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"Midoriko-sama! Please help me?" cried a young girl no more than eleven years old. The girl, a miko in training, had come up to Midoriko and asked the priestess to teach her how to summon shikigami. The girl had imence spiritual powers, but as she was finding out, she was all thumbs at summoning spirits.

Suppressing a smile, Midoriko walked over to the confused girl.

"First of all," Midoriko began. "Can you feel all of the spirits around us?"

The girl closed her eyes, and breathed in deeply. "Yes, of course," she said. "But what`s that got to do with-"

"Reach for a spirit," the older miko ordered softly. "Call it with your mind."

The girl's face visibly relaxed as she opened her mind and her powers to the outside world.

"Look for a small spirit, like a bird or a mouse," advised the woman. "They should be easier to control."

The girl obeyed. Swiftly, she pulled out her magic and caught the spirit of a fledgling bird from mid-air.

"Now, put it into the leaf. Convince it that it is now its body, and that it will be happy in it. It should go in."

The girl did as she was told, and in no time the pale blue outline of a vaguely human shaped shikigami surrounded the leaf.

"Very good!" Midoriko exclaimed, clapping her hands.

The girl gently opened one pale brown eye to see what she had done. She had but a small glimpse, as the spell dissolved almost immediately. But still, she had done it.

"Did you see it, Midoriko-sama? Did you?" the girl cried, the joy in her voice evident to all those who could hear.

"I did, child. Next time, you should be able to hold it longer."

The girl ran up to hug Midoriko, her white and red robes billowing around her.

"Thank you Midoriko-sama, thank you!"

Midoriko smiled, and put her hand on the girl`s head.

"You`re welcome."

Behind Midoriko, the character for `wisdom`, painted on a hanging scroll in high-end calligraphy, glowed softly in the dim light.

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