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"We're free!" Peyton shouted as she got into the front seat of Keira's car. The school day had just ended and they were on Christmas vacation.

"Only for a week," Pamela said, rather sadly. "These vacations are always way too."

"Think of it this way," Keira said, starting the car. "Next year around this time we'll have finished our first semester as college freshman."

"Good god," Peyton said. "Let's not talk about college! Those applications sucked enough. Now we have to wait to hear what schools want us and what schools don't."

"It sucks majorly," Pamela said. "But let's not talk about a boring subject like that."

"So what should we talk about?" Keira asked. "Christmas presents? Cuz I'm pretty sure you've both already told me that."

"Also boring," Peyton said. "Although I'm excited you're going to be joining us nutty Halliwells for Christmas this year."

"My sister got me the in," Keira said jokingly. "Pregnancy helps with those kinds of things." The twins laughed at her comment.

"Oh I know!" Pamela said. "We can talk about how our brother is completely into you!" Keira's eyes widened.

"I told you she already knew," Peyton said. "She is an empath."

"We are so not having this conversation," Keira said.

"Why not?" Pamela asked. "Do you like him?"

"I don't really know him," Keira said. "And it doesn't help that I know he likes me due to my powers! Haven't you noticed me avoiding him whenever I'm at your house?"

"Duh," Pamela said. "That's why we're bringing it up."

"It's getting kind of ridiculous," Peyton said. "I mean the incident from last weekend was truly the icing on the cake." Keira groaned, being reminded of the embarassment she had put herself through just to avoid Henry Jr. She had been in the kitchen with the twins, talking about some school assignment while making smoothies, when Henry Jr. orbed in. Things hadn't been that awkward at first, with the twins engaging in some sibling banter with their older brother. It was when Henry turned his attention to Keira that it became awkward. His feelings at the time had been about how nice her eyes were look at it. Keira looked away and tried to grab her books to leave when she crashed into the blender.

"Our kitchen still kind of smells of fruit," Pamela said with a smirk.

"If we had inherited that nifty freezing power that Mel has," Peyton said.

"Oh because orbing yourself and objects is such a suckish power," Keira said sarcastically.

"Don't hate just cuz you got passive powers," Peyton said. "And remember my sister and I can orb you very far away."

"And I'll call my whitelighter to bring me back," Keira said.

"If he's not too busy with Mel," Pamela shot back. "But maybe you can call Henry to get you!"

"I'm going to hurt you," Keira said as they pulled up to her house. Peyton turned to look at Pamela and they smirked.

"Kitchen in the manor," The twins said. Keira disappeared in a swirl of blue lights and the twins giggled loudly.

"Piper I can't eat all of this," Izze was sitting in the kitchen with Piper and Melinda. Piper was convinced that Izze wasn't eating enough for both herself and the baby and had made her a late but large lunch. Izze had eaten about a quarter of it, but was unable to eat anymore.

"You need your nourishment," Piper said pushing the plate back towards. Izze looked over at Melinda, a pleading look on her face.

"Sorry," Melinda said holding her hands up. "Can't help you. My mother is a very determined person."

"Well now if I puke I don't have to blame the morning sickness," Izze grumbled. Suddenly, Keira appeared in the kitchen via orbs.

"Hi Keira," Piper said confused.

"Those two are dead," Keira said darkly. She looked at Piper, Izze, and Melinda. "Hi, bye." She exited through the back door. "YOU TWO HAVE A DEATH WISH!"

"No killing!" Izze called after her. Keira stalked back inside.

"What could I possibly do with passive powers?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Oh stop complaining!" Melinda said. "You and Paulina should form a club and complain to each other."

"And maybe she can help me kill the twins," Keira said before leaving. Izze went to say something but Keira stopped her. "Don't even try sis!" They heard a loud scream followed by the sound of a slamming door.

"Please do not hold me accountable for any damages done to your nieces," Izze said to Piper. "I have no control over her when she gets like that."

"I won't," Piper said. "As long as you finish eating this." She handed Izze a fork and Izze groaned. She paused for a second before making a face. Melinda moved fast grabbing a bucket and placing right by Izze as Izze vomited. Melinda sighed as she held her best friends hair back.

"Please take the food away now," Melinda said. Piper sighed as she dumped the food in the garbage can. They kitchen door opened as Wyatt, Chris, and Leo walked in.

"That's a welcoming sight," Wyatt said.

"Screw you," Izze managed say before continuing to puke.

"Do you think we can move Izze to a different room?" Leo asked.

"She's kind of vomiting Dad," Melinda said.

"I know," Leo said. "That's the point."

"It's fine," Izze said. "I'm done. I think." She looked at Chris and frowned. "I blame you for this."

"And your prize for being to blame," Melinda began. She handed him the bucket. "Is getting to deal with the puke bucket! Come on Iz." Melinda ushered Izze out of the kitchen.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Chris asked holding the bucket away from him.

"Empty it out," Piper said, as if it were the most obvious thing to do. "Take it outside and wash it with the hose." Chris headed outside, keeping the bucket a good distance away from him.

"Now that that has been dealt with," Leo said. "We can continue the conversation we were having before."

"Oh clever," Wyatt said. "Bring it up in front of mom."

