In heaven, the Almighty One, ruler of heaven, had decided to take action. He wasn't about to let this Emperor Palpatine kill a goddess, so he decided to bring in the Combat Division, a group of goddesses trained specifically for fighting. He spoke to Lind, their best and brightest, about the urgent nature of this mission.

"You are to protect Belldandy, and if necessary, kill the Emperor." he said.

"What of Darth Vader?" asked Lind, who was kneeling.

"You are going to come back with Belldandy, one way-" he paused "or another."

"You mean kill Vader if he refuses to go ahead and make his wish?"

"If worst comes to worst, then yes, although I would like to avoid that if at all possible. He isn't stupid, he'll make it if his life is in the balance. Now go."

"Yes, sir." Lind stood up and grasped her weapon, a long axe made of a super-tough metal. The next moment she was gone, heading for Imperial Center.


Emperor Palpatine looked at Belldandy with an expression of impatience on his face.

"Come on, my dear, just tell me where you're from." he said.

At this moment a bright glow began to fill the room. The Emperor and Vader stood up. Vader drew his lightsaber and activated it.

"Someone is descending from heaven," thought Belldandy, "But the question is who and why."

The light faded and revealed Lind standing there, weapon drawn, with a serious expression on her face. Before she could say anything, the Emperor used his Force Lightning attack on her. She made to block the oncoming bolts with her axe, but as we all know, metal conducts electricity. The Lightning barbequed Lind, and she cried out in horrific agony. Belldandy couldn't just sit back at watch this happen, so she stood up and conjured a shield spell around Lind. A blue bubble formed around her, deflecting the Force Lightning harmlessly. Palpatine was shocked, but Vader, knowing immediately what was going on, swung his lightsaber at Belldandy's hand. She withdrew it just in time to avoid it being cut off and jumped backwards. Palpatine had seen this and chuckled.

Lind got to her feet, shaken but OK otherwise. "Thanks, Belldandy!" she cried.

The Emperor drew his own lightsaber that was hidden in his sleeve. The goddesses prepared themselves for a fight. It was two first-class goddesses, one highly trained in combat, against two Sith, one really old and the other with permanent injuries. You had to feel sorry for those poor goddesses.

The two Sith were back-to-back, Vader facing Belldandy and Palpatine facing Lind. Lind made the first move, swinging her axe at the Emperor. He blocked it with his blade and jumped over Lind, landing behind her. He attempted to stab Lind in the back which she just barely managed to dodge by a fraction of a second.

Meanwhile, Vader had charged Belldandy, who responded by conjuring air balls and flinging them at Vader. He nimbly dodged these and responded by using the Dark Side to fling the couch at Belldandy. She made a shield appear around herself, which easily deflected the couch.

Palpatine was now dueling Lind and was really kicking her butt. She could barely manage to block his blows, much less attack herself. Palpatine knew that he had the advantage and pressed it for all it was worth. His lightsaber was moving so fast that it appeared to be in several places at once. He allowed one of his hands to let go of it, while using the other to beat Lind back mercilessly. The two then grappled, but Palpatine used his free hand to attack her with Force Lightning. Lind was again being fried and quickly fainted under the assault.

Vader had not succeeded in getting any closer to Belldandy, and so he tried a new tactic. He used the Dark Side to rapidly yank the rug out from under her, causing her to fall. Her concentration slipped and so did the shield protecting her. Vader quickly called a blaster hidden in Palpatine's desk to him. With the setting on stun, he shot Belldandy repeatedly in the chest and head. He then threw away the blaster after he was sure she was beaten.

Palpatine walked up to Vader and said with satisfaction, "I see your new friend was a traitor. It's a good thing you know where your loyalties lie. They are with me and the Empire. Now then, I'll let you do the honors of interrogating them once they wake up. Of course, they'll wake up in a cell."

"Thank you, my master," said Vader.

Palpatine summoned his red-armored royal guards in who took away the unconscious pair of goddesses. He laughed evilly as they were carried away. Vader followed the guards out of the room.


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