Okay so I am writing another Charmed fic but my mind is rather jumbled in what I want to write so I'm gonna start this and see where it takes me. Enjoy


The smoke cleared and she coughed. She poured the liquid into the bottle and turned around. As if on cue a demon shimmered into the room. She kicked a crystal into place and the demon groaned from the shock.

"Damn it you stupid witch," The demon said.

"Watch it your life is on the line," She said. She pushed her brown hair behind her ears and showed the demon the potion.

"What the hell do you want with me?"

"I wanna know why there's been a surplus of lower-level demon attacks on my house," She said.

"What makes you think I know something,"

"Word travels fast down there," She said. "Now start talking."

"Never," She moved and replaced the crystal. The demon cried out in pain. "I know nothing!"

"Like hell you don't!" She shouted. Suddenly another demon shimmered into the room and chucked a fireball at the other demon.

"Nice try witch," She chucked the potion at him which collided with another fireball. The demon shimmered out of the room and the backlash of the exploded knocked her onto the ground. The sound of footsteps were heard as she regained her composure and attempted to stand up.

"What the hell is going on in here?" She ignored the voice and examined the bloody mark on her arm.


"What were you doing then?" She ignored him and began picking up the crystals and put them in a box. "Melinda!"

"I was just interrogating a demon okay," Melinda said placing the box on the table.

"No its not okay," Melinda rolled her eyes. "Plus your injured." Melinda looked at her arm.

"Pfft that's nothing," Melinda said. "I'm fine Chris." Chris gave her a look. "Please don't go and call" He cut her off.

"Wyatt," Wyatt orbed into the room next to Chris. "What's up?"

"Our sister was 'interrogating' a demon and got hurt again," Chris said. Wyatt walked over to Melinda.

"Wy I'm fine," Melinda said.

"Mel if I don't heal this thing it's gonna get infected," Wyatt said. "And then Mom's gonna yell at you for being irresponsible and me for not healing it."

"Fine," Melinda said. Wyatt held his hand over her arm and the golden glow appeared and dissappeared along with the mark.

"I don't get why you have to be so stubborn," Chris said.

"Don't even go there," Melinda said.

"Why it's true," Chris said.

"Call me stubborn and I will blast," Wyatt cut her off knowing where the conversation was going.

"Mel that's so childish," Wyatt said.

"Why it's not like Chris is gonna have kids anyway," Melinda said and left the room.

"She's so dead," Chris said heading after her. Wyatt shook his head and followed them.

"Chris don't be a baby about the comment," Melinda said. "I can't help that its true."

"It is not," Chris said. "I have a girlfriend." The doorbell rang and Wyatt opened the door to reveal a girl the same age as Melinda with blond hair dangling below her shoulders. "Talk about irony."

"Hey Izze," Melinda said. Izze walked up to Melinda. Isabelle Johnson or Izze for short had been best friends with Melinda since they were babies. Izze lived next right door, making their friendship stronger because they saw each other everyday.

"You two arguing again?" Izze asked.

"Chris is just being a baby about a comment I made as a joke," Chris rolled his eyes. "So let's go."

"Shopping spree?" Wyatt asked.

"We are girls," Izze said as Melinda grabbed her bag and coat.

"Oh Izze can I talk to you for a sec?" Chris asked. Melinda looked at Chris skeptically. "What I'm not allowed to talk to my girlfriend?"

"It's cool," Izze said. "I'll meet you in my car." Melinda shrugged and exited the house. Izze turned to Wyatt and Chris.

"Can I trust you two to handle things?" Izze asked.

"I'm going to get the food from my mom's restaurant now," Wyatt said and headed to the backdoor.



"Are you sure you can handle this decorating thing?"

"Yeah yeah I just uh have to go buy some decorations," Chris said.

"You didn't buy them yet?" Izze said. Chris was about to respond when Izze continued speaking. "Look there's a box of decorations at my house. Go over and get them and ask my sister to help you." Izze turned to leave but Chris grabbed her arm. Izze turned around and Chris kissed her.

"Have I told you that you look nice today," Chris said.

"Buttering me up huh," Izze said. "Nice try, forget to decorate and your dead meat Halliwell." Izze kissed Chris' cheek and left.

She was curled up by the window reading a book. Her blond hair hung in front of her face. She looked at thew window and watched the car take off down the street. She closed her book and got up. She walked over to the door just as their was a knock. She opened it and stared at Chris.

"My sister just left and you're here already?" Chris was about to respond when she stopped him. "You didn't buy decorations, you know I have decorations, and you need my help to not get your ass kicked by Izze."

"How did you know that?"

"Lucky guess," She picked up a box and exited the house. "Aren't I a life-saver?"

"Yes all hail the great and powerful Keira," Chris said following her.

Wyatt walked into his mother's restaurant and walked up to the bar.

"Hey Wyatt," Jeff the bartender came over to Wyatt. "What you doin here?"

