Title: Letters From A Small Girl
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be.
Notes: Set after 'Miller's Crossing', spoilers for that episode and vaguely for season four, only in terms of Sam Carter's presence.


Dear Miss Colonel Carter,

Thank you very much for sending Uncle Meredith and Mister Ronon and Mister John to save my Mommy. I love my Mommy very much. She says you're a very smart lady. She says I'm smart too even though I'm only little. One day I'll know lots and lots like Mommy and you and Uncle Meredith.




Dear Mister Ronon,

Mommy's writing for me because I'm only little and don't know how to write much yet. She says you helped save her from the bad people. Thank you very much. I like having my Mommy back. She says that you lost your mommy and all your family. I think that's very sad. I wanted to send you my teddy bear to cheer you up but Mommy says that you would want me to keep it, so I will. But if you want a teddy bear you should write to me and tell me and I'll send you one.




Dear Miss Teyla,

I haven't met you like I met Mister Ronon and Mister John, but Mommy told me about you and I like getting letters, so you might too. Mommy's writing this down because I can't spell many words.

I like your name. It's very pretty. Mommy says you're a very pretty lady, and that you work with Uncle Meredith and Mister John and Mister Ronon fighting bad people and helping good people. Does that mean you're a hero? Mommy says you fight with sticks and that maybe one day when we meet you can teach me so I can be strong and brave too. I was very scared when the bad people took my Mommy away, but Uncle Meredith and Mister John and Mister Ronon promised to bring her back and they did.




Dear Mister John,

My mommy's writing down what I'm saying because I don't know how to write many words yet. So if she gets it wrong it's her fault.

Mommy says you helped to save her from the people who took her away. They were mean people and I'm very happy you brought her back, and Uncle Meredith too. You were really nice when you came to see us. Your hair is funny. Mommy says that's rude, but I don't think it is. I like your hair. Does it always stick up like that? Even when you're sleeping? My hair sticks up sometimes in the morning when I've been sleeping, and Mommy brushes it. Maybe you should brush your hair more.

Mommy says that maybe Uncle Meredith will bring you for Christmas. I would like that. But you have to bring me a present.




Dear Uncle Meredith,

Thank you very very very much for coming to rescue Mommy. She's writing this down for me because I don't spell lots of words yet, but I will soon. I get to start school soon.

I liked when you stayed with us after you saved Mommy. Even if you were silly about food and didn't finish everything on your plate like you're supposed to. Mommy says I'm being rude, but I'm not, Uncle Meredith, honest. I like you very much. I like when you teach me about stuff. I liked the numbers most, and the things about holes in space and the things everything's made of like atoms and quarks. I like that word. I wish you lived near to us so you could tell me more.

Mommy says that you don't really like children much, but you like me, don't you? I like you a lot, Uncle Meredith. And I'm really really happy that you brought Mommy back. Mommy's happy too, and she likes the new car.

Mommy says that maybe we can get a cat and I want to call it Quark. Mommy says that's a person on a TV show that you like.

Please come and see us at Christmas because I would like to see you again and I'm going to make you a present.

I love you, Uncle Meredith.