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"Tell me about the time you found the toothbrush." Bella said to me.

I stood up in front of the living room, and drew my mighty toothbrush out of my back pocket.

"So there I was!" I jumped and landed with my legs apart, knees slightly bent, and my arms out from my body. "In Wal-Mart!"

Bella sat up, Edward sighed, Alice left the room and Jasper followed her. Carlisle and Esme weren't even home. They were hunting.

I started to creep across the room really slowly, "I went down the personal health isle! And stopped!" I stopped. "Just like this! And turned on my heel to face the shelf." I turned and faced the wall. "Then I saw it. The worlds greatest toothbrush ever. But I didn't even know what it was at the time! I took it! Then I turned around in the isle! And I TOOK OFF RUNNING FOR THE EXIT!" I turned and ran to the couch and jumped over it.

Edward rolled his eyes and Bella turned around.

"They almost had me! Security was closing in! I went straight to the exit as fast as I possibly could. Then! The UNTHINKABLE happened! I ran into the door!" I ran into the wall to demonstrate. "And the toothbrush, fell from my hand and the package it was in slid under a giant stack of Mac and Cheese that was on a low station in the middle of the store! I screamed! I stood back up! I ran! I knocked over a tower of 63 boxes! I got the toothbrush! And then... I ran back to the door, and waited anxiously for it to open!" I demonstrated the toothbrush fumble, the box tackle, and the wait for the door. What I did was flip the second couch over. "It wouldn't open! So I pushed the handle on the door, and with all my strength, I manged to open it! Then I RAN through the door and all the way home." I demonstrated it for her. "And that, is how Albert came into this house."

I sat down on the couch. Albert was the greatest toothbrush ever. Ever since this morning. When I stole him.

Bella look at me as I stroked it's bristles. I had glued googly eyes on it.

"So... Did you write that in your diary?" She asked me.

I jumped up, "Holy shizzlefits! No I did not!" I ran upstairs as fast as I could (one second) and burst into my room with Albert.

I opened my drawer and looked for my Diary. Where had it gone? I searched my whole room for it. I couldn't find it. I looked again. Not there.

I fell to my knees, my fists in the air, Albert in one, air in the other (Yes, I can hold air!), "No! Mr. Diary! Where have you gone!?" I screamed to the ceiling.

"Shut up Emmett!" Edward, Alice, and Jasper called from various places in the house.

I ran downstairs to the kitchen where Edward was tying a bib on Bella while she sat in the highchair.

"Have you seen my magical talking Diary!?" I asked him frantically.

He popped open a small jar of baby food and got a small spoon, "No I haven't." He scooped some baby food onto the spoon and said to Bella, "Open wide sunshine! Here comes the choo choo train! Chugga chugga!"

She giggled and opened wide, swallowed... And then spit it back out... and began to cry.

"I don't want mushy carrots!" she screamed, slamming her fists onto the highchair tray.

Edward frowned, "Bella! Each your veggies!"

"No!" She screamed. She stuck out her tongue at him.

"Bella." He said in a warning tone.

"Never! Never ever!" She screeched.

He took the spoon, put it in the mushy food, and shoved it into her mouth.

"Eat it!" He screamed. "Eat it and enjoy it! You will eat your veggies!"

She swallowed it and started to cry even more. "You're mean!" She cried.

I stared. Edward looked at me, "What? Charlie told me to make her eat her veggies..."

I shook my head and ran upstairs to Alice and Jasper's room. I barged in, "Have you two seen my-OHMYGOD! What are you two doing!?" I screamed.

The sight was terrible! I wouldn't even allow a dead blind man to see the sight that I had just beheld.

"Emmett get out!" Alice screamed.

She and Jasper were playing 'Conecentration'. And yes, I am talking about the hand game were you're like, "This is the game!" -Clap clap clap- "Of concentration!" -Clap clap clap- "No repeats!" -Clap clap clap- "Or hesitation!"

The dreadful game. I screamed horror.

"And all I wanted to do was ask if you've seen my diary! Oh my god my eyes!" I ran out of the room.

Alice shouted after me, "What the heck Emmett! What the heck!"

I must find my diary!

I know I can! I think I can! I WILL! I WILL!

Even if it kills me! Even if it means Albert must go on living without me. I looked at him in my hands. Smiling at me.

"Albert... Oh Albert! If I don't survive this quest to find my Diary... I want you... To go on without me! And to learn to...to love others as you have loved me!"

And with that I shoved him into my back pocket, ran down the steps and out the front door.

I went to the area where Esme and Carlisle were hunting. Which was oddly a casino... But that's not the point! I ran up to them.

"Carlisle! Esme! Have you seen my Diary!?" I said. I was frantic.

Carlisle shrugged, and turned to the dude who was spinning some wheel thing with numbers on it. Carlisle said, "I put all my money on number thirty three!" So the dude spun the circle thing, and I turned to Esme. She looked suspicious.

Esme looked at me, "Er... Emmett... I thought you didn't want it. So I threw it away... And it's probably somewhere in like some random state..."

Carlisle screamed, "Crap! I just lost all my money!"

I fell to my knees, "No! Mr. Diary! I must find you!"

Esme turned to the spinner dude too and said, "I put all my best Windex on fourteen!" The dude spun.

I stood up and looked at Esme, "How could you!?"

She shrugged.

I ran out the door and wound up in... The Jungle!


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