Chapter 10: The end of Trigon

Trigon left the titans tower and then he thought of the past few days.


"So titans, you think you stopped me, I don't think so. Not that easily. Ah there's my daughter." Then he stopped and followed her into her room. "So you think you are going to marry someone do you, especially that Beast Boy creature. A few minutes later Raven had fallen asleep. Time to scare hear to death, this will be enjoyable." Trigon went walking around her room then stopped when she turned to look for what it was that made the sound. Then he did it again after she had tried to fall asleep again but this time threw her mirror off her dresser. After that he pinned her to her bed to make sure she couldn't warn someone and to make sure she couldn't scream; he covered her mouth. 'What the heck' He heard her say to herself. 'This is what you get for killing me my dear.' He thought as he scrapped her once making her moan since she couldn't scream. 'Ok that's it, I am tired of not being able to move' Once again, he heard her think and scrapped her three more times making her moan even louder than before. 'Don't think I am done yet Raven.' 'Duh, how could I be so stupid, I will just teleport myself out of here.' 'I don't think so my dear. And he kept her from even moving. 'Great, now I can't use my powers.' 'Of course you can't Raven, for I get to control you.' Then he cut her again but this time nothing happened. So he started causing things to fly around the room. 'I hope you're enjoying this fright fest because I know I sure am.' Trigon said feeling very happy scaring his daughter. After going for a minute he stopped. Then he caused an allusion of her friends. The first ran right past Raven making her look then it ran past her again another two times and stopped with its back to her. 'Now, for the final scare.' Trigon said as he sent the others to do the same thing. 'Oh thank goodness their…here?' She said to herself confused. 'No Raven, their not here.' Then he sent them to grab her as he wrote something on the wall backwards. (uoy redrum lliw I) Then he let her scream. The next morning, Trigon floated up behind Raven and possessed her.

"So Raven, you feeling better?"

"Hello titans, it's been awhile since we met last. To bad you weren't in Ravens room last night. It was a blast."

"Who are you and what did you do to Raven?" Beast Boy asked

"I did nothing to Raven, Beast Boy. I have just taken a temporary host. As for who I am, I don't need to tell you anything."

"Who are you?" Beast Boy yelled

"Oh, I almost forgot to mention that you will not marry my daughter Beast Boy. Does that give you a hint?"

"Trigon!" The titans all said in unison

"Well, well, well, lets give you titans a cookie." Trigon said, mocking them

"Why are you here Trigon, and what do you want?" Beast Boy asked getting angry with the demon.

"You titans just can't stand small talk, can you?" He said getting angry glares from them." I am here on behalf of my master and I want my body back. So of course Raven will have to die for that to happen but I can spare that but until then, you will be haunted. Goodbye titans."

End Flashback

" I am now ready to end her life for good." He said and headed to the tower after the few hours he spent reminiscing on what he has done the past few days.

Titans Tower a few hours earlier

Beast Boy walked out of his room and into the common room hoping to find everyone there. He found everyone but they weren't exactly cheerful. Actually, they were all quite frightened but he was the only happy one and Cyborg noticed this. "Why so happy BB?" Cyborg asked.

" I am happy because I have these." Beast Boy said as he pulled out his inventions.

"So Beast Boy, what are these things that look like the handle of a dagger and the helmet that looks like Cyborgs machine side of his head?" Raven asked curiously

"So glad you asked. The helmet is designed to be able to see anything invisible, specifically Trigon. It also allows you to shoot a specially designed laser out of the eye area and to see the weapon in your hands." He said as he tossed the dagger to his teammates. "So, what do you think, and before you ask, yes I am sure they work."

This time Cyborg spoke up. "So if you could make these things, then how come you couldn't understand what I said when you tried to fix me the one time I fell apart when we were on that weird island?"

"Because Cyborg, my wife's life wasn't at stake." A few seconds after all the explanations, Trigon came into the room and tried to posses Raven again but this time he was knocked back and everyone saw this. "Everyone, put on the helmets and pull out your daggers. Now go, go get him, get Trigon, Titans go!" Beast Boy screamed. Robin was shocked that Beast Boy was taking over and let him meaning how he did come up with the weapons. The battle had finally started and Beast Boy was determined to keep Trigon away from Raven. "By the way everyone, he can't touch you with the helmets on!" Beast Boy yelled as he went to swipe at the demon.

"Way to go Beast Boy." Everyone said, praising his work on the weapons. Trigon getting very angry at them started throwing things at their heads trying to knock off their helmets. He succeeded at knocking off Cyborgs but apparently couldn't do much to someone made of metal and flesh. So Trigon used him as a shield which didn't work that well so he left and knocked off Starfires this time and finally found someone worth possessing.

"You thought you could get rid of me with these toys of yours, well you were wrong." Trigon said blasting Robin through the wall and blasting Raven through the window then chased after her except that Beast Boy got in the way and slashed at Starfire. The blade went through Starfire and hit Trigon dead on. Then Robin came through and saw what had happened as well as Raven coming back into the room as well. Trigon possessed Raven and went down as fast as he could into the ground causing some of Ravens ribs to break but before he could slam her into the ground again Beast Boy, Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire all played baseball with him. First Beast Boy knocked him out of her body and then Robin hit him toward Cyborg and he hit him toward Starfire who knocked him back to Beast Boy. Beast Boy slashed at him. "This is for haunting my friends." Then slashed him in the stomach. "This is for me." He said as he slashed Trigon in both the legs and the arms as Trigon gave a horrible screech. "And this, this is for Raven and everything you've done to her." Then he gave a final slash across the face then stabbed him right through the face and with one last blood curdling scream he disappeared into thin air. "That's what happens when you mess with my friends and my wife, BOOYA. Raven you ok?" Beast Boy asked concerned.

"She will be Beast Boy as soon as we get her to the medical bay." Then they picked her up and took her inside. A few hours later Raven woke up with Beast Boy right next to her.

"Hey, Beast Boy?" Raven asked weakly.

"Yeah, Raven?" Beast Boy said gently

"How long did it take to make those weapons anyway?"

"It took me about one day to figure it out and one and a half days to make them." He said humbly, not one hint of bragging in his voice.

"Thank you Beast Boy."

"You're welcome Raven, you're welcome." He said then sweetly kissed her and they fell asleep.

The End