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A/N: This was supposed to be a collection of one shots, some lemons, some not, of SephCloud following The Other Way Around. But I'm afraid there is a bit of story lurking here. Watch out for Crisis Core Spoilers which may or may not be accurate to that story. We start with something short but will be picking up the pace soon.

"Well, Cloud sure is attracting attention." Colonel Gavin McIntyre sipped his drink at the bar next to General Sephiroth. There was a considerable buffer of space around them, the General's odd appearance alone tending to make people nervous enough to avoid him. He was also recognizable enough that people kept looking over, in some cases approaching, only to veer away at the first hostile look from those green eyes.

Currently those eyes were fixed on Cloud, who was gyrating on the dance floor with other new Third Class Soldiers in an upscale nightclub the officers had selected for them to celebrate graduation. They weren't alone on the dance floor; there were more than enough young women in expensive club wear for every Soldier, attracted to their bright eyes and dangerous reputation. But Cloud had an unusual concentration around him, each vying for his attention, plus some very fit and fine looking young men that Sephiroth could see eyeing him. Possibly because his unusual looks, but maybe more because of the way he was moving.

"He dances like a stripper," Gavin said.

And he was right. Cloud had way more hip motion than his more conservatively dancing classmates, his shoulders were back and square, highlighting his pectorals under his close fitting uniform.

Sephiroth growled softly. "I think that is Zack's fault."

As if on cue Zack Fair (in his stocking feet) slid sideways on the polished wooden floor to a position next to Cloud. The two started in with a synchronized motion that magnetized the attention of entire dance floor. And more. Sephiroth didn't mind the girls moving themselves in front or behind to grind their hips together with the two Soldiers. But one of the young men had come forward and exchanged comments with Cloud.

A touch to Sephiroth's shoulder brought him back to himself.

"You want him back over here?" Gavin asked.

Sephiroth didn't answer, but the annoyed look in his answered yes. Gavin leaned forward and put his lips to Sephiroth's ears.

"Keep your head near mine, and smile. Just keep nodding and smiling. Trust me."

Sephiroth gave it a try, able to muster at least a facsimile of his usual small smile and unsure what Gavin was up to. The older Colonel put a hand on Sephiroth's shoulder, and then surprised him with a touch to his cheek. Gavin separated and Sephiroth found his favorite colonel beaming at him, an affectionate look in his eyes that was probably genuine, although Sephiroth for the life of himself couldn't figure out what had triggered it. Quite suddenly Cloud was at his side, reaching between the two officers to steal some of Sephiroth's drink. Then the young man managed to wedge his whole body between them, leaning heavily on Sephrioth.

"What were you and colonel McIntyre talking about?" Cloud asked, his lips tight to Sephiroth's ear.

Now Sephiroth smiled in earnest, understanding what Gavin had been doing- using Cloud's jealously against him. Sephiroth wrapped his arms around Cloud, holding him so the entire place might see.

"You," he said, kissing Cloud on the ear.