"This isn't about us is it?"

"No your right Peter it's not, this is about vengeance."

"What the hell for?"

"For you killing the only man I ever loved." She advanced upon him forcing him to walk to the very edge of the building. "It's over Peter, say goodbye."

A meeting of minds.

The wind blew around the old building muffling the sound of the street below, howling and whistling through cracked and chipped paint work and aged steal that had faded through neglect. A cat prowled the dank corridors of the tower block night vision aided by the dirty yellow glow of the streetlights six stories below that somehow broke through the desolate and heavy darkness.

The creature slunk past several black bin liners full of rubbish that had been gathered at the top of the stairs and looked in to the shadows that appeared to be several shades darker than that around it. Instinct told it to stay clear, it moved in to the light and followed the dusty carpet in to the only home it had ever known.

The owner of the cat did not move as the animal entered, there had been little point in the door being locked for a long time, no one lived here bar the old caretaker who was so frail that he hardly left his apartment. The apartment was always open for the animal to come and go as it pleased a safe place or at least it had been.

A noise made the cat stop dead in its tracks half way across the rug where its owner sat reading. It turned its eyes to the door and silently stared aware in itself that the very thought of raising a warning would be the last thing that it did.

"I wondered when you would come looking for me" she spoke softly not once raising her eyes from the page in front of her. "I have to admit it's later than I thought."

The figure by the door walked in to the light.

"You were expecting me?"

"For a long time. I have to say I'm a little disappointed in the lateness of your arrival." She delicately placed a bookmark on the page she had been reading and closed the book.

To the untrained eye, the change on the face of the man by the door may not have been noticed, it was a flicker. a mere second of recognition.


The woman stood and turned to face her would be attacker. Her dark brown hair fell neatly around her shoulders, as she looked death in the eye.


"It's Sylar." He said the corners of his mouth twitching.

"Yes, your little persona had me fooled for a while," The book she had been reading flew forward of it's own accord only to be caught by the man known as Sylar a second before it hit him in the chest. "Random killings, tops of heads being cut open, and pore Virginia going crazy cause her poor dear globe trotting son had disappeared off the face of the planet." Her blue eyes bore deep in to his brown as she walked forward. "And now you've come for me, well come on then Gabriel I'd like to see you try."

His eyes scanned the room, this couldn't be Kayla, it had to be some sort of trick there was no way that one of them could have been living on his own doorstep for so long, let alone be someone he knew. Petrelli was behind it; he should just kill her now.

He could hear her heart it was slow and steady, he struck no fear in to her, yet she knew what he had done and what he was capable of, maybe that was what made him think twice about the attack.

Kayla was his friend, or at least the closest thing his mother had ever let him have to a friend, they had sat next to each other in Sunday school and then later in mass, he had known her since they were small and now he had to kill her. The part of him that was still Gabriel gave a shudder at the thought. The part that was already raising a hand to pin her to the wall wasn't doing what he wanted.

Kayla was lifted in the air and pinned silently against the window, she didn't struggle just watched as he paced eyes eating through the pages before him, page after page of cuttings from newspapers and jotted notes from books on evolution. He glanced up at Kayla who found his eyes.

"I wanted to know what was wrong with me, why I'm such a freak, but it turned out I wasn't that much of a freak after all hu?" he felt himself loosing his grip on his brunette captive. She slid down the window and landed gently on her feet. She glared at him, he could feel the gaze burning in to his flesh then he felt himself flying across the room unable to move.

"Not nice is it." She said advancing upon him.

"How did you do that?" he said through gritted teeth well aware that he still couldn't move.

"That would be telling." She said making him sit at the bottom of the wall. "You see I want answers Gabriel and I'm hoping that you will be able to help me."

He was frozen, aware that he had no functions, he had tried everything to unhook her control on him and nothing had worked.

"If you're wondering how you're broken, that would be me." She said smiling down at him. Placing a finger under his chin she forced him to look at her. The part of him that called itself Sylar grinned at her, "When I get my powers back…"

"You aren't getting them back till you agree to play fair, I want answers Gabriel and I want them now, what the hell is going on with me?"

