Snow Day

Snowball Fight

Vegeta slowly stood from the sled, firing nasty looks at the groups of small children that silently stared at him in awe. His glare was more than enough to frighten away most of the children. He then turned to his daughter who had insisted on another round. "You can go down on your own now."

Bra opened her mouth to protest, but silenced as she noticed the seriousness of her father's words. "OK," she said glumly and bent over to pick up the sled.

A wave of guilt overtook Vegeta as he saw his daughter's disappointment. He quickly scooped up the disk in one hand and his daughter in the other, tossing her over his back. "I'll give you a ride back up."

Bra giggled in excitement as she wrapped her arms around Vegeta's neck and her legs around his waist. Vegeta took off at a speed only a Saiyan could detect and in an instant they were at the top of the hill again. As he set Bra and her sled gently down to the ground, he realized he had again brought on the attention of human bystanders. He smiled to himself at their foolishness. "Weaklings," he murmured.

Vegeta took several steps back, allowing him a decent view of the hill as his daughter quickly took another trip down the hill. He watched cautiously, waiting for any sign of trouble as she plummeted down the snowy hill. However, his attentiveness was promptly interrupted as he felt a rather hard snowball smack against the back of his cranium. He spun around, ready to punish his attacker. His eyes widened as he saw none other than his arch rival, Goku, standing several feet away, looking down at something behind him.

"So Kakarot, you wish to fight me here?" Vegeta boomed, gaining Goku's attention.

Goku waved his hands back and forth before his face, laughing sheepishly. "Uh, no Vegeta. Sorry about that. Pan was playing around." He put a hand behind his back, pulling Pan out into the open. The tiny little girl glowered in Vegeta's direction, but earned no attention from him. He was too wrapped up in the thought of sparring with Goku.

"Foolish clown! Do not blame your actions on your grand-brat!" Vegeta hollered while pointing an accusing finger at Goku.

Goku's hand characteristically made its way behind his head as he continued laughing uncomfortably. Changing the subject, he asked, "So what brings you here Vegeta?"

As if on queue, Bra made her way up the hill to her father's side. "Hi Pan!" she exclaimed as she spotted the younger girl clinging to Goku's pant leg. She looked up at Goku and greeted him as well, "Hi Mr. Kakarot!" Vegeta chuckled, pleased by his daughter's use of Goku's Saiyan title.

Pan giggled excitedly as she waddled over to Bra, the snow nearly to her knees. Bra joined in the laughter as she watched Pan's struggles to walk.

"You want to go sledding with me?" Bra asked as Pan stood before her. Pan nodded excitedly and followed Bra to her sled.

Vegeta did not once take his eyes off Goku, excited by the thought of a challenge. "Do not change the subject Kakarot. You have engaged me, and now it is time to fight." He extended an arm, holding out his hand and gesturing for Goku to attack.

Goku looked around nervously. "Vegeta, this really isn't the place for sparring."

Vegeta's face contorted into a maniacal smile as he replied, "No Kakarot. Any place is a good place to fight."

Goku sighed, knowing well that he could not possibly win this argument. "Let's make a compromise. How about we just have a nice harmless snowball fight, and later on today I will spar with you in the gravity chamber."

Just as Goku had finished his sentence, he found himself staring at a snowball the size of his face. He quickly tilted his head, the snowball soaring past him and smashing into a tree behind him. Bark shot in random directions upon the impact, startling yet another small group of children nearby.

"Hey! That almost hit me in the face!" Goku complained, only earning a larger smirk from his attacker. "Alright Vegeta. I hope you're ready."

In only a matter of minutes the two Saiyans were engaged in a full snowball assault. The snowballs grew larger by the second, many of them consuming the unfortunate children that wandered too close. Children cried and screamed in terror as they were engulfed by meteor-sized mounds of snow, but Vegeta heard nothing but the rapid beat of his heart as he hastily fired at his rival.

