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"The playin' field"

Garfield and Rachel were led to a wide-open space.

"What the heck? There's nothing here." Rachel looked around confused. I thought this was supposed to be dangerous. "What are we going to do? Run for a few hours?" Garfield just looked around, too nervous to say anything. "Wait, I sense somebody coming." Both Rachel and Garfield turned around and saw Kurt being led to where they stood.

"What did you do Kurt?"

"Vhat did I do? I slept in late." Kurt shook his head. "Do you know vhat exactly ve are going to do here anyvay?" He looked around at the field.

"The goal is to get to the other side of the field unharmed. Good day." The instructor's aid walked away.

"Right, zat shouldn't be too hard." Kurt started walking across the field.

"Kurt! Stop!" As Kurt stopped, he looked down at where he was about to step.

The ground started to fall away revealing a pit full of spikes. As the crumbling stopped, the rest of the terrain began to change. Twenty-foot tall walls came out of the ground turning the field into a massive labyrinth.

"Looks like we have to jump that pit." Rachel said as she took a couple of steps back. After a running start she jumped the ten-foot gap. She looked back at the boys, waiting for them to get across.

Garfield looked at Rachel, then Kurt, and then back to Rachel. Shaking his head, he tensed for the leap and launched himself into the air using the Force to propel himself into a massive somersault. He landed on the other side with a quick roll.

"Vow, zat vaz beautiful!" Kurt started clapping, then disappeared in a cloud of smoke mid clap. A second later he reappears a couple of feet ahead of them. Garfield and Rachel stared at the fuzzy Chiss.

"Vhat? Aren't you guys coming?" Kurt said, looking at them expectantly.

"Yeah, we're coming. We should definitely stay together." Garfield said, shaking himself out his daze. Rachel just quietly nodded her head in agreement.

"Wait. Kurt, couldn't you just port us to the end of the field?" Garfield asked

"Not really, I have to be able to see vhere I am going, or else I could port us into a wall or vorse. We'll have to go through the maze."

"I was afraid of that."

The three recruits start walking cautiously forward into the maze. As they turn the corner turrets pop out of the wall and orient themselves on the group.

"Oh crap! Run!" Both Garfield and Rachel take out their light sabers and start running through the hall. Kurt ports to the end of the hall and turns around the next corner while the two Jedi dodge and deflect bullets and energy beams. By the time they reach the next corner nine out of ten turrets are left smoking on the floor. The next hall was bottomless for about fifty meters.

"Come on grab onto me, I can port us across." He puts his arms around their shoulders and nothing happens.

"That's strange." Kurt lets go of his companions. "Something iz disrupting my ability to port. Oh vell." Kurt jumps on the wall and bounces up to the ceiling, sticking to it on all fours. He crawls across the gap and drops on the other side.

"See ya on the ozer side of the maze!" Kurt disappears around the far corner. His laughing echoes shot back at the two on the other side

"Okay, that wasn't very nice." Garfield muttered. I hope he runs full smack into the next trap.

"Look, I'm going to turn into an Arkanian Dragon so you can ride on my back across the canyon. Kay?" He turned his attention to Rachel


Garfield Shifted into a very large, very green Arkanian Dragon.

"Oh." Rachel jumped onto Garfield's back.

With a powerful flap of his wings, Garfield lifted off the ground and flew to the other side of the canyon. As he landed, the Arkanian Dragon extended his right wing to form a ramp for Rachel. Ignoring the gesture, Rachel jumped off.

With Garfield back in his human form, the two Jedi turn the corner to find Kurt standing in front of an obstacle coarse. The room was twenty by two hundred yards with a pit full of lava. The walls and ceiling were covered in spikes. The only way to get through was to walk on the net in between them and the burning pool below. There were also poles scattered about and a climbing wall near the end. Swinging blades hung from the ceiling getting dangerously close to the net.

"Oh hey." Kurt looked at his friends.

Garfield and Rachel just looked at Kurt, then sprinted onto and across the net.

"Hey! Vait!" Kurt then chases after them. He dives under a swinging axe blade, which cuts a swath through the net. By the time Garfield and Rachel reach the wall, Kurt managed to jump onto one of the poles as the net under him falls into the flames. The next pole is about five meters away. He jumps and slams into the pillar, holding on tight. Preparing to jump again, he leaps onto the wall and climbs to the top. Over the wall is the end of the maze. On the wall near the exit a digital sign displays the words: Level 1.

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