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Art is Art No Matter How Corrupted

Chapter 18: Mission Assignments for Akatsuki

Deidara knocked on Pein's office door confidently. He was hurting, but he would not allow it to weaken him. Especially not in front of the leader of the organization he was a part of. A faint voice was heard on the opposite side, signaling Deidara it was fine to come in. The blond went into the office and closed the door before turning to his orange haired Ame-nin leader. Pein's eyes shone in the usually dim lit room. Now, however, it was fully lit. No candles or torches lit the room. Instead, it was regular lights like in the other Akatsuki members' rooms. Pein stared at Deidara for a bit before speaking. "I assume you have something to tell me, Deidara?" he asked monotonously.

The blond nodded and stepped forward to the seat that was offered to him. He seated himself quietly before taking in a deep breath. For some odd reason, he was rather anxious. He looked the leader in the eyes seriously before speaking. "Have you come to a decision about what we are going to do about the Jinchuuriki, un?" he asked seriously.

Pein nodded and leaned back in his chair. "Unfortunately, since I have received no more complaints or suggestions, I have. We are to do as planned. What is this all about, Deidara?" he asked seriously, boring holes into the blond's eyes.

Deidara glanced away before returning his sight, softer this time, to his leader's hard glare. "Sasori thinks we should keep surveillance on the Jinchuuriki since we don't know the habits are of this threat, yeah. He said we should keep watch on the Jinchuuriki and keep an eye out for any abnormalities. But, my idea is to still split everyone up, yeah," the blond informed him.

Pein's eyes held amusement. "Oh? Go on," he urged, willing the blond to continue so he could hear more.

The Iwa born sighed before continuing. "Sasori said to keep surveillance of them, but I think each Akatsuki should get a Jinchuuriki to monitor, un. We won't act unless we are either given an order, or if we see any abnormalities in the bijuu carriers' routines, yeah," he explained. "I think we should keep in touch with each other and update each other, or at least meet every couple of days, un."

Pein blinked at the blond's reasoning. Sasori was right when he told everyone that he wasn't so weak. The blond had a brain on him. The thing he couldn't understand was what Sasori meant when he said Deidara wasn't ready to be on his own. The leader saw the blond perfectly ready to be on his own. Pein debated this for a few moments. He nodded. "I agree. But, I must ask," he said, leaning forward on his arms over his desk. Deidara stared intently, his full attention on him. "Why the sudden agreement, Deidara? Something happen between you and another member? You looked nervous when I suggested that we split up," Pein said seriously.

Deidara slumped a little before regaining himself. He sat up straight with his dignity still in tact. "Nothing happened, un. Sasori and I just decided to call it quits, yeah. But this will not affect anything involving missions or anything else, yeah," he said whistfully.

Pein had to blink a few times. Sasori and Deidara broke up? This was indeed news to the young leader. He shook off his surprise and shook his head. "I certainly hope it will not affect your ability to perform," he said suggestively. Deidara shook his head. Pein nodded. "Good. Then, gather everyone in the meeting room. Tell them I have called a final meeting." Deidara nodded and stood to leave. "Oh, and, Deidara?" Pein called. The blond turned to his leader over his shoulder. "Is there a certain Jinchuuriki you wish to keep an eye on?" he asked.

Deidara blinked and thought for a moment. He nodded. "Gaara of the Sand," he said with an eerie, deadly tone.

Minutes passed by and the meeting was called. Everyone awaited Pein's presence, all the while, staring between Deidara and Sasori. Both were surprisingly civil and unaffected by anything, given the circumstances. Pein entered the room and everyone's attention wavered to the leader. It wasn't normal for the Akatsuki members to not give their full attention to the Ame leader. Noticing this, Pein cleared his throat.

Everyone's full attention was on him now. "It has come to my attention that you all have discussed keeping surveillance on the Jinchuuriki," he started, taking a seat. "It is decided. We will still split up the teams. Instead of apprehending them, however, we will merely keep an eye out and study their habits, hang outs, routines, and anything else that may aid us. However, if you any of you sense any abnormalities in the Jinchuuriki, you are to report it to me. Is that understood?" he asked.