"Bring what up in front of mom?" Piper asked with her hands on her hips.

"I told Wyatt that he should his girlfriend over for Christmas," Leo said. "But Wyatt seems to think that's a bad idea."

"Yes," Wyatt said. "Because I've only been dating her for a month and you want me to bring her over when the whole family is going to be here. First off, our family is nuts, no point in trying to deny that. And second, she's non-magical and whenever the whole family is here, something magical happens, whether demon-related or just something stupid."

"That's not completely true," Piper said.

"When I was eight Chris used his phasing power to open every present," Wyatt said. "Melinda exploded pudding in Uncle Coop's face when she was thirteen. Pilar almost injured Grandpa when she first got her levitating powers. The twins orbed Paulina to the top of Golden Gate Bridge and she almost fell off."

"Fine we get it," Piper said. "We're all extremely dysfunctional. But as your parents, it is our right to get to meet your girlfriend."

"Did you seriously just play the parent card?" Wyatt asked.

"It's better than the mom card," Leo said. "But she has a point."

"Fine," Wyatt said. "I'll talk to Lilith about something after Christmas. Anyways, she's probably flying to Connecticut to see her dad."

"Fair enough," Piper said. Suddenly, Keira was orbed into the kitchen.

"Oh my god!" Keira shouted.

"They did it again huh?" Piper asked. Keira nodded, furiously. She turned to Leo.

"Is there a way to kill someone with emotions?" She asked.

"I'm not going to answer that," Leo said cautiously.

"Fine," Keira said balling her hands into fists. "I'll do it the old fashion way." And then left the Manor.

"Should we be worried?" Wyatt asked.

"Yes," Piper said. "For Pamela and Peyton's sake."

A few hours later, Keira was sitting in the living room of her house reading. Pamela and Peyton had orbed home a long time ago, afraid Keira was actually going to hurt them. At that point, Keira had calmed down sufficiently especially since she was reading. Suddenly, Chris orbed into the room.

"Hey small fry," Chris said. "You're not still on the war path are you?"

"No," Keira said. "The twins left a long time ago and reading helped me calm down. I can't promise in the future they'll be safe though. Especially at the Halliwell family Christmas when I'll have Paulina on my side." Chris chuckled. "So what are you doing here? Because last I checked Izze was at your house."

"Yeah she's hanging out with Mel," Chris said. "I kind of came here hoping you could help me."

"With?" Keira asked.

"A favor," Chris said. Keira looked at him curiously, wondering what he meant. When her powers kicked in, her eyes widened.

"Oh my god!" Keira shouted excitedly. She tossed her book aside and ran up to him. "Of course I'll help!"

"See you being an empath makes things much easier," Chris said with a smile. Keira nodded with a wide grin. "Alright, let's go small fry." And they orbed out.

Wyatt and Lilith sat in P3 eating lunch.

"So when do you leave?" Wyatt asked. Lilith sighed.

"I leave tomorrow," Lilith said. "But I'll be back on the 30th."

"Good," Wyatt said. "And when you get back I'm obligated to tell you that my parents want to meet and probably have you over for dinner."

"That sounds good," Lilith said. "Yet you seemed apprehensive to tell me."

"My family's rather nutty," Wyatt said.

"Hey I should know what I'm getting in to," Lilith said. "And plus your parents cannot be as embarassing as my father. He specifically puts out embarassing photos just because he thinks it's hysterical when my face turns beet red."

"Sounds like we should never have our parents together in the same room," Wyatt said and Lilith nodded mouthing 'Yeah'. Lilith stood up and grabbed her bag. "You're not going are you?"

"I have to," Lilith said. "I have to finish packing."

"I thought you already did that!" Wyatt said.

"Well I've tried," Lilith said. "But everytime I do, this rather good-looking blond guy calls me and distracts me!"

"He sounds like a charmer," Wyatt said with a smirk. "And you do know you could always say no."

"And risk an unhappy boyfriend?" Lilith asked. "Psh." Wyatt smiled and kissed her. "You're doing it again!"

"See I was hoping you wouldn't notice," Wyatt said before kissing her again.

"You know if you don't let me go," Lilith began. "I could always go to your family's Christmas."

"That's cruel," Wyatt said, before sighing dramatically. "Alright go." Lilith giggled and kissed him again.

"See you in a week," Lilith said before exiting the club. Wyatt smiled as she left.

"So why'd you ask me?" Keira and Chris were standing in the designated store staring at all of the displays. "I mean you could have easily asked Mel."

"Mel wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret," Chris said. "And you're her sister."

"And I would have known anyways because I'm an empath," Keira said quietly with a knowing smirk. Chris nudged her and she stuck her tongue out.

"Have you seen anything you like?" One of the employees asked.

"What do you think small fry?" Chris asked, looking at Izze. Keira looked in the display case. She looked over the objects, channeling what she knew Izze would love. She spotted one in the corner and smiled.

"That one," Keira said pointing at it. "Izze would love that one." The clerk smiled and took the object out of the display case.

"Should we check to see if it fits?" Chris asked. The clerk nodded and took Keira's hand. It fit her perfectly, meaning it would fit Izze perfectly. "Perfect."