I've already written three oneshots about Midoriko, but here are another four! Each one represents one of the four souls, which are Arimitama, the spirit of courage, Nigimitama, the spirit of friendship, Kushimitama, the spirit of wisdom and Sakimitama, the spirit of love. Each oneshot will be about one of the souls.
First up, Arimitama.

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"Are you sure about this?" the old priestess asked the thirteen-year-old Midoriko. "Are you sure you wish to become a priestess?"

Slowly, Midoriko nodded. A small breeze came in and blew her long black hair every which-way. The same breeze also ruffled her tattered, dirty and ragged kimono, as well as the priestess's new looking white and red one. The branches and leaves of the trees surrounding the entrance to the temple swayed, as did the slips of paper on the rope of rice on the Torii above the child and her elder.

"To be a miko takes much courage. You must never take a lover, and this job, nay, duty, will most likely take your life."

"It does not matter. My parents perished in the ceaseless wars of this era, as did my entire family," Midoriko replied. "I, the youngest of my family, was the sole survivor of the slaughter of my villages. There is no one left to cry for my departure from this world, if indeed I was to perish."

"That's not true." A girl, in a thigh length kimono that may have once been green, although dirt now discoloured it, as ragged as Midoriko's, came up to the two others. "We'd cry for you." She gestured to the small group of kids, all thin from hunger and fear.

"Thank you…" replied Midoriko with a small bow. "M'lady," she turned to address the ancient priestess, "would you please take these children into your temple? They have lost their families and have no where to go."

The old priestess's eyes softened. "Of course. Come children. Come." She led them into the impressive temple.

Another child caught up to Midoriko as they followed the old woman.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" the child asked.

"Of course. I feel like it's my destiny, that something is calling me!" Midoriko replied, her voice low as to not alert the head priestess.

Concern filled the other child's brown gaze. "Be careful…. And have courage."

"I shall," Midoriko smiled. "It's like the old priest in my village said, Arimitama, or Yuu, the soul of courage, is one I have much of."

They had reached the stairs leading into the temple, and where the children would be separated. The eldest of the other children, thirteen like Midoriko, turned to the priestess-to-be.

"Goodbye, and good luck," she told Midoriko, who had become her good friend as they had watched over the younger ones and led them from their villages and to this temple.

Midoriko returned the other child's smile. "You as well. I hope you have a good life ahead of you."

The last the group of children saw of their young leader, she was being led into a small room, on one wall of which was hung a large scroll, one almost as big as the wall. If any of them had been able to read, they would have known that the characters on each corner meant 'Arimitama', 'Nigimitama', 'Kushimitama' and 'Sakimitama', each one the name of a spirit housed inside the soul, and the character in the centre read 'Naobi', 'true soul'.

And had any of them had spiritual powers, they would have seen the faint light blue glow around the character for courage.

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