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-------------Chapter 4: Getting to Know You--------------

When Naruto and Hinata woke up the next morning, they found a note attached to Hinata's tent. It read, "Naruto and Hinata, I have to take care of some…errands today. I want both of you to continue east as far as possible for today. Make sure you take an appropriate break for lunch and eat breakfast as well. Depending on how far you make it, feel free to get a room at an inn for the three of us. Seeing as I am not with you today, I would have you both work on team building exercises. Get to know each others' personality, weaknesses, strengths, strategies, reactions, and way of thinking. Also, Naruto, if you'd like me to teach you a new jutsu when I get back, you need to teach Hinata the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and the Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu as well as how to use them efficiently. While you're at it, both of you need to remember to practice the jutsus I've already taught you and perfect them. Signed, Jato. P.S. I will be testing your teamwork tonight. P.S.S. you might notice it is a little harder to support yourself today. No worries though, that's just me."

Naruto and Hinata were slightly confused at first, until Hinata tried to pick up her pack to get some breakfast out. She noticed that her arms were a little heavier than usual. At this point, Naruto noticed the kanji for weight written on the back of Hinata's neck. He then said, "It looks like he marked us with some kind of seal to make it seem like we are carrying more weight." He then groaned as he realized that he had one too.

They ate their breakfast in relative silence, other than asking each other how they had slept. After breakfast, they packed up and began walking. After they had walked for a couple of minutes, Naruto turned to Hinata and said, "Well, what do you want to do Hinata. This is your adventure after all, so you decide what we should do first. "

Hinata thought for a moment and then said, "Well, I…I think we sh…should practice ou…our jutsu first. Th..then work on team work. An..and after that, may…maybe you could teach me those jutsu?"

Naruto gave her one of his trade mark grins and said, "Sounds like a plan Hinata!"

They continued to walk toward their unknown destination while practicing their respective jutsus (Shitai Hatamata Reikon Heigou no Jutsu for Naruto, and Tomoshibi no Tate for Hinata). After about three hours of walking, they came across a small river and decided that they had practiced enough. They took a quick drink and decided they would walk another hour before taking a break for lunch (at noon). When noon came, they were in a small forest clearing. They sat down and began to eat; more tired than they normally would be due to the extra weight. Finally, after feeling replenished, Naruto began to ask Hinata questions. "What do you consider to be your greatest strength Hinata?" Naruto asked.

Hinata thought quietly for a moment before saying, "My belief in my nindo way?"

Naruto nodded and said, "Come to think of it, I think that's mine too. I mean if I chose to give up instead of never backing down, where would I be today?"

This time Hinata asked a question, "What do you think your weakness is Naruto?"

Naruto was able to respond quickly, due to past experiences while on his training trip. "Genjutsu is most definitely my weakness. It takes me forever to realize that I'm in one, and I can't cast them at all. What about you Hinata?"

Hinata looked down and said, "Ninjutsu mostly and a little bit of Genjutsu as well." She felt ashamed because she had more weaknesses that Naruto.

Naruto quickly cut in saying, "That's all right, between Jato and me, we'll fix that up in no time!"

A small smile crept onto Hinata's face, bringing along the usual blush that came from being around Naruto.She remembered the task at hand and asked Naruto, "What is your strategy going into a fight?"

They kept asking each other questions for another hour. Thankfully, Hinata remembered that they were supposed to keep walking while they did this. And so, she quickly got up and motioned for Naruto to do the same. They walked in silence, each teen trapped in their own thoughts. Naruto thought to himself, "She must have been so tired that she couldn't even stutter. She also didn't seem to be sick today…maybe she just doesn't get out enough?"

Hinata had a blush on her face as she looked back on the wonderful, dreamlike afternoon she had had with Naruto so far. "Naruto, it was so nice getting to know you."

Finally, they remembered that Naruto was supposed to be teaching Hinata the assigned jutsu. They frantically began the lessons in the hopes that she would have somewhat down by the time Jato got back. By the time the decided to call it quits, they were in a small town. Hinata now could create a single Kage Bunshin and she at least understood the concepts of performing the Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu due to lacking the proper amount of chakra to perform such a technique.

