You know Sam and Daniel

And Einstien and Newton,

Lee and Jonas

And Zelenka and Edison.

But do you recall

The most snarky scientist of all?

Rodney the red-faced scientist


Had a very freaky IQ

(Like some dead guy)

And if you ever met him

(met him)

You would even say it grew

(like infinity)

All of the other scientists


Used to run and scream in fear.


They never let poor Rodney


Have any of Zelanka's beer

(From his still)

Then one foggy wraith attack

Elizabeth had to say

(Help me)

Rodney with your IQ so large

You'll save the city because I'm in charge

Then all the scientists tolerated him

(Tolerated him)

And they shouted out with glee


"Rodney the red-faced scientist


You'll go down in history!"

(like Elvis)