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Chapter 1: Be Careful What You Wish For

It's a bright, sunny day. The sky is an azure blue, with only a few clouds much to the displeasure of a certain lazy chunnin. Some would say that this is due to the fact that kami willed it for the special occasion about to take place that day. Today is the day that Naruto Uzumaki comes home from his three-year training. A lot had happened the last four years, though some of it our hero is still unaware of. A couple of important things happened: the inauguration of the new Kazekage, Sabaku no Gaara, Akatsuki's becoming an even bigger threat (having captured not only Gaara's demon, the one-tailed tanuki, but also the two-tailed cat, three-tailed turtle, and the 4 tailed-beast), and finally Sasuke's defection from the Sound.

As Naruto continued to walk towards Konoha, he turned to Jiraiya and called "Hurry it up Ero-Sennin! I can see the gates of Konoha! Come on!"

This didn't move Jiraiya all that much, the old Sannin just kept up the same exact pace as before Naruto's out burst. Getting frustrated with having to wait even longer to get back to his friends and village, Naruto was suddenly enlightened as to a way to get the old sage to move faster. By performing the Shunshin, Naruto moved next to the slow moving hermit and quickly grabbed his latest notes for Icha Icha. Naruto then ran slightly ahead of Jiraiya, took out an explosive tag, and attached it to the notebook. This easily attracted Jiraiya's attention. "Now, Ero-Sennin, we wouldn't want anything bad to happen to your precious notes, ne? So lets hurry back to Konoha before they explode!"

With that, Naruto broke out into a run, to be (surprisingly) closely followed by the old sage. When they were within seeing distance of the gate guards, Naruto suddenly stopped short, causing Jiraiya to run into him. Consequently they both toppled over and fell in a pile. While getting untangled from one another, Jiraiya managed to get back his notes and sighed contentedly knowing they were safe. They both got up and started to walk towards the gate. Two unimportant chunnin were on guard duty at the time, and so they were stopped and made to wait for the okay to come in. This suited Naruto and Jiraiya just fine, as they weren't hoping to make a big entrance anyway. After waiting for about five minutes, the two travelers were finally allowed entrance.

Naruto began to walk towards the Hokage Tower, and Jiraiya wordlessly feel into step behind him due to Jiraiya still being concerned over his precious research. When they finally got to the tower, miraculously without running into anyone of Naruto's friends, instead of going in through the front door, they decided to walk up the building and in Tsunade's office window. "Obaa-chan! I'm back!"

Needless to say, she wasn't very pleased about being scared out of her drunken stupor. In fact, she was so displeased that she punched Jiraiya through one of the doors he was supposed to have used. After Naruto dug him out, he began his description of his journeys with the perverted sage. "…Staying with Gaara was awesome! We had so many good fights! And so we finally left Hidden Sand to come back here" voiced Naruto in his typical excited manner.

Tsunade merely nodded her head and said "Naruto, you're dismissed for now. Jiraiya, you stay behind."

"See ya' later Obaa-chan!"

Once Naruto was gone, Tsunade turned to Jiraiya and asked "So, how far has he come?"

"Well, we made some good progress. He can now access four tails worth of the Kyubbi's chakra without losing control. He's mastered most of the Gama clan's jutsu, and a good assortment of other jutsu of varying levels. He could probably take Kakashi in a fair fight now, and his own chakra level is nearing my own" stated Jiraiya.

Tsunade simply nodded, it was the kind of jump she was hoping Naruto would make over his three-year training course. Jiraiya continued, "Besides his body, I made sure to work his mind quite a lot. After all, we can't leave the village in the hands of a complete idiot someday. He now has at least a basic understanding of war, assassination, battle, stealth, and reconnaissance tactics. In addition, I had to teach him a lot of etiquette after he insulted a couple of politicians and a foreign daiyamo. All in all, he's still the kid that left three years ago, same goals and such, but he's grown in maturity and skill, and of course, lets not forget, his height that I've had to hear about all the way back here."

