Leah Potter, the forgotten one

Chapter one: intro

Hi, my name is Leah Potter. I have long raven coloured hair, bright blue eyes and I am the sister of James Potter. I know what you are thinking, James never had a sister- he was an only child. Am I right? Well that is because I am more commonly know as; liar, traitor, the disowned one, she-who-shall-not-be-named. My whole family, or what's left of it, make me out to be non existent. In the end James forgot me all together.

She-who-shall-not-be-named, where have you heard that before? He-who-shall-not-be-named. My whole family make it out like I am as bad as him, that I married him or something. No matter what hell I have been through or what I have become I would never join his ranks… ever.

Now I am actually on the run because I refused to join him. My brother is in hiding with his wife and son- who I have never seen- and my parents are both dead. I have never had the chance to make up with my family over things that happened while I was still in Hogwarts. Half of them weren't even my fault. I just got blamed by my brother and my parents would rather believe their golden boy than their traitorous daughter.

I never used to be this bitter about my family. Even now I am not angry or bitter towards them, just resentful. I used to be loving and caring, until I went to Hogwarts and was pushed out of the family for being who I was.

I bet you are like, what is going on? How could the Potters deem one of their own as a traitor? That is something Lucius Malfoy or you know who would do. Well it is none the less true. I have tried to deny it, to forget it and move on. It never worked.

Now you are like, that doesn't explain it. I know I never tried to answer, smirks. To answer your question, I did something, well not really me more like Hogwarts, which my family could never forgive. In their eyes it was as bad as being he-who-must-not-be-named or in with his lot, which in a way I guess I was.

Then I did some really awful things, things that betrayed my brother, my secret lover and my family. Actually looking back that wasn't my fault either… how was I supposed to know that something was being slipped into my drink every night at tea time? But I think that it cut my lover deep most of all because it was his brother!

Naturally that lost me my lover, my brother (again), and half of my friends. Then in 7th year I lost the one thing I had always hoped I could get back. It wasn't my lover or my brother. it was my parents. All because you know who couldn't care less if he left two teenagers as orphans, all he knew is that they were in the order and that they were a threat that could bring him down. I hate that man so much! My brother still turned his back on me in my time of need. He was too selfish to think that maybe I need comfort. He was okay, he had Lily to comfort him. Who did I have? No one.

Now you are like, oh my god that is awful but what happened in the first place? Well that is what I am about to tell you.

I am Leah Potter, the forgotten one and this is my story…

AN: before anyone grills me on this, i know it is short it is only the intro to my series. i dunno why i chose to write a series i just thought that i might be fun lol.

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