"I've gotta pick up some food from my mom," Wyatt said. "Have you seen her?"

"Check the kitchen,"

"Thanks Jeff," Wyatt said heading to the kitchen. He walked in to see his mother pacing the room with a phone to her ear. She hung up and let out a sigh of frustration. "Earth to mom." Piper spun around.

"Oh hi Wyatt," Piper said. "The food's over there, so you can bring it out to your car."

"Sure," Wyatt said. "What time are you and dad coming by?"

"Izze said she's bringing Mel back at 6 right?" Wyatt nodded. "Okay well I'll come by like 4:30 or so to help set up the food."

"Okay well I have to go," Wyatt said. "Izze left Chris in charge of decoration." Piper smirked at her eldest as he grabbed the food and left.

Wyatt walked into the house carrying the food. He looked around and saw the living room completely decorated.

"Wow," Wyatt said. Chris walked over to him and took some of the food from him.

"Yes you have me to thank for it," Keira said stepping into view.

"Figures," Wyatt said heading to the kitchen. Chris and Keira followed.

"So when are Mom and Dad coming by?" Chris asked.

"4:30," Wyatt said.

"I'm gonna go now," Keira said and left the room. Chris and Wyatt waited until they heard the door slam.

"Have you ever noticed anything odd about Keira?" Chris asked.

"She always has her nose buried in a book,"

"Besides that," Chris said. "I mean she like always knows what your thinking. Like today when I went over to ask her for help she knew everything I was going to say before I said it."


"Well doesn't that sound kind of odd?"

"Chris are you trying to insinuate that Keira is like an evil being after us?" Wyatt asked.

"No," Chris said. "I think Keira is a witch."

"What has she done to make you think she's a witch?" Wyatt asked. "Do you think she's a telepath because she knew what you were thinking?"

"You're not taking me seriously," Chris said.

"Look if Keira were a witch then Izze would be a witch and then either you or Melinda would know," Wyatt said.

Melinda sat at the food court with Izze drinking a bottle of water while Izze munched on a pretzel.

"So how much longer are you going to drag me around the mall and hide your little secret," Izze looked up at Melinda.

"Don't know what you're talking about Lindy," Izze said.

"Please," Melinda said. "You plan me a birthday party every year."

"Am I that predictable?"

"Yes," Melinda said. "So how much more time do we have to kill?"

"Two hours," Izze said. "Wanna get our nails done to pass the time?"

"Sure," Melinda said. Both girls got up and headed out of the food court.

Wyatt stood in the living room helping his mother finish setting up the food.

"Done," Piper said. Keira walked into the room.

"They're back,"

"Everyone quiet," Wyatt said and turned out the lights. They heard the door open.

"Hmm it seems to be dark," Melinda said. "I wonder what happens when I turn the lights on." She flipped the switch.

"Suprise!" Melinda smiled at everyone in the room.

"Happy twenty third birthday," Piper said hugging her daughter.

"Happy birthday kiddo," Leo said.

"Wow I like the decorations," Melinda said. "Good job Keira." Keira nodded and smirked at Chris.

"Because I obviously did nothing,"

"You stood on a ladder and hung what I couldn't reach," Keira said. "Feel fulfilled now?"

"Your sarcasm hurts," Chris said.

"It should," Keira said.

The door shut and Keira turned on the lights in their living room. Izze sat down on the couch and Keira sat in the chair across from her.

"I'm such a great party thrower," Izze said smiling. Keira nodded but kept quiet. "What?"

"Don't you feel guilty?"

"About what?" Izze asked. "Throwing my best friend a party?"

"No," Keira said. "You know what I'm talking about so why haven't you told them?"

"I shouldn't have to," Izze said. Keira looked intently at Izze for a second.

"They won't think we're some kind of freaks of nature," Keira said. "I think they'll be able to accept it."

Melinda, Chris, and Wyatt stood in the attic.

"Why are we doing this again?" Chris asked.

"The demon that vanquished the other demon has to know something," Melinda said.

"Okay let's go over the plan," Wyatt said. "I summon, Mel you freeze, and Chris you set up the crystals." The three sibling nodded and Wyatt said the spell. The demon from earlier appeared along with three other demons.

Izze and Keira walked into the Manor.

"So where are they?" Izze asked. They heard a crash and ran up the stairs.

Chris went flying backward into an old couch. Melinda blew up one of the demons but another threw a fireball in her direction.

"Mel look out!" Wyatt shouted. Mel turned just as the fireball went flying back at the demon. The remaining two demons shimmered out. Melinda turned to Chris who was standing up.

"Did you?"

"No," Melinda looked confused but turned in the direction of the attic door. They say Keira and Izze. Izze's right hand was hanging in the air. The two sisters shared a looked and then ran out down the stairs.

"Anyone else confused?" Wyatt asked.

"I don't freaking believe it," Melinda said.