The checked into an inn near the edge of town and waited for Jato to return. It was about seven o'clock when he arrived, and they had been waiting for an hour, bored in the room. Of course, he didn't use the door, or even the window. He just appeared inside of the room and scared both of his apprentices. Smirking, Jato said, "We're going to have a little spar outside, you two against me. I'll give you five minutes to plan and get ready. I'll be out back." He then disappeared again, this time via a burning flame from the bottom up.

Naruto and Hinata quickly formulated a battle plan (it was a little slipshod though), grabbed their gear and headed outside. When they got out back, they found Jato standing inside a ring in the earth. He had apparently just drawn it, as the earth was still fresh around the lines. It was about thirty feet in diameter. Jato motioned for them to come inside of the circle and said, "Show me what you have learned today. Start with the jutsu."

Naruto flipped through the needed hand signs to perform the Shitai Hatamata Reikon Heigou no Jutsu, though of course he didn't execute it. Jato nodded and motioned for Hinata to perform her jutsus. She first performed the Tomoshibi no Tate. Jato nodded again and said, "Good, it works nicely. Yours is a lavender color, in case you wanted to know. Now, show me what Naruto was able to teach you today."

"Hai." Said Hinata, as she did the hand sign for the Kage Bunshin no jutsu. She created one healthy Kage Bunshin. Jato nodded for the third time before saying, "Good progress. We will have our spar now. The both of you will be against me. We will use Taijutsu only. Your objective is for both of you to land a potentially killing blow, with the assistance of the other. Also, you may not leave the circle before I call the end of our spar. Doing so will result in a failure. Failure will earn you a punishment worthy of the failure."

Naruto and Hinata stood there waiting to begin. Still, ten minutes later, they stood patiently while Jato sat with his eyes closed. Finally, Jato shook his head and said, "This is my first practical lesson for the both of you. As soon as you know you have an opponent, attack. Don't wait for them to make it seem like its time to start the show."

Having said this, Jato jumped toward Naruto and started to perform a flying roundhouse kick. However, both Naruto and Hinata stopped him mid-jump. The two just kind of stared at each other, thus giving another opening for Jato, who turned off of their hands and nailed Hinata in the side of her head. She flew backwards, toward the edge of the circle, before she finally managed to slow herself to a stop.

Seeing that she was still in the circle, Jato charged toward her, only to find a certain blonde blocking his path. Jato stopped, interested to see what would happen next. He noticed that Naruto put his hands behind his back, before moving them around (so that Jato couldn't see what he was motioning). Hinata quickly stood up and moved to the spot where Naruto was previously standing. Naruto, on the other hand, ran to the other side of the circle. Jato smirked as he waited for the two to come.

Both Naruto and Hinata charged forward, though at different paces. Hinata came to Jato first and struck out with a palm strike aimed at Jato's chest. Jato deflected it and ducked down to send a sweep kick at Hinata. The kick knocked Hinata down to the ground. Jato started to rise up when he was suddenly caught by surprise by a flying kick to the middle of his back, courtesy of Naruto. Jato flew back several feet before "flying" over Hinata's rising form.

Just as Jato was jumping over her, Hinata shot another palm strike toward his torso. This one managed to land, causing Jato to move slightly higher into the air. He fell back about an extra five feet, landing on his feet.

As he turned to face them, Jato had a smile on his face and said, "Well done, I like what I see so far. Keep it up!"

Jato ran toward Hinata, jumped over her using her shoulders as a boost, and head butted Naruto square in the chest. Naruto fell like a brick. Jato turned around and saw Hinata staring at his unorthodox taijutsu move. Using the slight distraction, Jato ran back toward Hinata, gave her a right uppercut punch. She flew into the air due to the ferocity of the attack. He jumped ahead of her and then rammed his elbow into her back…or he would have had she been there. Before Jato could get to her, Naruto had managed to push Hinata out of the way.