Tsunade and Jiraiya continued their talk for the remainder of the work hours, ending in Tsunade deciding to have Kakashi test Naruto's newfound abilities.

Meanwhile, Naruto walked about the village trying to locate his friends. The first person he ran into was, of course, Sakura, seeing as he had just walked out of Hokage Tower and she happened to be going to work there soon. Actually, Naruto was the one being run into, seeing as Sakura tackled him with a yell of "Naruto!" and pulled him into a strong embrace, shortly causing him to go blue.

After finally being released from Sakura's hug of death, Naruto inhaled deeply and said "Guess ya' missed me, eh Sakura?" with his trade mark grin. "Come on, let's go to Ichiraku's and we'll catch up there!"

Sakura followed as Naruto led the way to Ichiraku's. Upon entering, Naruto yelled "Hey old man! Gimme 15 bowls of Pork Ramen!"

The old man smiled and said "Right away my favorite customer! And what will the young lady be having?"

Sakura simply shook her head and said "Oh, no thank you. I've already eaten and I don't have much time anyway. I have to go work for Hokage-sama." Sakura turned to Naruto and asked "So, how was your adventure Naruto?"

And so, Naruto began his tale. Little did these two know, there was another of their friends outside, trying to build up the courage to go and talk to Naruto. She finally got her chance, as Sakura came out of the stand, having finished listen to Naruto's story, and found her there, waiting. "Hinata, get in there and say 'Hello' to Naruto" Sakura whispered to the waiting girl. Sakura, seeing Hinata become frozen in place at the prospect of talking to her crush, gave Hinata a "little" shove in towards where Naruto was sitting. Sakura's "little" shove actually got Hinata all the way over to Naruto and seated next to him. When Sakura noticed this while starting to leave for the tower, she chuckled to herself and thought "Cha! True love always wins!"

Hinata settled herself in on the stool next to Naruto as he looked on with a confused expression wondering to himself how she had come to end up in the seat next to him. After getting over the initial confusion and seeing that Hinata wasn't going to start the conversation, Naruto said "So, Hinata, what have you been up to these past three years?"

"W…well… I trained a lot. Neji-nisan hel…helped to get me up to his level…as wel…as well as father's." Hinata managed to get out. "How…how about you, Nar…Naruto?"

And so, Hinata listened to the entire tale as Naruto told it for the third time that day. While he was telling the story, Naruto noticed that Hinata had…matured greatly over the past three years. Though it was hard to tell, she had quiet the nice figure underneath that enormous sweatshirt of hers. Not only that, she had grown a little bit taller and had grown out her hair to the extent that it was at her shoulder blades now. All in all, Naruto was pretty impressed. At the same time, Hinata was thinking along the same lines, only for Naruto. He had grown a lot! He now reached 6'4" and seemed to be incredibly toned. His azure eyes shined even brighter than she remebered. And his hair, his wonderful hair! It had been grown out as well, to the point that naruto currently had it in a ponytail to keep it from blocking his sight. Hinata felt even more of an attraction to him now than ever before, which was nigh impossible to achieve. When he finally finished, Hinata stared in awe at the things he had done and said, "Wow, I wish I could go on an adventure like that."

Naruto said "I'll take you on one someday Hinata! They're super fun and you learn all these cool new jutsus!" The thought of spending alone time with Naruto made Hinata turn a deep shade of red and she started to poke her fingers together like she hadn't done in three years. "Do you have a fever Hinata?" said Naruto has he put the back of his hand to her forehead. This finally pushed Hinata over the edge, and she fainted.

Naruto sighed, picked her up bridal style and began to walk towards the hospital. I wonder why she always does that around me? Maybe she's allergic to something I wear? Or maybe she's allergic to blondes? Yeah that's probably it! After all, she was placed on a team with all dark haired people and there's no one in her family with blonde hair!

After bringing Hinata to the hospital, Naruto started to walk towards the center of town only to be stopped by a masked A.N.B.U. "Uzumaki, you are to report to the Hokage, right now."

