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"Are you awake?" Harry slowly opened his eyes to see a girl around his age sitting on his bed. He jumped back in surprise as she cried,

"MUMMY! DADDY! HE'S AWAKLE!" A minute later or so, footsteps were heard coming down the hall. The door opened as Rebecca and Tom stared down at the little girl,

"Livy, please don't tell me you woke him again?" asked Rebecca. Olivia shook her head,

"I didn't! He woke up just now! But you and Daddy promised me that I could play with him today!" Tom sighed,

"That still doesn't mean that you can scare the living daylights out of him by screaming at the top of your lungs" Before Rebecca could add to what her husband said, they heard Harry speak for the first time since last night,

"W-what's y-your name? Do you k-know Tom and Rebecca?" They all turned to Harry, whose eyes had confusion in them. Olivia tilted her head, for a second not knowing who Tom and Rebecca were, but realized who he was talking about,

"Oh! You mean mummy and daddy? I'm their daughter, Olivia Shane Riddle!" said Olivia proudly, with a bright smile on her face. Harry looked at her, and then looked at Tom and Rebecca seeing that she looked exactly like her mother, except her father's eyes. Harry looked down,

'They have a kid already, why do they want me to stay here? I'm nothing special' and without realizing it, Harry started to shake and sob silently. Olivia looked shocked, and looked back at her parents, who looked very worried,

"Did I do something wrong, daddy?" she asked quietly, as she saw her mummy move over to where Harry was crying on the bed. Tom shook his head,

"No Livy, you did nothing wrong. Just Harry has been very sad lately" Olivia tilted her head,

"Will he be okay? Could I play with him later?" Tom picked her up and opened the door,

"I'm sure he will be alright, but we need to talk to him" Olivia pouted as she was put down,

"But I can help! Why can't I stay! Its not-"

"Olivia" Tom said sternly, looking at Olivia with his arms crossed. Olivia stomped into the hallway,

"Fine!" she cried, and stomped off to her room. Tom shut the door and walked over to the bed where Harry and his wife were. He sat on the edge, and silently whispered to Rebecca,

"Is he alright?" she shrugged, and then looked at Harry and asked,

"What's wrong Harry?" they heard a slightly muffled reply, since he was under the covers, but they both heard it well enough,

"W-why d-do you w-want m-me? I'm n-nothing s-special! N-nobody w-wants me!" Tom and Rebecca shared a look, Rebecca having tears in her eyes, "B-besides, y-you have a k-kid! W-why d-do you w-want me t-to stay?" Tom's heart broke at every word Harry said. How could a family do this to an innocent child! Sure, he had killed, but he killed for good reasons! Just ignoring a child for another, was just, well, sick to him. But what really shocked Tom was how could Dumbledore, the leader of the light, a god in the Wizarding World's eyes, tell a family to give up their child for another? Something was up, and this made Tom hate Dumbledore even more than he already did. And the Potters. One of the lightest families known in the Wizarding World. James Potter always saying 'family comes first!' So how could this family be so quick to give up one of their children? Tom was seething by then, but calmed himself down so he wouldn't scare Harry. He looked at Rebecca who looked just as upset as he did. Tom moved closer to the little boy,

"Harry, what your parents wanted to do was a horrible thing. You a great kid and I don't know why anyone would want to give you up" Harry's eyes widened,

"But y-you don't e-even k-know m-me" he whispered, still crying. Tom shook his head,

"No I don't, but I'm extremely positive you are a great kid, and Rebecca and I would love it if you stayed here. And we promise, we won't send you back to the Potters" Harry flinched when Tom said Potters,

"B-but what a-about your k-kid?" Harry asked, calming down a little,

"Well, Olivia would love to meet you. I'm guessing she waited all night till you woke up so she could play with you" Rebecca replied. Harry suddenly looked a little hopeful,

"R-really?" he asked. Rebecca nodded,

"She did! She wanted to stay with you and see if you were okay" Harry looked down and put his hands in his lap,

"I'm sorry" he whispered "I didn't mean to upset her" Tom looked at him and shook his head,

"You didn't upset her Harry! She was waiting all night to play with you! You have to stop blaming yourself! You did nothing wrong!" Harry looked up, and nodded shyly,

"Sorry sir" he said. Tom smiled slightly,

"Harry, you can call me Tom, remember? Now do you want to rest for a little? Or-"

"A-actually, s-Tom, could I m-maybe really m-meet your d-daughter?"