"Oh crap," thought Naruto as he received the crushing blow from Jato's elbow. He started plummeting toward the ground. He landed right on top of Hinata, due to Jato changing the angle at which he hit Naruto with his elbow. Hinata and Naruto, so caught up in their awkward position, failed to notice Jato coming at them at increasing rates thanks to gravity.

He slammed into Naruto's back, again, and sent first Hinata and then Naruto into the ground, about three feet in total.

Jato stood waiting for his apprentices to make the next move for a couple of minutes before walking over to see if he had damaged them a little too much. As he neared the crevice, he was suddenly sucker punched by none other than Hinata. This time, Jato went flying up into the air having been caught off guard.

Naruto then made his move. He jumped after him and met him in the air, causing Jato to spin around. Right before Jato began to spin, Naruto did two things. He stealthily placed an explosive tag on his sensei's back as he whispered to Jato, "Never wait for your opponents to make the first move, ne sensei?"

Naruto sped away through the air before detonating the explosive tag. Naruto fell back to the ground next to Hinata. Both were shocked to see that no log or anything was replaced for Jato before the detonation. The detonation was so strong it began to rain blood.

Both Naruto and Hinata stood in shock when suddenly Jato appeared behind them and outside of the circle. They turned around as he said, "Oh, there are so many lessons I'm going to have to teach you two, aren't there?"

Hinata and Naruto still sat there dumbfounded. Jato shook his head and proceeded to say, "Okay, second practical lesson: There is but one rule in a fight. The best ninja win."

Jato then asked Hinata, "And why don't you have your Byakugan activated? Always, always, always use any advantage you have. I was impressed that you used my possible worry for my students against me, but you gotta' use every advantage."

Finally, Naruto broke free of his dumbstruck state and asked Jato, "But how did you survive? We blew you up so much that it rained your blood. I know, because I'm drenched in it!"

"I never really fought either of you. It was a clone that you killed. Also, the little blood rain was a complex genjutsu that I created to fool anyone, even someone with a doujutsu," Jato replied calmly. Jato put his hands together and said "Kai." They were both clean of all bloodstains instantly.

This shut Naruto up rather quickly. Jato said, "Way to stick by each other's side though. The teamwork you two demonstrated is widely appreciated and for that, as well as the potentially killing hits, you two win. Now, Naruto you head into the room, get cleaned up and get something to eat."

Naruto soundlessly complied. Hinata began to head toward the in as well, but Jato stopped her saying, "Hinata, how much do you know about the Nenshouhin Byakugan?"

"It's a Hyuuga family legend," said Hinata as she turned around.

"Thats a lie. The Hyuuga family made it into a legend. This was done to avoid the embarrassment of people knowing they no longer possessed it. Do you know why they lost it?" Jato asked.

Hinata shook her head no, unsure of where this was going. "It was because their spirits became impure. The original Byakugan belonged to a man who was so pure that he could almost match a Kami in positive spiritual energy. Because of this, his Byakugan was infinitely stronger than your modern one."

"But sensei, what does this have to do with me?" asked Hinata

"I believe you to be pure enough to attain such a level of mastery. Hence the reason why I took you on. From the twelve o' one a.m. tomorrow until twelve o' one a.m. thirteen days later, I want you to keep your Byakugan activated. That means even during the time you're trying to sleep. Understood?" Jato asked.

Hinata asked, "Why sensei? Won't that just drain me of chakra?"

"Well of course it will. You'll also be doing it with those weight seals I made still active." Jato said.

Hinata thought for a moment and then said, "And you think this will bring out the Nenshouhin Byakugan? Why?"

"Suddenly more confident I see, Hinata,"Jato replied, "A friend of mine, the one who asked me to train at least one Hyuuga, and I theorized that the thirteen days and thirteen nights of activation should effectively put both your Byakugan and your body under enough stress to bring about the change."

At this point, Naruto had returned, with three servings of the inn's special that night. He handed one to Hinata and then Jato. Both murmured a thank you and began to eat. Apparently, the two apprentices were extremely hungry, for they ate at a break neck speed. When they were finished, Jato turned to Hinata and said, "Go clean up and change. Then you can come back out and we'll have a lecture of some sort."