Goku swiftly took shelter behind a tree, finding the oversized snowballs were turning out to be rather difficult to avoid. As he peered around the tree for a better look, his eyes traveled upward, discovering that Vegeta had already built an enormous wall of snow that towered nearly as high as the trees. Unfortunately he noticed a second too late as the snow rained down on him from above, covering him in a cold darkness.

From atop his fort, Vegeta laughed menacingly at his apparent victory. "How does that snow taste Kakarot?" he hollered between bouts of laughter. His laughter ceased as he watched the heap of snow covering Goku suddenly explode, the energy released knocking Vegeta from his perch. As his back slammed against the ground below, he saw the wall he had created suddenly come crashing down, leaving him the one covered. Of course he did not remain there for long as he quickly blasted away the snow as well as a good portion of the land below him. In a flash, he scooped up close to a hundred small balls of snow and began firing them one after the other at Goku.

Goku swiftly dodged each one, though the speed of the projectiles had him struggling to concentrate on Vegeta. All that was within his vision was a blur of white. When the last snowball flew just past his shoulder, he stopped his movement and scanned the area for Vegeta. As his eyes traversed the tattered terrain, he spotted several dozen fortunately dry children staring up into the sky, their eyes and mouths agape. Goku slowly tilted his head back, curious as to what they saw. The bright sun shined down into his eyes, almost blinding him. As his eyes adjusted he saw, to his surprise and horror, Vegeta hovering directly above him, holding a sphere of snow even larger than any Spirit Bomb he had ever conjured. "Vegeta! No!" he hollered, realizing that all the children within a half mile radius were sure to suffer the wrath of the gigantic ball of snow.

Vegeta of course had no interest in the well being of the innocent children, and launched the sphere downward. Goku quickly pulled his hands to one side, summoning a massive amount of energy as he chanted, "Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha!" As he spoke the last syllable, he released a beam of energy from his hands and up into the snowball. The resulting explosion sent children tumbling and some even rolled down the hill.

Goku sighed in relief as he watched large snowflakes fall gently to the ground, smoothing out the beaten land. As he took a quick look around, he was rather disappointed to see tiny hats, scarves, and mittens strewn about the snowy landscape. Little feet and hands slowly emerged from the dark depths of the snow as children pulled themselves free and wobbled around feebly. The few remaining trees even held several small dangling children, who to Goku were thankfully still alive, though they were crying in horror.

Bra came running up the hill, pulling Pan up with her on the sled. She gazed up into the snow-filled sky as her father slowly descended. "That was so neat Daddy!" she cried out as she ran to greet him. Vegeta allowed his daughter to jump on his back, his eyes locked with Goku's. Both men panted, exhausted from the snow battle.

Pan shuffled over to her grandfather, wrapping her tiny arms around his leg as she gazed up at him, a look of pure thrill in her eyes.

"Remember your promise Kakarot," Vegeta spoke between breathes, "I'll be waiting."

"Oh, I won't forget," Goku replied. Both could feel the blood of their Saiyan heritage run through their veins. They were sure to continue their sparring.

With that said, Vegeta quickly took off into the sky with his daughter clinging tightly to his back.

"That was fun Daddy!" Bra exclaimed, "You and Mr. Kakarot are really strong! I hope I can be really strong like you someday"

Vegeta chuckled. "That can be arranged."

When Vegeta and Bra arrived home, they were greeted by Bulma at the front door.

"So did you guys have fun…?" Bulma trailed off at the end as she noticed her husband's scarf and hat were missing, and his coat and pants were torn to shreds. "What in the world did you two do?"

"Daddy and Mr. Kakarot had a snowball fight!" Bra exclaimed as she merrily pranced inside.

Bulma shot Vegeta a reprimanding glare as he walked past her. Surprisingly he acknowledged her, but not in the manner she had hoped for. He smiled arrogantly as he stated simply, "Kakarot will be coming by tonight."

Bulma put her head in her hand, shaking her head in disappointment. "When will you Saiyans grow up?" she muttered to herself.