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Chapter One

Taliesan and Aryn of Descartes

Year September 2004

The night air was cool as Dumbledore stood looking out his window. In the distance he could see a hawk flying toward the castle. He just stood there watching it draw nearer to his window. The hawk flew in the window, Dumbledore held out his hand for the hawk to land. He walked over to a chair lowering the hawk down.

"Please, take a seat Aryn," Dumbledore said to the man now sitting before him in Purple Robes of such valor it would shame a king. Dumbledore remembered Aryn from his childhood; his hair had always reminded him of a freshly fallen snow, with eyes of the bluest ocean. "I must say you don't look a day older than when we were young men Well, I would assume that you are not here for pleasure." He said as he sat down behind his desk, his fingertips pressed together, as the fire was crackling in the grate, softly illuminating the room with an orange glow.

"I do not know where to begin here Albus." The old man looked intensely at Dumbledore. "Taliesan and my self both know where you stand on these sorts of things. She insisted that you be the first to see this." he said as he handed a rolled piece of parchment, with a heady scent of Myrrh to Dumbledore.

Dumbledore unrolled the parchment, looking down through his half moon spectacles; he began to read in silence.

'In her twenty-fourth year, the red-haired maiden, who was the first female child born in over a hundred years to those who are of the pure of wizarding blood, will give birth to twins as the ninth month begins. One male child and one female child shall be born. The birth of these two children is pertinent to the downfall of a new darkness that is coming soon upon us. For the love bond that creates the blood that flows through these two children's veins will be stronger with the ancient ways of magic than their fathers. They can bring balance to both sides for their blood will be the purest of the un-pure.'

Dumbledore looked up at Aryn, his fingers still pressed together. "What do you make of it Albus?" Aryn asked Dumbledore in a very a careful tone.

"I am glad Taliesan sent you here first. This, in the wrong hands could have devastating effects on us all," he said as he got out of his chair, walking over to one of the portraits. He spoke to Phineus Nigelleous, "Please ask Minerva to join me immediately." He turned back to Aryn. "Has this been reported to the Ministry yet?" he asked in a very direct manner. The ministry kept a record of all prophecies.

"No. Taliesan was waiting for your response to it first. She doesn't have that much faith in the Ministry," he said as he got up. "You know you are just about the only wizard outside of Descartes that she trusts," he added with great reverence. "She always said that when you were a young boy, you were very special, Albus, very special."

Looking a little embarrassed. "Is this the only prophecy she has had about this young lady?" Dumbledore spoke with a look of questioning on his face.

"As far as I know Albus," he said.

"I need you to make arrangements for me to meet with her Aryn. We need to discuss the matter at hand," Dumbledore said as he walked over to his Pinsieve, he began to remove the silvery strands from his head to the bowl.

The stair case began to revolve behind them, "Albus, is everything okay?" Professor McGonagall said as she rushed in the room, "Aryn, how nice to see you." she acknowledged the handsome elderly man standing before her.

"Minerva, How are you my dear," Aryn spoke to Professor McGonagall with a smile on his face.

"Minerva, thank you for coming at such a late hour. It seems that Aryn has brought us some news all the way from Descartes," he said to her as he continued to put thoughts in the Pinsieve.

She squinted her eyes in puzzlement as she looked at Aryn, "Really?" Professor McGonagall shared the same views on these matters as Professor Dumbledore. There was a fine line between 'fortune telling' and prophecy, as far as they were concerned.

Aryn retrieved the parchment from Dumbledore's desk and placed it in her hands. She put on her spectacles and began to read the passage on the parchment. When she finished, she slowly let the parchment fall to her side. "What does this mean Albus?"she said looking at him with much confusion.

"Well it is my conclusion that Taliesan knew some of these things have already taken place and are in the very near future possible. That is why she sent Aryn." He sat back down at his desk; he took out his wand and conjured Professor McGonagall a chair.

As she sat down in the chair she was reading over the parchment again. "Albus who," she said in exasperation, "who do you think she is talking about?"

"Well I only know of one family whose is considered to a pure wizarding blood line," he looked at her his eyes twinkling in the firelight, "they have one daughter and all of them have red hair."

"You mean Ginny Weasley!" McGonagall said in shock. "But how could this be Albus, she is just a child."

"Ah, she is only a child in our eyes Minerva. Ginny is quite the young lady these days," he said in a very placid manner.

"And the father?" she was reading the passage again. She looked at him with an astounded look, "Potter?"

With his fingertips still pressed together he raised his eyebrows, and bobbled his head. "Minerva would you please send an owl to Mr. & Mrs. Weasley and Ginny I need to meet with them tomorrow."

"And Potter?"

"I will leave that to the discretion to the young Miss Weasley," he said as he got up from his chair and walked to the window.

"Albus are you sure it is wise to tell her?" she said with great concern.

"Minerva, I have made that mistake before," he said very solemn.

"Albus, I will need to leave straight away to tell Taliesan you are coming. When should I tell her to expect you?" he said as he got up and walked towards Dumbledore.

"Tomorrow. Tell her there will be two of us attending." He looked at Aryn with twinkling eyes.

"Two. But I do not understand," he said a little confused with the answer he received form Dumbledore.

"Yes, Aryn. Two. Myself and young Miss Weasley," he said holding up his hand counting on his fingers.

Aryn was not sure why he wanted to bring the girl to Descartes. But he trusted Dumbledore had his reasons for his actions. With that he said his goodbyes and flew out into the pitch black night.

