anyone ever being there.

Arriving in the Hokage office, Nanoha greeted the old man in white Hokage robes with the red flames imprinted on the back.

"What is it that you wanted oji-chan?" Nanoha asked bowing.

"Nanoha, do you know that today is the genin exams?" the old Hokage asked.

"Hai but what does that have to do with me?"

"Well, I want you to take the exam and become a genin."

"Genin? But oji-chan, I am the first ever Special Anbu. Why do you want me to become a genin?"

"Because I know that you've never made any contact with anyone your own age and I would really like it if you had some friends."

"Hai oji-chan but…"

"No buts. Now go to the Ninja Academy and into room 201. Give this note to Iruka-sensei."

"Hai oji-chan."

When Nanoha disappeared, the Hokage sighed.

"I hope you find some friends Nanoha. You deserve to be happy after what you've been through," he thought sadly.

Nanoha appeared in front of room 201 and took a deep breath. She then knocked. The door slid open a few seconds later to reveal a chuunin with a scar across his nose.

"Ah Nanoha-chan," he said smiling, "What are you doing here?"

Saying nothing, Nanoha handed the letter to Iruka.

"Oh really," he replied after finishing the letter, "Well alright. Come in Nanoha. We were just about to start the exam." Nanoha just nodded and walked in after Iruka.

"Ok class today we'll be having a new student join the class for the genin exam."

To be continued…