Everyone nodded and glanced between Sasori and Deidara, knowing full well one of them said something to him. Pein nodded and continued his assignments. "Alright. Each of you will be assigned to a certain bijuu. Seeing that there is nine bijuu and nine of us, there will be no problems." He took out a paper and flipped it open. "First, Isonade the Sanbi. Isonade is a shark shaped Bijuu with a sharp horn on the forehead. It lives in the deep waters on the West of Japan. Kisame, you are to take care of this one," he said as he threw a scroll to Kisame, holding all the information he would know. Kisame nodded and took off.

"Next, Sokou the Yonbi. Sokou is a bijuu that looks like a reptile. It was a creature that lived near Mount Fuji. Because of the toxic gas and the volcanic ash, he was transformed into a half-rooster, half-snake monster. Sasori, you will take this one." He threw a scroll to the puppet master, said red head catching it easily. He hesitated for a while until he could hear Deidara's bijuu.

"Houkou the Gobi. Houkou is a bijuu which looks like a five-tailed dog. Each tail of this creature represents one elemental power: Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning and Fire. Itachi," Pein said as he threw a scroll to Itachi. The Uchiha caught it gracefully and nonchalantly made his way out.

"Raijuu the Rokubi. Raijuu, a bijuu in the form of weasel, has four legs and very sharp claws. Its cry sounds like thunder. I will take this one." He set aside that scroll for himself. He picked up another one. "Kaku the Shichibi." He paused and looked at Deidara. "This one was originally for you, but we already agreed." Deidara nodded quietly. Sasori glanced at him uneasily. "Kaku is a bijuu in the form of badger. It has seven tails, and is the smallest bijuu out of the nine; though it is the most cunning and stealthy. Kaku hunts its prey underground most of the time. Kakuzu," he said as he threw the scroll at him. The money hungry man caught it with a snicker at the odds of Kakuzu being paired with Kaku. Kakuzu just smacked him and went.

Pein rolled his eyes. "Yamata no Orochi, or Hachimata, the Hachibi. Yamata no Orochi is a Snake bijuu. It has crimson red eyes, eight heads and eight tails and has the power of the Demon world, a symbol of evil. Each head of Yamata no Orochi represents a symbol: Soul, Ghost, Evil, Devil, Monstrous, Kill, The After world and Death. This bijuu is assigned to Zetsu." The plant man nodded as he caught the scroll. He took off slowly.

Pein cracked his neck, seeing the eagerness in Sasori for Deidara's. The remaining three weren't exactly the best. "Nekomata the Nibi. Nekomata is a bijuu in the form of cat, and possesses the power of death. This Bijuu lives in the "Forest of Death," to the north. His appearance is a black cat monster. Hidan," he said, throwing the scroll to the Jashinist. Said man left with a flip of the middle finger, a grin, and a "See ya later, bastards."

Pein resisted the urge to throw something at him. Sasori suddenly became very nervous. Kyuubi was a handful. Shukkaku was an even bigger handful. Neither sat well with Sasori. Pein saw this and continued on. "Kyuubi no Youko. This is a bijuu in the shape of a nine-tailed fox, and the strongest of them all. The reason he is so powerful is simple: Kyuubi has an unlimited amount of power, earning it the "King of Bijuu" title." There was silence for a bit while Pein rolled up the scroll. He handed it to Konan. Sasori's jaw dropped. The only one left was...

"Are you mad?" he snarled involuntarily.

Pein's angry silver eyes were directed to Sasori. "Are you questioning my decision, Sasori?" he asked, more like growled. Sasori remained quiet with a steady glare. "Last time I checked, you are not the leader. Do not question my judgment. Is that understood?"

Sasori growled and lowered his vision angrily. "Yes, leader-sama," he ground out.

Pein handed Deidara the Ichibi's scroll, the blond taking it nonchalantly. Sasori's fist shook with anger. Pein and Deidara exchanged glances. "You are sure?" Pein asked before completely releasing the scroll to Deidara's care. The blond nodded. The leader nodded as he released the scroll. He grabbed his own and left, leaving the two ex-lovers alone.

The Iwa-nin started to leave until Sasori grabbed his wrist roughly. Deidara turned to look at him. His eyes were hard and cold. The blond just stared, meeting his glare. Silence passed by them until the Suna born broke it. "You better come back alive, brat," he growled.

Deidara nearly snorted. He broke up with him and now he was worried about him? People in Akatsuki really were bipolar. He wrenched his wrist out of Sasori's grip and turned on his heel. "Nice faith, danna," he said sarcastically with a bit of anger and hatred laced in it.

Sasori stood there silently. He sighed quietly before looking down at his scroll. It had to be done.


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