Finding Someone


Disclaimer- I, unfortunately do not own the Twilight series.

Summery- Since someone asked me how Jacob could be all happy with someone else in a different story of mine, I'm writing how. Jacob imprinting on someone when he ran away from Forks at the end of Eclipse.

Jacob's P.O.V.

I pushed my legs faster, letting Jacob Black disappear behind me.

I'm not sure how far I ran, all I know is that I'm far enough away from La Push that I can't hear my brothers, and sister, anymore.

It was peaceful, being able to run without having nine other people in your head, without all of your problems laid out for everyone to see and pick apart.

I'm sure that I would have enjoyed it more if thoughts of Bella weren't crowding every part of my mind.

Normally, it would be a good thing to be able to think of her constantly, without worries of the pack overhearing, but all of the my thoughts were directed to what Leah said earlier: "He'll probably just kill her anyway. All the stories say that happens more often than not. Maybe a funeral will be better closure than a wedding." That and the wedding invitation I got today, or was it yesterday, I'm not even sure anymore.

It wasn't that the girl I'm in love with was getting married to my mortal enemy, or that she was turning into one herself, no, I had accepted that a while ago, it was the one thing I hadn't considered: he could kill her in the process.

That only made me run faster.

I knew that I had only made myself angrier by thinking of the possibilities, and that only guaranteed that it would take that much longer to phase back to human form. Perfect.

At least I had the comfort of knowing that Bella would be happy with her choice, if she lives that is. Even I can admit that Edward, for a bloodsucker of course, is a somewhat okay guy and he really does love Bella.

But that was only slightly comforting.

It was a good long time until I was calm enough so I could phase back to normal. Luckily for me, I was close to a town so I could call Dad.

Of course, in my anger when I left home, I completely forgot to pick my clothes back up. Aren't I brilliant?

I had two options at this point: steal some here (where ever here is), or go home (which I don't know where that is from here, not like I'm ready to go back there at the moment).

Where I landed myself was frighteningly similar to Forks. Only smaller. Lucky for me, there were still some people who air dried their clothes here, by hanging them outside, if you catch my drift.

I stole some clothes form an old woman's backyard, and fortunately for me she has a grandson whose clothing size is close enough to mine for his clothes to fit me. Although I think I scared the crap out of the woman and possibly took a few years of of her life span but I now have a pair of pants, a shirt, and even shoes. Even if they are soggy.

As I walked the streets of this small town, I looked everywhere for a public place with a phone that I didn't have to pay to use. I found a small diner that looked family owned.

I went into the diner and went up to the counter and sat down and waited for someone to come up to me. I felt really out of place.

Then a young woman came out of the kitchen carrying a full tray of food and all I could do is stare at her, she seemed trapped in my gaze as well, until that is, she slammed into the counter and the food she on the tray went everywhere, most of it went right in my shirt and on my face. But I wasn't even upset. I couldn't even process what happened. My mind was completely blank and I could only think one thing, I think I just imprinted.

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