"Hai sensei." Hinata replied as she moved to go back into the inn. Once she was inside, Jato asked Naruto, "How is the Shitai Hatamata Reikon Heigou no Jutsu coming along?"

"Fine. I've got all the seals down now. I can flash through them in fifteen seconds at the least," replied Naruto.

Jato was quite for a moment. He then said, "Good, do not attempt the justu until I can supervise you and you have told Hinata about your little friend. You still don't know all that needs to be done to complete it. It's just a safety precaution, lest you should try by yourself. We wouldn't want you dying on us now would we?"

Naruto laughed and said, "No way! I still gotta' bunch of work to do! Like get back Sasuke-teme, start my own clan, and of course, become the Hokage."

"Getting back Sasuke may happen sooner than you think. But for now, all I want you to worry about is the Shitai Hatamata Reikon Heigou no Jutsu," said Jato.

Just as Naruto was going to ask Jato what he meant by that, Jato silenced him with a glare as Hinata walked up. "Good, now that we're all here, we can begin tonight's lesson," began Jato as he delved into a lecture about tactics in a one on one battle versus two on one or two on two and so on. About two hours later, Jato finished and said, "Hinata I suggest you go get ready to sleep. We leave at six tomorrow morning. Naruto, you stay here for a little bit, you've earned your jutsu."

Hinata nodded as she got up from her seat she had taken within the earthen circle to go to bed. Meanwhile, Naruto stood up and waited for Jato to do likewise so they could start the lesson. Jato stood and said, "The first justu I'm going to teach you is the Kage Bunshin Bakuha. This jutsu will allow you to implode your clones using whatever chakra they have left. It's quite useful." Jato said before showing Naruto the hand signs to perform the jutsu.

After Naruto went over it a couple of times, he tried to perform it yelling, "Kage Bunshin Bakuha!"

Ten clones appeared in the circle, before Naruto imploded all of them at once. Fortunately for the two shinobi, Naruto had neglected to put enough chakra into the bunshin to do anything substantial, unusual as it may seem. "You have to put a good amount of extra chakra into it if you want to get a substantial blast. Do us all a favor though and never use it on an ally unless it's me." said Jato.

Naruto nodded and waited for Jato to begin teaching him the next jutsu. Jato then said, "The next jutsu I'm going to teach you, you might remember from our fight. Master puppet users, who modify their body to be part puppet, are generally the only ones to use it. However, people like you and I can use it as well, albeit you need a large amount of control. This justu is the Chakra no Tate, and I used it with my tongue in our fight."

Jato performed the needed hand seals before sticking out his arm as if holding a shield. Instead of forming a shield shape (like what would happen when a puppet user would do it), it made a half sphere of chakra around the outer side of his forearm. "Hit my arm," Jato said.

Naruto began to try to hit Jato's arm but found that he could not reach it through the barrier. Naruto stopped after several unsuccessful attempts before asking Jato, "Why did you say that only people like us can use the Chakra no Tate like this?"

"We have absurd amounts of chakra, Naruto. Without that factor, it'd probably be more of a liability than a help," said Jato "Now, you try."

"Well at least the fox is good for something," Naruto said before making the hand seals Jato had shown him and then channeling the chakra to around his fist. He was proud to have gotten it on his first try, which merited for a "celebration." He threw a punch at Jato spontaneously, only to find the punch blocked and the shield dissipating. Naruto looked over at Jato inquisitively.

Jato saw the look on Naruto's face and started to explain, "First off, you shield was already dying before it reached me. Unlike puppet masters, you and I have to channel a continuous stream of chakra to the area to keep up the shield. The strength of the shield depends on how large an amount of chakra you channel in at one time and keep channeling. The other reason it died so suddenly was because when I caught your fist, I performed the Chakra Kyuuin no Jutsu, thus allowing me to absorb the chakra you had already put out."

"Can you teach me that? And how'd you do that with no seals?" Naruto asked eagerly.

