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Sam rubbed a tired hand over his face as he searched through his laptop. All he got on the Warren's was the info from Bobby, the article one the death of Olivia and Emmet, and a small theatre page in New York. Danni's head shot was black and white with the name labeled, "Danni Venator." Sam's mouth twitched slightly as he shook his head to himself. Venator was the Latin term for hunter. Scrolling down he saw playbill pictures. Listings of all the shows Danni had been in for the small company was next to them. One picture was of Danni dressed in a small Native American costume. Her long hair was braided with a lone feather lying lifelessly on her head. Next to the photo was the description

Tiger Lily, Peter Pan

He scrolled down some more and passed through the few shows on which did not have a picture except for the rest of the cast until he landed on the second to last. Danni was straddled in a chair, a filler cigarette in her left hand. Her hair was set in the 1940s look that was naturally given to her. Danni's fit body was in dressed in black panty hose and a small corset dress.

Velma Kelly, Chicago

Sam could tell in the photos that Danni was much younger than she was now. The first photos she couldn't be older than eighteen.

The article printed the picture of the car wreck and Sam frown. The family had been based on a small house in Montana. It didn't talk about Danni much. More about Cassie. He read the article as his eyes focused on the words.

Emmet and Olivia Warren were identified as by daughter, Cassandra. Cassandra is an honor senior at Daniels High School graduating in the spring less than two weeks away. She was accepted and will be attending class at Yale University. Ms. Warren was unavailable for comment.

The article went on about police response and the other victim was just an old drunk.
Again Sam ran a frustrated hand over his face. He tensed when a sudden knock at the door. Glance up he cautiously moved from the bed to the door, grabbing a gun on his way.

"I should have known you were a demon. To hot to be human." Dean smirked. Danni narrowed her eyes towards him but didn't say anything in reply. "So what are you and that chick Cassie into…Voodoo? Satanic worship?"

"How are you so sure I'm not a demon? Or maybe I'm not." Danni challenged. Dean could see the defiance in her eyes. The moon illuminating her skin like it was apart of it. Before Dean could reply Danni boldly walked straight towards him. The barrel of the gun was against her chest exactly above her heart. Dean tried not to shift uncomfortably. The frustration causing his grip to tighten. He could see her eyes and how they changed to more to green than the irregular mixture of hazel.

"If you're going to shoot me then do it." She spoke seriously. Danni didn't try to hide the gulp in her throat. She gripped the end of the colt with one hand. "If not then stop wasting my time."

Danni pushed the end of the barrel away before turning her back. Stopping she felt the gun on the back of her head. The click of the safety was louder than it ever had been before. She rolled her eyes and returned his glare.

"Give me one good reason I shouldn't blow your demon infested brains away right now." Dean growled. He didn't have control of the situation and Danni knew that.

"Shoot me. I'm not afraid to die. Are you?" She calmly questioned. Squinting her eyes as if she half expected the answer to be on the young hunter's face. "Is Sam?"

"You threatening him?" Dean surprised himself for not pulling the trigger right then and there.

"It's a warning." Danni's voice harden like ice as she squared her shoulders allowing him to take back some control. "We are in a war, Dean. You have to realize it's not as simple as it was. Black and white don't exist anymore."

"So how does that work with demons?!" Dean hissed.

"I'm surprised of you Winchester. Wasn't it your dad who was in the Marines? You gather all your allies and sometimes those allies are from the other side." Danni retorted. "You, I thought would understand that."

"You…" Dean began but the color of his face drained as he heard out the cry of his name.

"DEAN!" It was Sam's voice. Danni looked alarmed as she looked in the direction of the voice. It was close to the hotel. Dean didn't give Danni a second glance as he started off on a jog. She began to follow him before something dropped in front of her. Dean was too far to notice. Danni watched him as he ran around the hotel.

Danni's eye's traveled to the left and right as five other vampires surrounded her in a circle. The one in front, blocking her path from the hotel, smirked at her.

"Remember me Bitch." He growled. His razor sharp teeth came out with a slicing hiss that Danni couldn't ignore with disgust.

"Unfortunately." Danni scowled. She raised her elbow and made contact with the face behind her. Swinging her fist from her shoulder and punching on the side of the vampire's head made the rest of them attack. Danni roundhouse kicked him to the ground before another vampire lunged at her. Danni flipped on the ground before rising up. She pulled out her knife, flipped it in the air, and brought it to a vampire's neck. The slicing of skin made the distinct markings glow in the darkness. She turned sharply ignoring the thud that was soon blocked out from the scream of the other vampire.

Danni hissed out as the taller vampire grabbed her wrist twisting it. He punched her sending her limply to the ground. She blinked several times trying to send away the dots that seemed to accompany the buzz of her head. Hiding the panic well, Danni made a grab for her knife which was foot away from her on the ground. But a pale cold hand grabbed her wrist shoving it on the ground. She grimaced as rows of sharp teeth came down to her neck.

"I'm going to make you pay for sending me to hell." The vampire hissed.

"Dream on bat boy." Danni spat. With that she used the best thing a woman could do. She kicked her leg up in between his. Kneeing him in the face Danni brought her heel down the ground and swung her leg out. The vampire grasped at his throat sliced open. She pulled out the small blade from the toe of her shoe and showed him proudly.

"Silver." She smirked boastingly dancing the blade in her finger. Grabbing his arm Danni shoved the silver blade into his heart.

"Sam!" Dean called as he saw a fallen figure in the middle of the parking lot. He slid down into the gravel as Sam looked up at him. Taking his head in his hands Dean held his brother's beaten face. "Sammy look at me."

"Dean." Sam gasped. He smiled slightly at the older hunter as his head fell limply to his shoulder.

"Sammy come on. What happened?" Dean lifted his head back up.

"Shape…shifter." Sam winced trying to keep his eyes open. "Shapeshifter of me. He kept on tell me…How I was the one who always got the attention when we were kids…"

"What? Why would he say…" Dean began as Sam held up his head alone.

"Even when you were hurt it was always about me. Was Sammy ok? Did that evil so and so touch Sam?" Dean backed away slightly as Sam lifted himself into a standing position. "I got the Scooby-doo band aids when you were left to stitch yourself up." Sam smiled at him menacingly. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at Dean's chest. "Poor poor Sammy. Dean didn't take care of him."

"Shapeshifter." Dean growled as the beaten Sam clicked the safety.

"To be honest I thought taking on a Winchester would be harder." The shapeshifter smiled.

"Where the hell is Sam?" Dean barked. The shapeshifter shrugged as he looked up thoughtfully.

"I dunno know. Probably being eaten by a wendigo or roasting in hell…But wait that's you in a year." He mocked. "Bye bye Dean."

Gunfire caused Dean to instinctively jump. The shapeshifter's eyes locked before he fell down on the ground in front of the hunter. Dean looked to see Sam standing in the door way, Cassie behind him, with a gun aimed where the shapeshifter had been standing.

"Sam, that you?" Dean called. Sam nodded as he lowered the gun.
The trio looked as footsteps from the back of the building came. Danni, limping slightly breezed past Dean. Blood was sprayed on the side of her face as her hair was tangled with dirt. She walked to her Jeep, grabbed a shovel, and thrust it at Cassie.

"It's your turn." She tiredly said before walking over to their hotel door and closed it with a slam.

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