A/N I own nothing, but Christmas might be fruitful. This is AU from season 1 sometime. You know... where Miss James is talking to Logan and Veronica's in her car. I might continue it if people want me to. But it could just be left the way it is.

"What's so great about living?" Veronica sat up, shocked, when she heard this confession. Not waiting to listen to the rest of the interview, she turned the radio off and went to find Logan's yellow... thing. Finally finding it just as Logan was walking out of the school. She leaned against the driver's door and waited for him to reach her.

"I've already told you, no. I would, but I don't particularly want to get the clap." When she didn't answer, just stared into his eyes, he continued. "So is this like a 'Let's see if we can read into Logan's soul' thing or what?" She put a hand on his cheek and began to lean in. She looked scared and confused, like she had no idea what she was doing. "I know this must seem like fun to you, but I'm sure you could find someone else to pay you for your time." He was stopped from making anymore comments by her lips pressed hard against him. The kiss got deeper and more frenzied until Logan had pressed her against his car and they were panting hard.

"That's what's great about living." She said breathlessly. He didn't register this comment, he just kissed her again, forcing all other thoughts out of her brain.

"Jesus Ronnie, have you had practice or what?"