The next morning, there was a smell of rain in the air. Professor McGonagall was leading the Weasley's to Dumbledore's office.

"Cream Soda," she said. The spiral staircase started to move upwards. "After you." She held her hand out for Mrs. Weasley to go before her.

It felt really strange to Ginny being back at Hogwarts. It had been five years since she had finished school. Why would Dumbledore want to meet them there, usually if he had something to tell them, they would meet at Grimmauld Place? She shivered as she walked into Dumbledore's office, she could feel as soon as she looked at him that this had to be very important.

"Ah, Arthur, Molly and Ginny, thank you for coming on such short notice." he rose out of his chair, "Dobby has brought breakfast for you. Crumpet?"

"No thanks, but I would love some Coffee," Mr. Weasley said as he sat down in a chair opposite of the fire.

"Well I suppose you are wandering why I have asked you to come," he said looking between them eyeing each very closely.

"Well it had crossed our minds a time or two," Mrs. Weasley said grinning.

"I will get straight to the point then. Last night I had a visitor from Descartes," he said very matter of fact.

"Really, Who?" Mr. Weasley said his eyebrows together.

"Aryn. He brought me a message from Taliesan."

"She hasn't cast a prophecy yet that failed to come to pass," Mrs. Weasley said with a faltering voice taking a sip of her tea.

"What does that have to do with us?" Ginny spoke up as she was taking a sip of her hot chocolate that Dobby had brought her.

"I am afraid Miss Weasley, that it has everything to do with you," he spoke back to her looking over his half moon spectacles.

"Oh. No," panicked Mrs. Weasley. Professor McGonagall put an arm around her shoulder.

"Let's don't get too worked up Molly, dear." Mr. Weasley reached out and took her hand.

"What do you mean?" Ginny said profoundly, as she stood handing her cup to Dobby.

"Well you should read it for yourself, Ginny," said Dumbledore handing the parchment to Ginny.

The last time he called her Ginny was when she and Luna got caught sneaking in filibusters to set off in the front Corridor. She walked over and sat down on the arm of her father's chair. They leaned in over Ginny as she unrolled the parchment. She could smell a heavy scent of Myrrh on the parchment. She and her parents read the parchment in silence. They sat there for a moment looking at Ginny.

"How could this be professor? I do not even have a boyfriend much less a husband to have children with," she said as she stood and walked to the fireplace. A sense of she had been there done that came over her momentarily, as she looked down into the grate.

"Ah, but my dear Ginny, it takes so little time for things to change," he said very convincing.

"I know but I just don't get it. Besides whom is this great love bond supposed to be with. It doesn't even say," she said trying to stay calm.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley sat there in silence, taking in every word that was being said.

Mrs. Weasley had a very intense look on her face, like she really had just been smacked.

"Yes, Dumbledore who is the father of these children supposed to be," Mr. Weasley spoke with an unbelieving in his voice.

"Well, that is very tricky. But after much thought, I could only come to one conclusion," he said looking Ginny in the eye with such focus, "I know you have a certain fondness for someone with whom you have become very close to over the years, Miss Weasley," he paused, "and if I am not mistaken he is very taken with you," he finished smiling at her.

"Harry?" Ginny whispered looking at her mother and father.

"Who? But how?" said Mrs. Weasley.

"Well I can not be fore sure, Molly, but that is my guess," Dumbledore said with calmness. "Now there is one more thing. I feel that Ginny needs to come with me to Descartes."

"Professor, if you think that Harry is going to be the father of these . . . my . . . our children, shouldn't he be here too?" Ginny asked a little confused at what she was saying.

"Well Ginny, that will be entirely at your discretion," he said as he got out of his chair and walked to the window. " The reason being, that is was no question as to whom the mother in this prophecy is. But as to the father, it was less obvious. Now I know that you know Harry's background and how his mother protected him with an ancient magic. That ancient magic still flow's through his veins today. His Aunt Petunia stays with him now, since Death Eaters killed his Uncle Vernon and Cousin Dudley, after Harry had defeated Voldemort. She made a pact with Harry, with me, but most of all with Lily, when she agreed to allow Harry's home to be with her. They have had a lot of time to heal. And so the bonds and the protection have grown stronger." He turned walking back towards Mr. and Mrs. Weasley laying a hand on their shoulders.

Ginny, in all her life, never felt such a heaviness but at the same time happiness in her heart. She had loved Harry since she had known him. They have been through a lot together. He was her best friend even more than Hermione and Ron. But she wasn't sure what kind of love, if any, that he felt for her. "Professor how do you know, about Harry and me, I mean?"

"Well Miss Weasley, all I can say to that is, he is." He looked at her for a moment as if to say, 'Trust me'. Ginny knew that if Harry confided in him he would not betray that trust.

"Okay. I will go with you."

Ginny told her mom and dad she would be back and not to worry, everything would be fine. Mrs. Weasley was crying into Mr. Weasley's shoulder. Mr. Weasley on the other hand looked at his daughter with great pride. He knew in his heart that she truly had been a gift to them and now he knew why.

Dumbledore held Ginny close to him and with a wave of his hand they vanished form his office.

"Don't worry Molly; I am sure everything will be okay," Professor McGonagall said to Mrs. Weasley patting her on the back. She looked around to Dobby and motioned for him to bring them some tea.

"I am sure they are Minerva. I am sure they are." Mr. Weasley said with great confidence.