He looked up in to her eyes and he saw fear, it was the first time he had seen it since he walked in to the room, she had the upper hand and they both knew it. But now she could let her guard down her eyes scanned his he knew she was delving in to his thoughts going through the things that he had done.

Neither spoke for some time, an uneasy silence hung between them, Sylar studied her but without his abilities he was lost. How was she doing this? The Haitian blocked powers but that was all, was Kayla like Petrelli? Did she suck up the overflow from people around her? Evolution? He Sylar was the evolution, survival of the fittest. Live and let die and oh how he had let so many die.

Was this all some sort of fantasy? Was the virus back? Did it still course through his veins causing him to hallucinate? He thought back to the girl who held him captive she could manipulate minds, was this what Kayla was doing now?

"I'm not a shape shifter, I'm not working for Petrelli, any of them…" she added seeing his face, "but yes to the other things."

"You're using my abilities against me?" he said slowly as he watched her place herself cross legged upon the floor in front of him, she flicked her hair over her shoulders, he felt himself watching every last move like a hungry wolf, he wanted that…

"In a way yes." She said relaxing the hold his movements became his own again.

He watched her fidget, it was almost calming, he could wait, and he could play with her for a while.

He could feel himself staring at her face; he couldn't remember her face, and the more that he thought about it he couldn't remember much. He remembered Suresh, he remembered Sylar, and he remembered the blood. But Gabriel was no where to be found.

"What you can do Gabriel, it's something special, I knew as soon as I figured it out." She said quietly more to the floor than him. "I wanted to tell them when they came, tell them that you were good, that god had sent you. But they didn't believe me…"she starred him in the eye "they asked of Sylar and I told them I knew no one with that name."

Her eyes found his again.

"Who was it?"

"There were three of them, Petrelli was the leader, I felt him before he set foot in the flats." And eager look crossed her face and then was gone in a flash. "He had some mind reading cop with him, tried to get in to here" she tapped herself on the head. " But the defences were up I knew what he was up to."

She shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes, " Man they were persistent, but I knew once they had come calling a few times that they would figure out that I wasn't playing."

Sylar was aware that he could hear her heart beat, it betrayed her it was beating fast now she was losing her grip on him.

"Why not fight them?" he asked as she got to her feet and offered him a hand. He accepted it and she lead him to her sofa. "Because I'm weak, I couldn't take on all three of them at once." She played absent minded with the cross around her neck, something in Sylar stirred.

"I came here to kill you, so did they."

She looked him deep in the eyes.

"If you were going to kill me Gabriel Grey, you would have done it the second that you walked through that door." She said without a quiver of fear.

"I still could."

"Then do it, I stopped controlling you almost five minuets ago." She said quietly.

Both sat in silence watching the cat as it cleaned itself on the table in front of them, the sound of the wind howled around the empty building now, warning of the emptiness and the harsh reality.

"Are we evolution? That's what that book says."

"The man who wrote that book is dead." Said Sylar picking the book from the table.

"I know, you killed him." Sylar looked at her there had been no fear there, her heart had returned to normal.

" I…"Sylar got to his feet this wasn't happening he didn't show remorse he answered to no one. He had to kill her; it was what he had come here to do. He stared at her he didn't need her powers, she was just a mirror…

He felt the pain first.

"I wouldn't if I were you Gabriel."

He had tried to read her mind and had ended up reading his own instead. The pain was excruciating.

As soon as it had started it stopped.

He looked up from his hands that had been clutching his head to the face of Kayla she looked concerned.

"You should go." She said pointing at the door.

"I'll be back… it's just the way."

"And I will be waiting, but for now you go."

He stumbled towards the door a ringing in his ears reflecting the pain.

As he got to the door he stopped.

A clock had chimed.

"I saved it when they emptied her apartment, I figured you might come looking one day."