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Chapter 1: The Morning After... Finally

Max tried to open her heavy eyes as an annoying beeping interrupted her sleep. When opening her eyes failed, she stuck her arm out in the direction of the beeping. She felt around, and found her alarm clock, and as she brought it closer to herself, the beeping got louder, so she assumed she'd found the culprit. She tried to turn it off, and when that failed, she simply flung it away, into a wall. She smiled with some satisfaction when she heard the smash, before she rolled over, intending to go back to sleep. But she was stopped from doing just that when she simultaneously felt some beside her, and heard that same someone laughing softly. Her eyes had no trouble springing open now, and they came to rest on... Alec?

He was looking at her now, smiling, well no, grinning was more like it. He seemed to be taking pleasure in the confusion on her face... pleasure. She looked down as that word brought all the memories of last night flooding back. Alec and her, fighting in his apartment, his mouth on hers, grabbing at his clothes. And suddenly, she smiled too.

"Well, you're smiling, and not hitting me either. I'm taking that to be a good thing. So, can I assume that you're not freaking out too much about last night?" He asked, and she looked back up at him.

"Freaking out, no; confused as hell, definitely. And a little scared." She admitted the last bit softly, as she looked back down, biting her lip. He caught her chin in his hand, brought her head up so she was forced to look at him again.

"What're you scared about Maxie?"

"Just... this. What does it mean, Alec? I mean, last night was far from normal for us. I mean, yeah, the fighting was usual for us, but after that? Not so much, you know?" He grinned again before he answered.

"Well, if you think back to the last two weeks, it was sort of normal. And even before that, well, I think was a long time coming."

"Yeah, considering the past two weeks, I guess this shouldn't seem so strange, should it?

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