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Authors Note: The start of my third Degrassi story!!!! I hope you all enjoy. I know I have read a couple of stories based on Emma's summer between Grade 9 and 10 in the past and just wanted everyone to know that I am not in anyway trying to copy those stories. I've always wondered what happened that summer and thought I'd let my imagination run with it.

The sun peaked through the basement window to Emma's bedroom. She rolled over in her bed deciding to lay there for a little while longer. It was finally summer break and she could stay in bed as long as she wanted. No more getting up early for school. She looked forward to the next 2 months being filled with lazy days laying out in the sun with Manny, shopping trips to the mall and lunch dates at the Dot with Chris.

'CHRIS!' She thought. She had almost forgotten about their very first summer lunch date planned for today. She looked at the alarm clock which read 10:00am. She didn't have to meet him until noon. She had plenty of time to shower, pick out the perfect sundress and walk to the Dot to meet him. She was excited to spend the summer hanging out with him. They hadn't had that much time to spend together since they started their relationship. Emma was always busy with extra curricular activities at school and Chris was always busy helping his cousin spinning on the weekends. This summer would be a chance for their relationship to grow without any distractions. There would be no Sean and his gang stealing things to distract her. She felt she was really finally ready to move on.

"Emma are you awake down there?" she heard her mom call from upstairs.

"Yes mom. I'll be upstairs in a couple of minutes" she replied as she climbed out of bed and put her pink fuzzy slippers on. She threw her housecoat on over her night dress and headed up the stairs to the kitchen.

"Good morning family." Emma greeted everyone with a smile. Snake was washing the dishes and her mom was getting something out of the fridge. Jack was sitting contently in his high chair eating Cheerios.

"Can I make you anything for breakfast Emma?" her mom asked as she placed some fresh fruit on the counter. "Are you hungry?"

"I'll probably just have some fruit. I have a date at the Dot with Chris at noon for lunch." Emma said. Emma poured herself a glass of water and sat down at the table.

"Emma." Snake said abandoning the dishes and sitting down across from her at the table. "We wanted to go over the summer schedule with you this morning." Her mom passed her a plate of fruit and sat down on the other side of her. Emma hoped she wouldn't be stuck baby-sitting to many days. "Your mother and I talked about it and decided that we won't need you to baby-sit on a regular basis this summer. You looked after Jack a lot this past year when I got sick so we thought we'd give you a break this summer. Jack will be going to daycare when your mother and I are both working. Does that sound okay to you?"

Emma was beaming. She was happy to have a summer of freedom and not a lot of responsibility. "Sounds great." she said excitedly. It all seemed too good to be true. She was on cloud nine thinking of all the fun she would have when her mom brought her back down to reality. "There's one more thing Emma." her mom said cautiously. "Snake has been having a lot of problems with his car lately. He's taken it to the shop a couple of times to get it checked out and there is a lot of work that needs to be done on it. We really can't afford to fix everything that needs be fixed on it if we have to take it to a shop and pay for the parts plus all of the labour."

Emma looked at her mom quizzically. "I know the car has been acting up mom but I just don't understand what that has to do with me."

"We had an offer from someone that is handy with cars to work on it this summer for free. He'll be here in the driveway working on it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon for pretty much the whole summer." Spike said.

"Well that's awful nice of someone to work on the car for free." Emma said as she pondered the situation. Who would give up 3 afternoons a week for their entire summer for free to work on someone else's car? The only reason someone would do that is if they owed Snake something. And then she clued in. Her smile faded as her blood started to boil. "Sean?" she asked hoping the answer would be no but knowing it would be yes.

"Yes." Snake answered. "Sean will be working on the car this summer."

"Mom! Snake! No! Sean can't be here. I can't have him around me this summer. I'm with Chris now and I was looking forward to a Sean-free summer."

"I'm sorry Emma." her mom said while rubbing Emma's back. "We need the car fixed and he offered so we decided to take him up on it. He's only going to be here 3 days a week and you won't be looking after Jack so if you don't want to be around him make alternate plans. Manny and Chris are welcome over anytime you want and your free to go hang out with them whenever you want. I know this upsetting but you shouldn't let this bother you."

Emma sighed. Her mom had a point. She was pretty much over Sean anyway and maybe this is just what she needed to prove to herself that she was. She wasn't going to let Sean ruin her summer.

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