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Summary- Ever since the tragedy at Gordric's Hallow on October 31st, 1980, a young boy was stuck in the shadows, as his brother got all the love and attention for being the 'Boy Who Lived'. After running away from his family, Harry Potter is found by the enemy, Lord Voldemort, or better known as Tom Marvolo Riddle. Renamed Dylan Riddle, he grows up with a loving family, but also grows up as the Dark Lord's Heir. What happens when his father sends him and his sister Olivia to Hogwarts to go undercover and kill Dumbledore? Will his old identity ever be discovered?

A/N (continued) not best summary, but, I'm going to try to make this a great story. Olivia is Harry, Blaise, and Draco's age. It will start when Harry is five, and probably after like 3 chapters, I will skip to Olivia and Harry's assignment, which they will be 16 then. Well, ENJOY!!

Halloween, 1980, was a dark night. In a small cottage in Gordrics Hallow, a man and a woman sat at a table in a small kitchen as two toddlers slept upstairs in the nursery,

"James, I just don't know-"started the woman, her lips forming into a frown.

"Don't worry Lily, everything is going to be fine, Dumbledore promised" said the man, now known as James, reassuringly,

"But what if we were wrong? What if Dumbledore was wrong? I can't imagine losing Jason and Harry-"

"We are not going to lose Jason and Harry, I can promise you that. Besides, we switched our secret keeper, I honestly don't think that Voldemort would ever expect Peter to be our secret keeper" Lily sighed. She had to agree with James; after all, no one would ever think Peter could handle this much responsibility,

"Alright James, I trust you" responded Lily with a small smile. James smiled back, and took her had from across the table. As they started talking again, they heard a loud bang outside. Lily's eyes widened as James stood up to look outside. She could see his face twist with fear as the doorbell rang


"But James-"

"LILY! RUN!" Lily nodded, tears stinging her eyes, and raced upstairs to protect her babies. James stood in front of the door, knowing that Voldemort would be walking through it soon. Just has he had expected he heard a man whisper

"Alohormora" and the door suddenly opened. Standing there was the ugliest creature James had ever seen. He was tall, standing at about 6'2. But his skin was the color of bones, his hand spider like, held his wand tightly. And that face, the snake like face that the Wizarding World feared. And his eyes, inhuman, red slit like eyes, stared at James for a long time. But he finally spoke

"James Potter, how nice to see you again" he said sweetly, if he could even speak sweetly "I will spare you, all I want, are your sons"

"Go to hell you bastard! You are not taking one step near my sons!" Voldemorts thin lips curled into a smile,

"Very well then, CRUCIO!" James's body hit to the ground as he felt knives stabbing him everywhere. After about 5 minutes, Voldemort took the spell off him. When he saw that James did not get up, he walked upstairs to find the children that would cause his downfall.

Lily sat in a corner hugging her children tight to her as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs, 'Please, for the love of God, let it be James'. The door suddenly blasted open and Lily knew for sure it was Voldemort. She looked up at the smirking face of the most feared wizard of her time,

"NO! NOT JASON AND HARRY! TAKE ME INSTEAD!" roared Lily fighting back tears,

"STAND ASIDE YOU STUPID GIRL! STAND ASIDE NOW!" Lily held her children tight, and the last thing she saw was Voldemort raising his wand at her. Voldemort snarled at the body of Lily Potter 'I should have just killed them and gotten this over with'. He looked at each child. The first one was a chubby child. He had dark red hair, freckles, and dark brown eyes. He backed away from Voldemort, and least tried to. But the second child was different. This child was a lot thinner, having black hair, and piercing emerald green eyes. But around this child, looking at him, he could feel something powerful around him. Voldemort knelt down to the green eyed child,

"So you must be Harry Potter, the child that will cause my downfall. Now Harry, I can't you live can I? So good-bye, Harry Potter; AVADA KEDEVRA!" He saw the green light zoom towards the child. But something strange happened. It seemed to have rebounded and started to head straight for Voldemort. Luckily, for him, he apparated right before it hit him. And all was left, was a crying Jason Potter, and a bleeding Harry Potter.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin ran down the street of Gordric's Hallow to find a house's door blasted open. They ran to the door to find James Potter lying on the ground,

"JAMES! WHERE ARE JASON AND HARRY? JAMES, WAKE UP!" James opened his eyes to hear one of his best friends, Sirius Black, yelling. The first thought that came to mind was,

"Peter, he betrayed us!"

"We know James, and the rat is going to Azkaban for it, but where are Lily, Jason and Harry?" James's eyes suddenly became wide as he got with and ran up the stairs with Sirius and Remus. They found Lily unconscious, Jason crying and Harry bleeding from his forehead. James rushed over to Lily

"Lily, please wake up! Lily, don't be dead!' Lily's eyes opened, and James, Sirius and Remus let out a sigh of relief,

"I'm going to get Albus, tell him that you guys-"

"It's quite alright Sirius, I'm already here" the old man known as Albus Dumbledore said, walking into the room,

"Lily, are Jason and Harry alright?" he asked quietly. Lily picked up Jason, to stop him from crying. Jason finally stopped after being in his mother arms,

"I think so. But Harry's bleeding, should we make sure-"

"It's quite alright Lily, I'm sure he is fine, just a cut is all" Remus walked over to Harry and picked him up, cleaning the cut with a tissue. When the blood was gone, Remus saw something strange. A lightning bolt scar shone where Harry was bleeding, Remus moved toward Dumbledore, bringing Harry,

"Albus, Harry has a weird scar on his forehead, I think we should-"but he was interrupted by a hand going up to silence him. Albus Dumbledore picked up the chubby read haired boy after the Aurors arrived, and announced,

"May I present the Wizarding World, the Boy Who Lived!"

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