Naruto sighed and performed the Shunshin to get himself outside of Hokage Tower, as Hokage Tower itself was unenterable through those means. He walked up the tower, on the inside this time and made his way into Tsunade's office. When he had entered and the doors were shut, Tsunade began to speak "Naruto, in light of my discussion with Jiraiya, I have decided to send you on another training mission, this time in hopes of gaining full mastery over the majority of the Kyubbi's chakra." "What! I just got back and you're going to send me away again! Come on Obaa-chan! You can't do this to me! Besides, I've had enough of training with Ero-Sennin! He doesn't even teach, he just makes me figure it out on my own!"

"I'm not sending you with Jiraiya again. Instead, I have an old…friend of mine who I have called upon to train you. He should be here by tomorrow at noon. Until then, you may do as you please, but you had better show up at the training grounds tomorrow at 12. Also, depending on how well you do in your bout against him tomorrow, you might be raised to chunnin status." "Alright! Okay, I'll do it!…Wait, can Hinata come too?" This made Tsunade raise an eyebrow. "Why?" "Well, I promised to take her on an adventure someday, and I figured this would be the perfect chance." "Hmm, I'm okay with it, but you'll have to ask your new sensei tomorrow. First though, you'll be dealing with your old sensei. In order to test your proficiency with all the new things that you've learned, you and Sakura will being paying Kakashi a visit at your old training ground." "Alright! I get to fight Kakashi-sensei! … When?"

"Right now. Get over there!" Tsunade ended the conversation by socking Naruto in the face, through the wall and (conveniently) towards the direction of the training grounds. After picking himself up and out of the rubble, Naruto began to run towards Training Ground # Seven. When he arrived, he saw both Kakashi and Sakura already there and waiting. Kakashi had out the latest edition of the Icha Ichaseries. "Glad you could join us Naruto. Now that we're all here, let's see if you two can get the bells this time? Same rules as before, except you both really do have to get a bell this time."

"Alright Sakura! We're gonna take him down!" yelled Naruto.

After announcing this, Naruto jumped away into the surrounding foliage while Sakura soon followed. Hmmm. They've improved. Not only did they think enough to try to make a plan first, they even seem to have agreed on the spot they'll be hiding in. I think I'll just let them talk it out while I settle in to Jiraiya-sama's new book.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura were debating as to how to gain the bells from their old sensei. Sakura wanted to go all out in a Taijutsu duel, having both herself and Naruto attack at once from different angles, while continuing to move around Kakashi until they wore him down. Naruto wanted to go with the less direct route (surprisingly). His plan included him distracting Kakashi with everything he had while Sakura snuck up and stole the two bells while Kakashi was distracted. "Come on Sakura! He'll never know what hit him, just leave it to me! Please?"

"Fine Naruto, let's just get this over with. I'll sneak over and steal the bells while you distract him. Just make sure you do a good job." Sakura playfully admonished.