Jato replied, "I could, but for you and me it's really quite pointless. We have such an over abundance of chakra that taking extra is a total waste. Besides, I already taught you two jutsu today and you need to sleep. The no hand seals part comes with more experience, an extremely good ability to concentrate on multiple things, and practicing the jutsu until it almost becomes like a second nature to you. "

Naruto moped for a second before he thought of a question. He asked, "Will the Chakra no Tate defend against anything, even Juuken strikes?"

Jato nodded and said, "So long as there is more chakra backing your shield than the chakra behind the attack. Now, get moving. We have a lot of ground to cover tomorrow and I refuse to carry you if you get too tired."

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Night sensei," Naruto said.

"Jato replied, "Good night Naruto."

Naruto made his way up to the room they had gotten and set up his sleeping futon. He laid down to go to sleep shortly afterwards. When he appeared to be asleep, Hinata whispered to Naruto, "It was nice getting to know you Naruto-kun. I'll always be by your side, even if you never acknowledge it. Good night Naruto-kun."

Hinata turned to the opposite side and tried to fal asleep. She was having difficulty doing this due to having her Byakugan active, but she refused to give up and disappoint her new sensei and Naruto. Meanwhile, Naruto, who was in fact still awake, thought to himself "I wonder if she likes me...Probably not. But, at least she'll always be my friend, right?"

Naruto finally fell asleep shortly afterwards. Jato, on the other hand, only came into the room about two hours later and finally settled into the comforting darkness of the night.

--------------------Third Day of Travel--------------------

It was yet another beautiful morning, albeit the temperature was oppressively muggy and hot, even at six o' clock in the morning. Jato was the first one up, as usual. He went to the lower level of the inn and picked out three trays of breakfast for him and his students. When he got back up to the room, Naruto was still asleep. Hinata, on the other hand, was still awake, like she had been all night due to (figuratively) not being able to close her eyes and lacking the ability to sleep with her eyes open.

Jato rolled his eyes at the scene of Naruto rapped up in a cocoon of both his own blankets and blankets he had evidently stolen from Hinata. Hinata was just sitting there, looking at Naruto with a mild blush on her cheeks causing Jato to roll his eyes yet again.

When Jato could stand no more of this scene, he picked up Naruto's canteen full of water and unscrewed the lid. After setting it against the wall in a standing position, he performed some hand seals and then quietly said, "Suiton: Nishokuzame."

One water shark shot directly into Naruto's face, while the other hit Hinata on the top of her bent head. This not only effectively woke up Naruto, snap Hinata out of her trance, but it also got several profanities to come out of Naruto. This then made Hinata blush and Jato shoot yet another water shark at him. Neither of them was hurt due to the low level of chakra Jato had used for the jutsu.

When Naruto finally dried off (Hinata did too obviously) and calmed down, Jato said, "Sorry. You were sound asleep, looking ridiculous, and an easy target. Now, eat breakfast and we'll talk about today's agenda."

Naruto shot him a dirty look before scarfing down breakfast, while Hinata walked over to the provided table and began to eat in a more civilized manner. Jato joined her as Naruto began to speak. "So what are we gonna' do today," Naruto asked.

Jato swallowed a bite of his breakfast and then said, "Today, we're going to do mostly travel. I'd like to reach our destination sooner rather than later."

Hinata finally spoke and tiredly said, "Where are we going sensei?"

"I thought you guys would have figured it out by now. Oh well. We're traveling toward the coast so we can eventually get to Kiri," Jato said.

Hinata asked, "Why are we going there, sensei?"

Jato replied, "To see a friend of mine. Plus I like colder weather. This temperature is just down right annoying. So, we're going to go full tilt today so we can hopefully reach the coast by tonight."

"You're not going to teach us any jutsu," Naruto whined.

For the third time that morning, Jato rolled his eyes. He turned to Naruto and said, "I never said that. However, today I'm going to teach you both a jutsu that should be fairly easy to practice on the road. So finish up and head out back to the circle." Jato disappeared in his usual way, seemingly being devoured by flames.

Naruto got dressed into his travel gear and then waited patiently for Hinata to do the same. When they were ready, Naruto opened the window and jumped down to meet Jato in the earthen circle. Hinata shortly followed and landed next to Naruto.

