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Chino Valley, Arizona

The tall man stepped out into the warm heat. Loosening his tie he sighed with relief as the sun began to warm his skin. His big blue eyes shown deeply as the sky was blue. His wavy brown hair followed the path of the window. Checking his watch he decided he had enough time to run to the small bakery. He could almost smell the strawberry scone and it was only a block away. It wouldn't kill him to walk at bit. Deciding, he gripped his briefcase, took a cut in between the small family owned buildings, and walked through the small alleyway covered in the old bricks.

Suddenly a dark mass filled the air before diving down towards the man. The mass practically shoved itself into the body of the man and the gentle smile of the man turned into a menacing smirk. Cracking his neck he looked down at his briefcase and threw it aside before raising his arms and looking himself over.

"This is good." He laughed before turning around and back down the alley.


Sam Winchester walked down the dark street rolling his eyes at his brother who kept moaning and rubbing his sore arm.

"I still don't see why you got them all in your arm." Sam sighed.

"Do you know where he wanted to put them?!" Dean argued.

"Yeah well whatever." Sam looked back to see the quiet lights of the doctor's office turn off. "Are we sure about this."

"Come on Sammy I have one year left what could possibly go wrong?!" Dean laughed.

"Well there is the fact that you are already legally dead and we have a hidden compartment in our trunk filled with various guns." Sam began.

"Dude we're going to Mexico. Relax!" Dean smirked. He looked up and his smirk turned into a frown. "HEY!"

Sam looked up to see what Dean was yelling at. Sitting on a hood of the dark Impala was a crouched figure. Dean picked up his pace when the small head covered by the black hood turned towards them. "Get off my car." He yelled. The figure turned fully around and pulled off the black sweatshirt. Long dark hair fell down to a pair of slim shoulders. Dean stopped and smirked. It was a girl. Sam began to reach for his gun but yelped as a hand twisted his wrist around before slamming him down on the ground with a grunt. Dean began to grab for his gun but stopped as another one pointed in his direction.

"Thanks for letting out one of our demons." The girl with the dark hair smirked.

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