I do not own the Twilight series or anything to do with it, all rights are reserved to Stephenie Meyer. I am just a fan of the series and would like to share my work.

Bella Swan was lying in her casket, open for the world to see her porcelain white face. Standing beside her was Edward Cullen to her left and Jacob Black to her right. They both looked at her, wishing different things that would both end up the same way. For Edward, he wished that they never agreed to turn her after the wedding, to never have even thought of turning her and have just left her the way she was, the girl he was in love with. Unfortunately during the process of turning her into a vampire, her heart stopped beating as it was supposed to, but she never woke from that state. On the other hand, Jacob was wishing for her to have never met the man across from her, to have fallen in love with her childhood friend and could never have been in danger and had died in the arms of the blood-suckers.

Both then looked up, staring at each other with sorrowful eyes that could only mean, "If I was able to save her."

"I'm sorry," Edward began, "there was nothing else I could do. Carlisle tried to save her but by that time it was too late."

"It's still all your fault!" screamed the enraged werewolf, causing a scene, "if she never met you we wouldn't be here!"

"Will you two just quit yelling!" Charlie cut in; "Especially over my dear d-daughter's d-dead …" he soon began crying. Jacob went over to console him. Edward wished he could do the same, but nothing could repair the relationship between him and Charlie since he was to blame to Bella's mysterious death.

Jacob and Charlie then walked away, leaving Edward and Bella's corpse alone. All Edward could do was stare at it; not even acknowledging it was Bella anymore. He retraced everything that happened when they were trying to turn her. Everything was according to plan, not one hair out of place. Though in the end, she was the exact same color as the dress she was wearing.

Alice then walked in with Jasper, both mourning the loss of her. Suddenly, Alice had another vision, as both Edward and Jasper could tell since she had that look on her face. Afterwards Alice just shook her head and said, "the usual fighting between you two, nothing more." Of course, she was talking about Edward and Jacob.

A few hours later every one left, except for Edward, Jacob and Charlie. All still standing over the open casket of Bella's body, all wishing they could go back to when she died and save her, so this could never happen.

Jacob then had to leave as he had some "business to take care of," meaning he had the night watch again for the forests and reservation. Charlie bid him good-bye and then stared blankly at Edward. The vampire looked up, nodded, and left the house.

The next day was the funeral, where everybody from the previous day went to see Bella for the last time before being put into her eternal resting place. Everyone was crying or looked like they were about to, or trying to forget she was even alive and they had never met her. Forks was at a stand still, and had been for some days now after she had died. They boy she saved from being hit by a truck thought about how he could have saved her from whatever she died from, Mike Newton thinking if only he could have been the one she had fallen in love with, as everyone knew Edward Cullen had something to do with it. Towards the end he slowly bowed out, not wanting to believe she died and would remain dead.

The only problem now was who was going to pay for the funeral. Both Jacob and Edward offered to pay, so they reluctantly agreed to meet at the Cullen residence.

When Jacob got there all of the vampire's eyes were on him. He walked cautiously to the main living room, finding Edward there with all the receipts from the funeral.

"Look," Edward started, "I told you I would pay for everything, I was her husband."

"Yeah, but not legally since the government would figure out how old you were. And besides, she and I were in love."

"Like brother and sister. Her husband should pay for her funeral."

"Don't forget her murderer."

"We don't know what happened to kill her, she may be alive."

"Yeah right! Besides, that still means we have to pay for her funeral. I said I would pay for it."

"Like you could pay for it. How much money do you make from being a werewolf and no one else knowing it?"

"That's not the point. I loved Bella and I want to pay."

"Come on, where are you going to get the money?"

Silence. They were just staring at each other when suddenly Edward got up from the couch he was sitting on and sat next to Jacob. "Look," he said, "we both know you can't afford the payments, let's just leave it to me. You know my family has the money to pay for it." By this time his arm was around Jacob and the other hand on his thigh.

For some strange reason, Jacob was not at all uncomfortable with Edward so close to him, it was almost natural to him. Jacob just nodded, agreeing with Edward's statement that he should pay.

Edward smiled; the fight was finally over. Now there was something to settle that just popped up in his mind. This was brought up by the tension between them.

Edward and Jacob's heads simultaneously inched closer and closer. Finally, their lips touched gracefully, both uneasy about what to do or not to do. Both had their eyes closed, with nothing to think about. They then separated, right when Jacob though 'how am I going to explain to the guys I kissed a blood-sucker?'

Edward then said, "You don't say anything. Nobody can read minds except for me."

Alice then walked in. "Hey! Why are you two blushing?"

"What?" both said at the same time.

The look of a vision came upon her face. Afterwards she started laughing. "You … two?" and continued on laughing.

Both ran towards her and covered her mouth. "Don't you dare say anything to anybody," Edward said.

"Fine. You two were so cute together, anyways. I mean, both of you looked as if it was your first kiss."

"Shut up!"