Jato began speaking, saying, "Today you two will be learning the Ikakujun Hyouka no Jutsu. You can use it to try to gauge the level of another ninja, or even a civilian. The lowest possible threat level is a one hundred thirty, which is generally the usual threat level of a young civilian child. The highest possible for a human to attain it a one, though it is possible for you to see a zero. If you meet a being with a treat level of zero, turn and run. A threat level of zero means that they are either a Kami incarnate, or one of the two Kings of the Underworld, neither of which would any human ever stand a chance against."

At this point, Naruto broke in and asked a question, "Sensei, who has a threat level of one if a Kami has zero?"

Jato replied, "Generally, civilians are at tops ranked one hundred, genin are about ninety-nine to seventy, chunnin are about sixty-nine to forty and jounin and A.N.B.U. are about thirty-nine to ten. And finally, answering your question, Kage are generally ten to seven, though there are some exceptional Kage who get up to about five. After that, its biju or jinchuuriki."

Jato let the information sink in for a moment before continuing. "Now, it works like this; around the person being viewed, an aura will appear according to the personality of the person. Different colors mean different things, but I want you to figure it out for yourself. Sometimes, the aura will take a shape, and in that case you need to be wary, because this signifies a great potential for power. A black number will appear next to them with a red number on top. The black number is how much of a threat they are now, while they red number is how much they could be if they used full power. Mind you, all of this is only visible to you and only visible while you maintain the jutsu. Got it," Jato asked.

Naruto, though he had indeed grown smarter over the years, was just a little bit confused. After explaining it several more times, Jato finally felt that Naruto understood it enough to teach them how to perform the jutsu. He showed them the five hand seals required and told them to tell him when they thought they had the hand seals down so they could get a move on. After somewhere between five to ten minutes, both Hinata and Naruto were confident they could perform it while traveling relatively quickly on the road today.

"Good let's get moving," Jato said before motioning for them to start running with him.

The three took off toward the coast. They traveled all day, only stopping their break neck pace for a short fifteen-minute break. During this time, Jato had to give Hinata a special drink to re energize her due to the lack of sleep and her body's lack of time to regenerate chakra (due to the weights and the active Byakugan). By nightfall, the trio had reached the coast line. The two apprentices were so tired, and they went to sleep without even noticing where they were. Fortunately, Jato was able to keep them up long enough to get some food in them.

"I needa teach them how to meditate so they don't have to do this whole sleeping forever thing anymore. At least she's managed to keep her Byakugan active while she's sleeping. It'd be so annoying if we had to start over. I'm surprised neither of them checked anyone out with that jutsu I taught them," Jato thought before falling into state of meditation.


Shitai Hatamata Reikon Heigou no Jutsu– Body and Soul Merge Technique (O.J.). Used to bind a human and another being together.

Tomoshibi no Tate – Shield of Light (O.J.). Used to handicap a doujutsu user as well as to hide the chakra circulatory system's vital points.

Nenshouhin Byakugan – Burning Sun Byakugan (O.J.).

Kage Bunshin Bakuha - Exploding Shadow Clone.

Chakra no Tate - Chakra Shield.

Chakra Kyuuin no Jutsu - Chakra Drain Technique, a technique that allows the user to sap chakra from an opponent's body.

Suiton: Nishokuzame - Water Style: Two Sharks Eating. A suiton jutsu that lets the user shoot two shark shaped water projectiles from their finger tips (one for each finger).

Ikakujun Hyouka no Jutsu - Threat Level Assessment Technique(O.J.). Used to help the user gauge an opposition's skill level.

----------------Author's Notes-----------------------

So, made a bunch of new jutsu here, and grew the whole Hina - Naruto relationship. Amazing what being snowed in will do for one's story development. Not only that, I took the time to make a whole gallery of Hinata pictures on photobucket (if you'd like to go see, the link's in my profile). Yes, I know, extremely nerdy. But besides writing this I really didn't have anything better to do (at least things I wanted to do). So, thanks for readin' and I hope you enjoyed. As always, please read and review, because your opinion matters and very well may change the story line a bit.