Ways To Piss Off Jyu-Ban Tai-Taicho

I was bored, and I felt like working on something else other than my fanfics, so I decided to write a list of stuff that would piss Hitsugaya Toushiro off to no end! I have no idea if this will seem funny to you at all, but, I'll try to make it funny.

Before He Finds He Loves Hinamori….

Barge into the office, steal his paperwork, and run around Seireitei yelling "Hitsugaya-Taicho is a workaholic!"

Even better, have Matsumoto do it.

Tell him that he is a midget.

Deliver him a ENORMOUS box of candies that say "from your one and only, older Shiro-Chan"

Make him chase you all day for his zanpakuto so he doesn't get any work done.

When He Has A Crush On Hinamori……

Tell him that Hinamori has been kidnapped.

Better yet, tell him that it was Gin

Even better than that, tell him it was Aizen as well

Say that Izuru kissed Hinamori

Tell him that a pervert saw Hinamori naked

Tease him about liking Hinamori. Watch as his face goes red as proof

Lock them in a room together and don't let the two out

Tell him that Hinamori has a boyfriend that isn't HIM.

Tell him that Aizen tried to court her

Give him a box of candy that says its from Hinamori, then watch him gobble it down, then, get a picture of him doing it, then post it in the shinigami newspaper

Tell him that you saw him kiss Yumichika while Hinamori is there visiting him

Tell Hinamori that Hitsugaya said he wanted to have children with her

Better yet, Tell Hitsugaya that Hinamori is pregnant with Aizen's child

Set them up to admit their feelings, then take a picture of them kissing and then post it everywhere in Soul Society, INCLUDING Rugonkai

Now That They Are A Couple….

Tease him about kissing Hinamori

Walk in on them during a makeout session and then giggle

Better yet, get Matsumoto in there to cheer them on while they are drunk

Then get Matsumoto to say that they should make babies

Steal Hinamori away from him

Get Hinamori to play a game with him, tell her that she should ALMOST kiss him then run away.

When he finds out that you were the one to make Hinamori torture him so, he'll chase after you, trying to freeze you. As you run, scream out with laughter "Hitsugaya wants Hinamori!"

Get Hinamori drunk and strip in front of him

Tell him that Hinamori is pregnant, and when you see his reaction, take a picture of it and then post it all over Soul Society. Then tell him that you were joking……possibly.

Make sure that he freezes everyone trying to freeze you, and then, while he isn't looking, run up to him and poke him in the head.

While he is sleeping, write all over his face, and write 'I Love Hinamori' all over it.

Send a picture to him of Hinamori naked, then tell him that it's from a pervert and that he will still her away from him

Barge in his room yelling "I found it!" only to find them making out…… with Momo in her bra and panties and him in his boxers. At that instant, call out for everyone to come see

Okay, well, I'm bored. Just thought I'd do this out of boredom, and it probably isn't that funny, but hey….. at least I found the inspiration to write, so I shall be continuing my stories now

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