"Yeah, yeah." Naruto said as he launched himself in Kakashi's direction. While running towards his old sensei, Naruto yelled out "Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" and 10 kage bunshins appeared next to him as he ran forward. The original Naruto threw a punch towards Kakashi while the ten kage bunshin gathered in a circle around them. Of course Kakashi ducked and then countered with a sweep kick turned roundhouse on the second way around. Naruto bent over backwards and proceeded to bring up his right foot to try to kick Kakashi underneath his chin. Thanks to his large amount of battle experience , Kakashi knew to take a step backward thus allowing the foot to go flying past. However, Naruto had picked up a couple new tricks over his training mission. As his foot went by Kakashi's face, a blade of air grazed his face. This managed to put a small tear in Kakashi's mask, revealing a small portion of the rather large smile on Kakashi's face. "It seems as if you've improved quite a lot Naruto, to be able to manipulate wind chakra like that. Maybe we'll both get to have some fun out of this, ne?" Kakashi said as he pulled his forehead protector up from his eye. Naruto simply grinned and yelled "Doton no Jutsu!" as he disappeared into the ground. That was the cue to the kage bunshin to begin their attack. They each pulled out six shuriken (three for each hand) and threw them all at different angles towards Kakashi. Seeing this, Kakashi jumped into the air to try to avoid the attack. However, the kage bunshin yelled out "Taju Kage Shuriken no Jutsu!" and the 60 shuriken suddenly became 6000 shuriken. Unsurprised due to his use of the Sharingan, Kakashi performed the needed hand seal for the Kawarimi just before the majority of the shuriken sunk into the log he replaced himself with. Upon landing on the ground, Kakashi suddenly had to jump again as Naruto's hand's came out of the ground using Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu. Noticing that his attack missed, Naruto came out of the ground, dismissed all of his kage bunshin. He sat down for a moment trying to think of another way to possibly distract Kakashi, as Sakura had yet to make her move. What else can I pull? I mean, I guess I could use sexy no jutsu, but I don't really wanna get in trouble for winning…Just then, Naruto's stomach growled. He looked down and patted his stomach with one hand as he reached into his kunai pouch looking for the occasional snack he kept there. To his dismay, the only thing he found was the unreleased, new Icha Icha book that Jiraiya had given him as a "graduation present". This however gave him an idea. Hmmm. I wonder if I start to ruin the 'story', pft if it can even be called one, will he be so focused on that that he won't notice Sakura sneaking up behind him?… Well, I guess it's worth a shot. "Hey Kakashi-sensei! Look what I got!" Naruto said as he pulled out Icha Icha Heaven in the golden edition and signed by none other than Jiraiya himself.

Kakashi's eye's widened at this as he stood their stupefied. Naruto started with " Here, let me read you the best part…. So, he took her and gently placed her on the nearby desk. He slowly lifted up her skirt after receiving a nod from the beautiful angel he was holding. Next, his hands went to her undergarments…."

Naruto continued to read the passage all the while holding Kakashi's attention. During this time, Sakura managed to get behind Kakashi and switch the bells out for a pair of earrings she had had on. When Naruto noticed Sakura had completed her part he snapped the book shut and began to wave in front of the zoning Kakashi. He finally snapped out of it when he heard Naruto say "Looks like we pass Kakashi-sensei" as Sakura jingled the bells from behind him.

"I can't believe you fell for that sensei. I'm disappointed in you" pouted Sakura.

Kakashi sweat dropped after hearing that and managed to get out a "Good job. You're dismissed" before shunshining away to report to Tsunade. "Well I'll see you around Sakura. I'm super hungry so I'm just gonna go get something to eat. Bye!"

Sakura was left behind in the dust as Naruto ran off towards Ichiraku's for the second time that day. She merely giggled to herself and shook her head.

Meanwhile, in Tsunade's office, Kakashi reported the results of his test with Naruto and Sakura. "So you're telling me that they beat you because you let them distract you with your dirty novels?"

"…Yes, Tsunade-sama. I couldn't help myself."

"Well besides learning to use an opponents weakness against them, did he appear to have advanced in any other area?" asked Tsunade. Tsunade was wondering how much of his skill Naruto had let on already andif maybe he was holding something back.

"He has at least enough of a grasp on element manipulation to have kicked an airt blade at me, hence the tear in my mask. Also, it seems that he has expanded, at least slightly, his jutsu arsenal as well as his use of his Kage Bunshin."

"Very well, it looks like we'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out anymore of the new Naruto. Come by tomorrow if you want, Kakashi, its sure to be…interesting" finished Tsunade.


Shunshin – Allows the user to move from one area to another via "teleportation" (they poof in clouds of smoke or leaves). The leaves may serve as an indicator that they are from Konoha.

Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - multiple shadow clones

Taju Kage Shuriken no Jutsu - creates multiple shuriken from the original(s)

Doton no jutsu - Allows the user to manipulate the earth (such as sinking beneath the ground to attack from below)

Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu – done when the user is below the target, it forces them down into the ground up to their head. Also known as the Inner Decapitation Technique

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