Title: Letters To A Small Girl
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be.
Notes: A return of correspondance.


Dear Miss Madison,

Thank you for your letter, and you are very welcome! I'm only glad that your uncle, John and Ronon were able to help your mother. I hope you're looking after her and making sure she doesn't get into any more trouble. She and Rodney both seem to attract it!

Maybe next time I'm home I can come and meet you? Your mother told me that you make excellent cookies and I'd love to try them


Colonel Sam Carter.



Thanks for the letter. You seem like a nice kid. McKay explained what a teddy bear is. I don't need one. Be good and do what your parents tell you.



Dear Madison,

It was a pleasure to receive your letter. Your uncle has spoken to me of you, and of course when your mother came to stay with us she told us about you often. She also showed me a photograph of you and your father.

You are right, I work with your uncle, John and Ronon to protect the people who live here. I do not think I am a hero, however. Fighting evil is the right thing to do, in whatever way we are able to do so. Although I fight with weapons, I also fight with words when it is necessary. I should very much like to meet you, and of course if you wish it I can begin to teach you the ways in which I fight.

I think you must have been very brave when your mother was taken from you. It is a very hard thing to lose a parent, even temporarily, and I am sure you were strong and helped your father. John has told me that you acted very grown-up, and I know Rodney is proud of you.

I hope that one day we will meet, Madison. I look forward to that day.

Your friend,



Dear Madison,

Thanks for your letter. It was a real surprise.

Yes, my hair always sticks up like that, even when I brush it. You know how some people have curly hair? My hair just naturally sticks up, unless it's really short or really long. I don't know if it sticks up when I'm sleeping because I can't see myself when I'm asleep! And no, you weren't being rude. Not any ruder than your uncle, anyway. He says my hair is weird, and I tell him that at least I'm not slowly going bald. That's a joke your mom will probably appreciate.

You don't need to thank me for helping find your mom. She's a lovely lady, and it was sort of our fault that the bad guys took her in the first place. I'm just glad she's home safely, and back with you and your dad.

If Meredith does bring me for Christmas, I promise to bring you a present. Your mom has invited me, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to come. Meredith is definitely going to see you guys though, so I'll send a present with him if I can't come.

Stay safe,

John Sheppard.


Hey lady,

Thanks for the letter. I don't get many letters from people I don't work with. I'm sure you'll be able to write lots of words soon. You're as smart as your mother, and she always learnt spellings really easily.

I wasn't silly about food, but some people like eating meat, and I'm one of them. I'm not used to vegetarian food, and I didn't like all of it, which is why I didn't eat everything. The important thing is to try everything at least once, so you know what you like and don't like.

I liked teaching you; you're very receptive to knowledge, even if you don't have the basics of education to build on yet. You caught on very quickly to the idea of particles – that's atoms, made of electrons, protons and neutrons, remember? And the holes in space are called 'wormholes'. It would be nice if I lived nearer so I could teach you more stuff, but I'm doing important and very interesting work here, so we'll have to stick to vacations, alright?

Your mom's right, I don't like most children very much, but you're not most children. You're a McKay, and a very smart little girl. I'm glad you're happy about your mom being home. I'm very happy too, and I'm sorry that she was taken away from you in the first place.

Quark is a character on a show called 'Star Trek', which you should watch as soon as you can. It's great. A quark is also, as you remember, a particle. A cat called Quark is a great idea. I used to have a cat called Newton – ask your mom about Newton's law of gravity.

I'll see you at Christmas.


Uncle Meredith.