"Are you sure you don't want any more rest Harry?" asked Rebecca. Harry nodded

"I'm sure Rebecca" Tom and Rebecca nodded as Harry got off of the bed, took one of their hands, and walked out of the room to Olivia's room

Albus Dumbledore sat in his Office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He leaned back in his chair and sighed. Life was good. No, it was better than good, it was great. Everything was going according to plan. No, things were going even better. He wasn't able to give Harry Potter away exactly, but he was lucky enough that the brat ran away. Maybe a muggle family found him, or even better, he was dead. It had been a week and five days since the boy had ran away. The Potters had nearly given up on looking for him. He had sent Aurors one day to look, near the Potter house, but not any further. And the Potters didn't question a single thing! The only bad news was that Remus Lupin and Sirius Black had quit the Order of the Phoenix, an organization that he had formed when Voldemort became a threat. It was hard to bring a werewolf to the light side, and Remus was one of the only ones on the light. But there was also a good side to it. Remus and Sirius had a fight with James telling him they weren't friends anymore, which made the Potters go to him even more. James and Lily's other son, Jason Potter, the boy who lived, was going to be trained, but Dumbledore knew what was really going to happen to Jason. After he killed Voldemort, Jason would be killed as well, and he would become the Wizarding World's ruler. He was interrupted in his thoughts by a knock at his office door,

"Come in" he said, as James Potter walked through the door,

"Have a seat my dear boy, care for a lemon drop?" Dumbledore asked in his 'grandfather voice',

"No thank you Albus" replied James as he sat down "Any news on Harry yet?" Dumbledore shook his head,

"James, if I had any news on him, I would have called you immediately" James sighed and ran a hand through his hair, closing his eyes,

"So, do you think Harry's-"James paused for a second, not wanting to think about it "-dead?" Dumbledore took in a large breath and looked at James with his twinkling blue eyes, but James didn't see the twinkle in them,

"I'm afraid so James" James hut his eyes tight, and took a shuddered breath,

"I honestly don't know how Lily's going to take the news" Dumbledore stood up, and placed a hand on James' shoulder,

"I am so, so sorry my dear boy. Would you like a proper burial? It will only be family and close friends" James nodded,

"Thank you Albus, I think that would mean a lot to Lily and our family" Dumbledore led James out of his office. After he had shut the door, a grin came on Dumbledore's face. Yes, life was good.

Harry walked with Tom and Rebecca to Olivia's room. The three stopped t a light pink door with a golden nameplate saying Olivia Shane. Tom knocked on the door,

"Olivia? Can we come in?" he called. Soon, they heard a reply,

"Okay" Tom opened the door to a huge room that was as big as Harry's old room and Jason's room combined, maybe even bigger. The walls were the color of her door, a light pastel pink, and the carpet was a sage green. Stuffed animals and dolls lay all over the carpet, and a huge canopy bed was in the middle of her room. The sheets being the color of her wall and carpet, and striped too. There was a big couch that was a white-cream color at one side of the room, and a huge window with a sitting area on the other. A huge dollhouse was near the window, and Harry watched in amazement how the dolls moved around in the house. Olivia sat on her bed, holding a doll that had blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, looking just like her, and holding a miniature comb in the other hand. Olivia smiled brightly at Harry, and Harry smiled shyly back,

"Livy, Harry asked if he could play with you, is that alright?" Tom asked his daughter, knowing her answer already. Olivia's smile became a huge grin as she got off her bed and pulled Harry into her room

"This is going to be so much fun! We can play tea party, and we can dress up my dolls and-"

"Livy, I don't think Harry wants to play with dolls. How about we play a game of Quidditch?" Olivia squealed and Harry's eyes widened,

"YAY! Harry, have you ever played Quidditch? It's so much fun!" Harry shook his head,

"He always taught Jason to ride a broom, but when I tried, he yelled at me for ruining Jason's party" Tom had a furious look on his face but it quickly passed,

"How about I teach you how to ride a broom? " Harry smiled,

"That would be great Tom! Thank you!" Tom smiled brightly at the look at Harry's happiness,

"No problem Harry. And how about we call Blaise and Draco to play with us also?" Olivia ran over and hugged Tom, as Rebecca gave him a glare,

"Who are Draco and Blaise?" asked Harry,

"Blasie Zabini and Draco Malfoy are two of Olivia's friends. I'm sure you guys will get along great" Tom replied, "Now, why don't you get on comfortable clothes, and Olivia, will you get him a Quidditch robe, some elbow and knee pads, and some gloves?" Olivia nodded, grabbed Harry's hand once again, and they walked down the stairs. Tom turned to his wife to see her glaring at him still,

"What did I do?" he asked innocently. Rebecca walked up to him,

"Draco? I have no problem with Blaise coming, and I love Draco, but, tell Lucius who Harry is, and make sure that they aren't harsh on Harry, the least Harry needs is more grief" Tom nodded,

"I'll floo to Lucius' house right now" said Tom as he walked to the floo room. He shut the door and Rebecca heard him shout,

"MALFOY MANOR!" Rebecca shook her head and muttered,

"Let's hope this goes well"

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