Challenge 3

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Once again, Rory couldn't decide what to wear. Her room was a mess – clothes were strewn all over the floor, necklaces lying around her desk, shoes on top of shoes on top of everything. I shouldn't be this nervous, she kept telling herself. It's Dean, not really anything special. It's not like it's…

She stopped. "No. Don't think about that. Tonight is about fun, and pining like a little girl is not fun."

Rory glanced around the room. She zeroed in on her red sequined tank top. "Perfect," she said, grinning. "Now for the bottom part…" she looked at all the clothes all over her room. Spying her favorite black mini skirt, she smiled and put it on. Grabbing her bag and glancing in the mirror one last time, she was ready. She looked at her watch – it was 7:00.

Rory sighed. Leave it to her to be ready one hour early for a date. Dean wouldn't come until 8, leaving her with one hour of nothing to do. Lorelei wouldn't be home until after she left with Dean, she was at Sookie's watching movies. Rory was feeling antsy; she needed to get out and get her mind off things. Her imminent date with Dean was making her nervous.

Rory decided she wanted to head over to the bookstore, since it was sometimes open late and she had just enough time to pick out a book. She took off her skirt and put on a pair of sweatpants and sneakers, started to walk over to the bookstore. She needed a good book to bring with her to the party, just in case.

While walking into town from her house, her mind started to wander, and of course it wandered right to Jess. Would he be at the party that night? Maybe, there was a definite chance. It was the biggest party for months. But still, he was new in town, so he might not know about it.

"Stop it Rory," she told herself. "You have a date already. Stop thinking about Jess, it's not going to get you anywhere."

When Rory walked in the door of the bookstore, the first thing she saw made her heart skip a beat – Jess was standing right there, reading a book. She turned pale. For a moment, she just stood in the doorway with her mouth open in surprise. Then, realizing where she was, Rory turned around to get back home before he could see her looking like a bum.

Typical, she thought. Of course she would look like a mess when she ran into him. She hoped he hadn't seen her looking like that. Looking at the time, she realized that Dean would arrive in about 20 minutes.

Jess had looked up just in time to see a figure running out the door. Was that who he thought it was? He sprinted to the door and opened it just in time to see Rory dashing back in the opposite direction. Why did she do that? he wondered. Did she really hate him so much that she couldn't stand to be with him for even just a couple minutes? Feeling somewhat dejected, he headed back into the store and picked out a book at random from the shelf and left. He had places to be; he couldn't stand around all day thinking about a girl who didn't even care. With that last thought, he turned and headed back to the diner; if he was going to go out that night, he would need a good book.

When Rory got home, she changed back into her clothes as fast as she could, and put her make-up on. Good thing her mom had taught her how to apply quickly. Just as she was looking herself over in the mirror, she heard the doorbell. Smiling at her reflection, she grabbed her purse and answered the door.

"Wow… I um……hi Ror," Dean stammered. "You look great." He smiled. "You all set?"

"Yea, let's get going, I'm ready to go," Rory said a little impatiently. She needed to get out of here; she was starting to feel a little claustrophobic. She walked past Dean out the door, knowing he would probably follow right after her.

Later, at the party, Rory was feeling miserable. Almost all of Stars Hollow's teenage population had shown up, the music was great and the food was surprisingly not horrible as well. Dean was being a great date, asking her if she needed anything, and introducing her to all his friends there, laughing and having a good time. Every so often, he would look at her with an expression of disbelief on his face, as though he couldn't believe she was there. He offered to dance with her, but she didn't hear him; she was absentmindedly looking around them room for the majority of the party, looking for something. Eventually, Dean had to comment.

"Um, Rory? Are you okay? Is something wrong?" He looked at her, concerned. "You haven't really said much all night, and you seem kind of distracted.

"What? Oh, sorry Dean. No, I'm just not feeling so great." This wasn't a lie; Rory was feeling a little sick, and it had nothing to do with the party. She was, of course, thinking about Jess – where was he? There was never anything to do in Star's Hollow, so when there was a party, everyone went. Even if he was new in town, you had to be practically dead not to know when there was a party going on.

"I'll just get you a ginger ale or something, maybe that will make you feel better," Dean said gently, as though he might scare her away at any minute and run in the opposite direction. He headed off looking for the refreshments table.

Rory sat down and put her head in her hands. "I have to calm down. Seriously Ror, you have to stop." She closed her eyes and counted to ten, took a deep breath and stood up. She would be a good date to Dean from this point on; he deserved that much at least. She needed to give him at least one shot; he had proven himself worthy of that.

At that exact moment, Jess walked in the door.



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