AUTHOR'S NOTE: I can't believe I'm actually posting this. I can't believe I'm actually participating, period! My life is kind of crazy at the moment so I honestly believed I wouldn't find a spare moment to sit down and piece something together. I guess I was wrong. Or maybe I was just feeling goofy...Because this definitely deserves the "goofy label". Anyway, doesn't matter. I had fun trying to write "poetry" in a language different from my native tongue (I usually write Dutch poems), I snorted an unlimited number of times while writing, and I am rambling at the moment, ugh...

Faux Maven, thanks for quickly checking this for spelling mistakes. I know it's not your cup of tea, but you helped me anyway. You know it is more than appreciated.

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'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the lab,

Silence reigned, like everyone was taking a nap;

Zach studied a skull and Hodgins rambled away,

When in came Angela, carrying a tray;

"Eggnog for all!" she shouted careless and free,

"For you and you and especially for me!

Let us get to work, people. Let us start from scrap.

Let me put on some tunes. Let's decorate the lab."

Determined as such, she grabbed her jingly elf hat,

Wrestled and fought with Zach; on his head it soon sat;

On Hodgins she forced a pair of fluffy boots,

Camille was spared; with her she was in cahoots;

Together they turned, on the search of Brennan,

Whose tight smile was as bitter as a lemon;

Brennan eyed them, so carefully drawing near,

Expecting them to burst out in joyful cheer;

With a shrug and a snort, she turned and dismissed,

Angela sighed and with a flick of her wrist;

She told in a voice sweeter than liquorice,

To everyone to get working on her wish;

"Light candles! Hang garlands! I'll paint angels for thee!

Spread tinsel! Eat cookies! And fetch me a tree!"

The platform and hallways, even the mezzanine,

Soon flooded and burst with shades of red, gold, and green;

Like little snowflakes, light-hearted and oh so white,

Hodgins and Zach dashed away, into the dark night;

In search of the highest tree, so tall and large,

To please Angela and Cam, "Santas in Charge";

And then, in a hurry, they came dragging back,

A monstrous tree that nearly squashed our poor Zach;

As they struggled and cursed to get the thing to stand,

Brennan watched from inside, wond'ring to lend a hand;

But in her office Brennan stayed, cozy and warm,

Until Booth walked in, all cockiness, smiles and charm;

As he bid her good evening, her gaze lingered,

A present he held, the ribbon he fingered;

His eyes -- how they sparkled! Booth's humming, how merry!

His smile, how infectious! Their banter, how airy!

As he challenged her to go with him outside,

To have fun, be jolly and for once not hide;

Reluctant Brennan obliged and grabbed her coat,

Sauntering after him, a lump in her throat;

Christmas wasn't her thing; or so she had in mind,

It represented how she had been left behind;

But all thoughts vanished when she laid eyes on her friends,

Who were rummaging through a big box's contents;

Out they pulled glass balls and great lengths of tree lights,

Out came stockings, angels smiling in delight;

They all laughed and shouted and danced 'round and 'round,

As the fairy lights around the tree were wound;

Doubtful Brennan was, but wanted to give in,

So she joined in on the fun, sensing Booth's grin;

Soon the tree was done; anxious they put in the plug,

The sight was astounding; a scene made for a hug;

As the tree was lit up, they all whispered on cue:

"Thanks Angela and a merry Christmas to you."